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-EmeraldTree is a fork of the ElementTree library
+EmeraldTree, a light-weight toolkit for XML processing in Python
-Main differences:
- * We are using a slightly different API:
+EmeraldTree is a fork of ElementTree - the main differences are:
+ * It has a slightly different API:
    * Handling of text: it uses unicode objects as children (not as
      "tail" attributes of the elements)
  * API cleanups, removing backward compatibility 
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+Please note: EmeraldTree works with Python 2.4 (or later).
 Changes are (c) by their authors (see also source files) and licensed
-under the same BSD license as ElementTree (see below):
+under the same Python (MIT style) license as ElementTree (see below):
  * Bastian Blank <bblank@thinkmo.de>