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add polyglot writer (for xmlish html5), add/fix tests tests: add some toplevel element that is not tested (avoids namespace issues that shall not get tested there) add tests for xml and polyglot writing, checking whether void and empty elements get written correctly
author Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>
date Sun, 20 May 2012 02:17:47 +0200
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import py.test

from .. import html, tree

def serialize(elem, method):
    from StringIO import StringIO
    file = StringIO()
    elem.write(file.write, method=method)
    return file.getvalue()

def test_read_simple1():
    elem = html.HTML('<a></a>')
    assert == 'a'
    assert len(elem) == 0

def test_read_simple2():
    elem = html.HTML('<a><b /></a>')
    assert == 'a'
    assert len(elem) == 1
    assert elem[0] == 'b'
    assert len(elem[0]) == 0

def test_read_text1():
    elem = html.HTML('<a>b</a>')
    assert == 'a'
    assert isinstance(elem, tree.Element)
    assert len(elem) == 1
    assert elem[0] == 'b'
    assert isinstance(elem[0], unicode)

def test_read_text2():
    elem = html.HTML('<a>b<c>d</c>d</a>')
    assert == 'a'
    assert len(elem) == 3
    assert elem[0] == 'b'
    assert elem[1] == 'c'
    assert elem[2] == 'd'

def test_read_ignoreend():
    elem = html.HTML('<br>')
    assert == 'br'
    assert len(elem) == 0

    elem = html.HTML('<br></br>')
    assert == 'br'
    assert len(elem) == 0

def test_write():
    elem = html.HTML(u'<html><br><p></html>')
    h = serialize(elem, 'html')
    p = serialize(elem, 'polyglot')
    x = serialize(elem, 'xml')
    assert u'<br><p>' in h
    assert u'<br /><p></p>' in p
    assert u'<br /><p />' in x