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star-merged moin--refactor--1.5 (formatter, parser, converter fixes, see docs/CHANGES.refactor) Patches applied: * tag of * CHANGES.refactor file to read and use here * change version to 1.5.refactor * deron meranda's formatter-patch-r4.diff * PEP8 whitespace changes, fixed typos, comments, NO non-trivial code changes * text_html: use python2.3 sets instead of own code * some src cosmetics, removed unused code, kwargs -> kw * make prettyprinting and lineanchors configurable (see TOF), optimize, fix typos * revert text_gedit's invalid list nesting * converter: fixed nested lists * converter: made dl processing similar to ul * fixed hr crash in blockquote, but needs more fixes to work correctly * html formatter cleanup and extension (div, span), fix FootNote action, fix rst headline levels * use formatter.{span,div} * disabled xml:lang stuff, src whitespace cosmetics * fix for having multiple p in one li * fix _open/_close calls for text_gedit, new . bulletless list markup * updated CHANGES * fixed MoinMoinBugs/WikiParserThinksItIsInsidePreWhenItIsNot * allow hex and symbolic entities * removed some unused code, src cosmetics * fixed MoinMoinBugs/ListItemGeneratedOutsideList * fix for wrong p after macro * html formatter now know about blockquote being a block element * GUI editor converter now also accepts relative/same server http: URLs imported from: moin--main--1.5--patch-411
author Thomas Waldmann <>
date Tue, 31 Jan 2006 21:17:13 +0000
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8 @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details. 8 @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.
9 """ 9 """
10 from MoinMoin.util import pysupport 10 from MoinMoin.util import pysupport
11 11
12 modules = pysupport.getPackageModules(__file__) 12 modules = pysupport.getPackageModules(__file__)