diff MoinMoin/config/multiconfig.py @ 4212:1ca179133f01

Fix tests: small fixes after merge
author Florian Krupicka <florian.krupicka@googlemail.com>
date Wed, 09 Jul 2008 21:53:52 +0200
parents d9de4fa12f23
children c2ee4633b9e8
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line diff
--- a/MoinMoin/config/multiconfig.py	Wed Jul 09 21:48:04 2008 +0200
+++ b/MoinMoin/config/multiconfig.py	Wed Jul 09 21:53:52 2008 +0200
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
 from MoinMoin import log
 logging = log.getLogger(__name__)
-from MoinMoin import config, error, util, wikiutil
+from MoinMoin import config, error, util, wikiutil, web
 from MoinMoin.auth import MoinAuth
 import MoinMoin.auth as authmodule
 import MoinMoin.events as events
@@ -24,10 +24,10 @@
 from MoinMoin.events import PageDeletedEvent, PageCopiedEvent
 from MoinMoin.events import PageRevertedEvent, FileAttachedEvent
 from MoinMoin import session
+import MoinMoin.web.session
 from MoinMoin.packages import packLine
 from MoinMoin.security import AccessControlList
 from MoinMoin.support.python_compatibility import set
-from MoinMoin.web.session import FileSessionService
 _url_re_cache = None
 _farmconfig_mtime = None
@@ -654,6 +654,8 @@
      "See HelpOnSessions."),
     ('session_id_handler', DefaultExpression('session.MoinCookieSessionIDHandler()'),
      "Only used by the DefaultSessionHandler, see HelpOnSessions."),
+    ('session_service', DefaultExpression('web.session.FileSessionService()'),
+     "New session service (used by the new WSGI layer)"),
     ('cookie_domain', None,
      'Domain used in the session cookie. (None = do not specify domain).'),
     ('cookie_path', None,