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-MoinMoin Documentation Overview
-docs/INSTALL.html: generic instructions about installing MoinMoin
-docs/UPDATE.html: generic instructions about updating MoinMoin
-docs/README.migration: migration procedure for your data_dir
-docs/CHANGES (this file): please completely read it until you reach the version
-                          you were using until now - otherwise you might miss
-                          some important upgrading and configuration hints.
-                          Starting with 1.5.3, update installation hints are
-                          marked with HINT. They assume you are upgrading from
-                          the last release version before (e.g. from 1.5.2 to
-                          1.5.3).
 MoinMoin Version History
+Please note: Starting from the MoinMoin version you used previously, you
+should read all more recent entries (or at least everything marked with HINT).
 This release has known bugs (see MoinMoin:MoinMoinBugs), but we think it is
 already better than the previous stable release. Our release policy is not
 trying to make a "perfect release" (as that release might NEVER get released),