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          For Apache, Lighttpd and other "external" servers, you have to care
          for configuring them to use a long expiry and change url_prefix_static
          related configuration on upgrade.
+    * url_prefix_action ['action'] was introduced for lowering load and traffic
+      caused by searchengine crawlers. Up to now, crawlers where causing a high
+      load in internet moin wikis because they tried to get about everything,
+      including all actions linked from the user interface.
+      Known crawlers only get 403 for most actions, but nevertheless they first
+      tried. There was no means keeping them away from actions due to the rather
+      braindead robots.txt standard. You can only disallow pathes there, but
+      moin's actions were querystring based, not path based (this would need
+      regex support in robots.txt, but there is no such thing).
+      This changed now. Moin will now generate action URLs you can handle in
+      robots.txt, like /action/info/PageName?action=info. So if you don't want
+      bots triggering actions, just disallow /action/ there. Keep in mind that
+      attachments are handled by /action/AttachFile, so if you want attached
+      files and pictures indexed by search engine, don't disallow
+      /action/AttachFile/ in your robots.txt.
+    * We don't use ...?action=show any more for the "Clear message" links shown
+      in the message boxes, but directly link to the page.
 Version 1.5-current:
    * moin.fcg improved - if you use FastCGI, you must use the new file: