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updated flup to 1.0.2+ (http://hg.saddi.com/flup-server changeset 100:af072c39193e)
author Reimar Bauer <rb.proj AT googlemail DOT com>
date Fri, 24 Jul 2009 20:50:22 +0200
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 NOTES for bundled flup:
-This directory contains the flup WSGI adapter package. It has been
-patched to support completely singlethreaded non-forking servers for
-deployment in webservers, that have their own process spawning strategy.
+This directory contains the flup WSGI adapter package. 
 The shipped version is available via mercurial checkout:
-hg clone -r aa983e43105e http://hg.saddi.com/flup-server
-The singlethreaded server patch was provided via a trac bugreport
-(http://trac.saddi.com/flup/ticket/22) and is provided in this directory
-as singleserver.diff for convenience. It has already been applied.
+hg clone -r af072c39193e http://hg.saddi.com/flup-server
 Thanks to Allan Saddi <allan@saddi.com> for writing flup and to
 the unnamed contributor <tv@inoi.fi> for the single-thread patch.