diff MoinMoin/PageGraphicalEditor.py @ 1791:6dd2e29acffe

Eclipse PyDev Check: fixed lots of its errors and warnings
author Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>
date Fri, 23 Feb 2007 02:16:07 +0100
parents 2668d470091f
children 2a4caa295346
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line diff
--- a/MoinMoin/PageGraphicalEditor.py	Thu Feb 22 18:51:15 2007 +0100
+++ b/MoinMoin/PageGraphicalEditor.py	Fri Feb 23 02:16:07 2007 +0100
@@ -5,21 +5,16 @@
     @copyright: (c) Bastian Blank, Florian Festi, Thomas Waldmann
     @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.
+import re
 from MoinMoin import PageEditor
-import os, time, codecs, re
-from MoinMoin import caching, config, user, util, wikiutil, error
+from MoinMoin import util, wikiutil
 from MoinMoin.Page import Page
 from MoinMoin.widget import html
 from MoinMoin.widget.dialog import Status
-from MoinMoin.logfile import editlog, eventlog
-from MoinMoin.util import filesys
-import MoinMoin.util.web
+from MoinMoin.util import web
 from MoinMoin.parser.text_moin_wiki import Parser
-from StringIO import StringIO
 def execute(pagename, request):
     if not request.user.may.write(pagename):
         _ = request.getText
@@ -351,7 +346,7 @@
         cat_pages.insert(0, ('', _('<No addition>', formatted=False)))
         request.write(_('Add to: %(category)s') % {
-            'category': unicode(util.web.makeSelection('category', cat_pages)),
+            'category': unicode(web.makeSelection('category', cat_pages)),
         if self.cfg.mail_enabled: