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+MoinMoin Version History
+Version moin--enterprise--1.3--patch-XXX:
+    * Requirements changed to require Python >= 2.3. We recommend that you use
+      the latest Python release you can get. The reason we dropped 2.2.2
+      support is because no developer or tester uses this old version any more,
+      so incompatibilities crept in the code without anybody noticing.
+      Using some recent Python usually is no real problem, see there for some
+      hints in case you still run an old python:
+      http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/NewPythonOnOldLinux
+      The hint also does apply to other POSIX style operating systems, not only
+      Linux.
+  Config Changes:
+     * there is a file CHANGES.config with just the recently changed stuff
+       from multiconfig.py
+     * new defaults:
+       * bang_meta old: 0 new: 1
+       * show_section_numbers old: 1 new: 0
+     * removed settings and code [new behaviour]:
+       * acl_enabled [1]
+       * allow_extended_names [1]
+       * allow_numeric_entities [1]
+       * backtick_meta [1]
+       * allow_subpages [1]
+     * new settings:
+      * cfg.mail_sendmail = "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i" can be used if sending
+        via SMTP doesn't work on your server. Default is None and that means
+        using SMTP.
+    * Wiki Editor changes / new WYSIWYG editor
+     * fully imported the javascript based LGPLed FCKeditor 2.0 (many thanks
+      to Fred CK for his great work). See http://fckeditor.net/ for details.
+     * config for FCKeditor is at wiki/htdocs/applets/moinfckeditor.js
+     * added cfg.interwiki_preferred (default = []) to set a list of wikis to
+       show at the top of the wiki selection list when inserting an interwiki
+       link (just use the same wiki name as in interwiki map). If the last list
+       item is None, then the preferred wikis will not be followed by the entries
+       of the interwiki map.
+    * moved save/preview/... buttons to the top so that they can be easily reached
+    * reduced edit_rows default to 20 lines
+    * Improved wiki farm support
+     * make user files sharable between several wikis in a farm
+      * allow/use interwiki subscriptions
+      * use interwiki links in page trail
+      * save bookmark per wiki name
+     * cfg.cookie_domain can be used to set a cookie valid for a complete
+       domain (default: None == only for this host). If you use '.domain.tld',
+       the cookie will be valid for all hosts *.domain.tld - good for host
+       based wiki farms.
+     * cfg.cookie_path can be used to set a cookie valid for a wiki farm under
+       some base path (default: None == only for this wiki's path). If you use
+       '/wikifarm',  the cookie will be valid for all wikis
+       server.tld/wikifarm/* - good for path based wiki farms.
+     * Interwiki user homepage (if you have MANY users)
+       Generated links for usernames are interwiki now, use cfg.user_homewiki
+       (default: 'Self') to specify in which wiki the user home pages are
+       located. Note: when pointing this to another wiki, the /MoinEditorBackup
+       functionality will be disabled.
+       @SIG@ also uses interwiki when needed.
+    * Authentication, ACLs and related
+     * Modular authentication: cfg.auth is a list of functions that return a
+       valid user or None, use it like this:
+           from MoinMoin.auth import http, moin_cookie
+           auth = [http, moin_cookie]
+     * cfg.auth_http_enabled was removed, please use cfg.auth instead.
+     * http auth now supports "Negotiate" scheme, too
+     * cfg.superuser is a list of unicode usernames. Currently it is not used
+       by anything, but it will be used e.g. to enable software installation
+       via the wiki.
+     * removed allowed_actions, we now use actions_excluded only and it
+       defaults to [], that means, no action is excluded, everything is
+       allowed (limited by ACLs). In case of RenamePage and DeletePage,
+       this shouldn't be a problem as both can be reverted. In case you
+       did not allow attachments, you now have to use:
+       actions_excluded = ['AttachFile']
+     * special users (All, Known, Trusted) in Groups are now supported
+     * MoinMoin.util.autoadmin SecurityPolicy added
+       When using this security policy, a user will get admin rights on his
+       homepage (where pagename == username) and its sub pages. This is needed
+       for the MyPages action, but can also get used for manual ACL changes.
+       It can also be used for Project page auto admin functionality, see the
+       comments in the script for details.
+       Further it can automatically create the user's group pages when the
+       user saves his homepage.
+     * there is a UpdateGroup xmlrpc call, see MoinMoin/xmlrpc/UpdateGroup.py -
+       you can use this to update your *Group pages e.g. when generating them
+       from an external group database.
+    * UserPreferences changes
+     * Alias name: is used for display purposes, when "name" is cryptic. It is
+       shown e.g. in the title attribute of userid links (displayed when
+       moving the mouse over it).
+     * "Publish my email (not my wiki homepage) in author info" - use this
+       if you don't have a wiki homepage, but if you want to be contactable
+       by email. When you edit a page, your email address will be published
+       as mailto: link on RecentChanges, at bottom of page (last editor) and
+       in page info. If the wiki runs publically on the internet, be careful
+       using this or your email address might be collected by spammers.
+     * Preferred Editor: whether you want to use the text editor (as in
+       previous moin versions), the gui editor (new!) or both (you will get
+       2 edit links in that case).
+     * a user can add/remove the current page to/from his quicklinks with an
+       appropriate action now
+     * when cfg.user_email_unique = False, we don't require user's email
+       addresses to be unique
+     * removed show_fancy_links user preferences setting to simplify code and
+       caching. Displaying those icons is now done by CSS styles (see
+       common.css). Maybe needs fixing for non-standard themes and RTL langs.
+    * Markup
+     * added strikethrough markup: --(striked through text here)--
+     * @ME@ expands to just the plain username (no markup added) on save
+    * User homepages
+     * when a user accesses his own non-existing homepage (pagename == username),
+       the wiki will present the MissingHomePage system page content, explaining
+       what a user homepage is good for and offer one-click editing it with
+       content loaded from HomepageTemplate
+     * creation of homepage subpages is assisted by the MyPages action, which
+       offers rw, ro page creation (and a related group) or creation of private
+       pages. If you are not in the user_homewiki, you will get redirected
+       there first.
+  Server support:
+    * added WSGI server support, thanks to Anakim Border, see:
+      wiki/server/moinwsgi.py (moin as WSGI app, uses the flup WSGI server,
+                               see http://www.saddi.com/software/flup/)
+      MoinMoin/server/wsgi.py (adaptor code)
+  Internal Changes:
+    * request.formatter (html) is available for actions now
+    * theme API's d['page_home_page'] is gone (sorry) and replaced by
+      d['home_page'] which is either None or tuple (wikiname,pagename).
+      It is better to use the base classes function for username/prefs anyway.
+    * introduced cfg.hacks for internal use by development, see comment in
+      multiconfig.py and file HACKS.
+    * added IE7 (v0.9) from Dean Edwards (see http://dean.edwards.name/IE7/) -
+      that should fix quite some IE bugs and annoyances (on Win32).
+      * for enabling IE7, use cfg.hacks = { 'ie7': True }
+Version 1.4:
+    We used that version number for an internal and early development version
+    for what will be called moin 2.0 at some time in the future.
+    There will never be a 1.4.x release.
+Trunk 1.3
+    * Fixed a typo in xslt.py which led to a traceback instead of an
+      error message in case of disabled XSLT support.
+    * Fixed crash in twisted server if twisted.internet.ssl is not
+      available.
+    * Fixed wrong decoding of query string, enable wiki/?page_name urls
+      with non ascii page names.
+    * Fixed wrong display of non ascii attachments names in
+      RecentChanges and page revision history.
+    * Added a "daemon" option to standalone server. Useful if you want
+      to start if at system startup.    
+    * Fixed a crash when trying to run standalone server on non posix os.
+    * Fixed highlight of misspelled words in Check Spelling action.
+    * Fixed case insensitivity problems on darwin (Mac OS X). See
+      MoinMoinBugs/MacHfsPlusCaseInsensitive
+    * Added 'moin' daemon script, that let you run moin standalone
+      server as daemon and control the server with simple command line
+      intreface: moin start | stop | restart | kill
+    * Add 'restart' option to mointwisted script
+    * Enhanced table support in the DocBook formatter.
+    * Added RecentChanges (only the english one) to the pages getting
+      html_head_index headers
+    * text_html cache files written with this code will invalidate themselves
+      if they detect to be older than the wikiconfig. Note: you should remove
+      all old text_html cache files once after upgrading, they will then be
+      rebuilt automatically with the new code.
+    * Fixed MoinMoinBugs/12_to_13_mig10_Walk
+    * Fixed the word_rule: a word like AAAbbAbb isn't teared into two parts
+      any more (was: AA<link>AbbAbb</link>)
+    * Fixed false positive InterWiki markup for languages like Finnish.
+      InterWiki links are only rendered if the left side has an appropriate
+      entry in the interwiki map, otherwise it is rendered as simple text.
+    * Fixed unicode error when uploding non-ascii file name using mod
+      python.
+    * Fixed error handling of wikirpc requests, should give more
+      correct errors and prevent no error output and blocking the
+      client in some cases.
+    * Fixed the "lost password" mail processing. If a user entered some email
+      address unknown to the system, he was not notified of this, but just got
+      a useless mail with no account data in it. Now the system directly tells
+      the user that he entered an unknown email address.
+New Features:
+    * Add properties option to standalone server config. Allow
+      overriding any request property like in other server types.
+    * Add support for running behind proxy out of the box with out
+      manual url mapping.
+      See HelpOnConfiguration/IntegratingWithApache
+Version 1.3.5 (2005-08-04, Revision moin--main--1.3--patch-883)
+    * small CSS fix for rightsidebar theme
+    * applied some Debian patches (thanks to Jonas!):
+      * de i18n spelling fixes
+      * AttachFile fix, we strip CR in .draw files now
+      * when loading spellcheck dictionaries, we want utf-8, but we make
+        a 2nd try with iso-8859-1 encoding.
+New Features:
+    * enabled using https with the Twisted server:
+      You need to use port 443, have PyOpenSSL (+ ssl libs it depends on)
+      installed and have some site key and certificate PEM files configured in
+      your twistedmoin.py file:
+      sslcert = ('/whereever/cert/sitekey.pem', '/whereever/cert/sitecert.pem')
+Version 1.3.5rc1 (2005-07-31, Revision moin--main--1.3--patch-865)
+    * Fixed security bug when acl of deleted page was ignored. See:
+      http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/MoinMoinBugs/ACLIgnoredAfterDelete
+    * AttachFile did not display the original filename plus there
+      was a confusion in input field labelling ('Rename to').
+    * Fixed shortcut link non-existent page detection.
+    * Fixed non-working bookmark function on python 2.2.x.
+    * Fixed wikirpc getPageInfo call on python 2.2.x.
+    * Fixed the failing import of plugins from the data/plugin/
+      directories if run in zipimport environments.
+    * Fixed traceback which occurred on negated searches.
+    * Fixed crash when trying to render error message on twisted, fast
+      cgi and modpy.
+    * Fixed error message with modpy, used to show wrong errors below
+      the real message.
+    * Fixed search and goto text fields for better compatibility with
+      dark themes and better control through css.
+    * Show an edit link if MissingPage is missing and a warning in the
+      server log.
+    * Fixed missing footer in the editor.
+    * Fixed indented (invalid) headings with broken links in table of
+      contents.
+    * Fixed crash when file name is too long, show standard error message.
+    * Save trail file in a safe way, should be enough for normal use.
+    * Fixed remember_last_visit user preferences option when show_trail
+      is not selected.
+    * Fixed the tests for Standalone, Twisted, FastCGI and Mod_Python.
+      Run with ?action=test from any page.
+    * Fixed rare bug when wrong search type was performed when pasting
+      search term in Safari.
+    * Fixed crash for custom formatters and dom_xml (which occurred if
+      smileys were in the page).
+    * Editor opens on double click in pages with single quote in the
+      name, like "Ben's Wiki".
+    * '/.' in page names are not replaced any more by '/(2e)'
+    * Fixed the long delays while saving pages using RequestCLI.
+    * Fixed variable expanding for users with non WikiName.
+    * Fixed MonthCalendar's calculation of "today" to use the user's
+      time zone setting.
+    * Fixed moin_dump script, use same configuration options as other
+      scripts.
+    * Fixed url_mappings to work in proxied setups and sent mails
+      again. Also fixed for image links. Thanks to JohannesBerg.
+    * Fixed page shown after saving a drawing (esp. when saved from a
+      sub page). Fixed help link for drawings.
+    * Fixed mig10 script to run on Python < 2.3.
+    * The twisted server defaulted to a socket timeout of 12 hours!
+      We reduced that to a more sane 10 minutes, that should still be more
+      than enough. This fixed the "too many open files" problem we
+      encountered quite often recently. Thanks to Helmut Grohne!
+Other Changes:
+    * Added {hu} flag.
+    * Added cz, pt and pt-br i18n.
+    * We send a 404 http status code for nonexisting wiki pages now,
+      maybe this will repell some search engines from requesting gone
+      pages again and again. The wiki user still sees the MissingPage
+      wiki stuff, so a user usually won't notice this change.
+    * Return 500 error code on failure and exceptions.
+    * Added some more bot / leech tool user agent strings.
+    * Prevent page floating elements from floating out of the page over
+      the footer, in modern, rightsidebar and classic themes.
+    * Encode URLs in a safer way
+    * We allow usernames with ' character in them now (like Tim O'Brian).
+    * Added support for the new security flags in docutils 0.3.9.
+    * @MAILTO@ expands now to safer [[MailTo()]] macro.
+    * Clarified and i18ned lost password mails.
+    * Added 'TitleIndex' and 'SiteNavigation' (+ translation) to the
+      list of pages that use html_head_index (so that robots
+      "index,follow").  Please make sure to have either FindPage,
+      TitleIndex or SiteNavigation in your navi_bar or in your
+      page_front_page content if you want search engines to find all
+      your pages.
+    * Make it possible to send account data when being logged in (for
+      future reference or whatever purpose).
+    * Speed up when running with persistent servers, the wiki config
+      does only get loaded once and misc. stuff is being cached between
+      requests now.
+    * The unit tests are disabled when using multi threading, because
+      the wiki configuration is shared between diffrent threads.
+    * The main code path (using standalone server) of MoinMoin runs on
+      PyPy now.
+    * Formatters do automatically transform HTML to plain text if they are
+      called with raw HTML code.
+    * Using larger socket backlog on Standalone and FastCGI servers
+      should be more reliable on high load.
+    * We now strip leading path from attachments uploaded by IE (this is
+      a bug in IE, not in MoinMoin). Better use a sane browser, like Firefox.
+    * added "teleport" to the user agent blacklist
+New Features:
+    * Integrated Lupy indexer for better search performance. It is disabled
+      by default as of 1.3.5 as it still has known issues.
+      See multiconfig.py if you want to test it.
+    * Integrated MonthCalendar 2.1, with some new features:
+      * a mouseover bubble that shows first level headlines of the linked
+        day page
+      * all calendars with same pagename move when using cal navigation,
+        thanks to Oliver Graf
+      * included AnnualMonthlyCalendar patch of Jonathan Dietrich
+        (use [[MonthCalendar(Yearly,,,+1,,6,1)]] syntax for birthdays and
+        other annually repeating stuff)
+      Make sure you remove old MonthCalendar.* from data/plugin/macro so that
+      moin will use the new code in MoinMoin/macro/MonthCalendar.py.
+      Maybe also clear the text_html cache.
+    * Added the new XSLT parser and the DocBook parser. This should increase
+      the 4suite compatiblity. See HelpOnXmlPages for details.
+      It now should run on 4suite 1.0a4 and 1.0b1. Thanks to Henry Ho!
+    * Added the DocBook formatter. This will let you generate DocBook markup
+      by writing simple wiki pages. It needs PyXML.
+    * It is now possible to customize parts of the UserPreferences page in
+      your wikiconfig (changing defaults, disabling fields, removing fields):
+      * Use user_checkbox_* for the checkboxes.
+      * Use user_form_* for other fields.
+      * See MoinMoin/multiconfig.py for the built-in defaults.
+    * New standalone server classes: ThreadPoolServer using pool of
+      threads, ThreadingServer with thread limit and ForkingServer.
+    * New standalone server configuration options: serverClass,
+      threadLimit, requestQueueSize.
+    * Use "PythonOption Location" in mod_python setup to solve script_name
+      problems.
+Developer notes:
+    * Theme can now override maxPagenameLength() method to control page
+      name shortening.
+    * A search Match now provides access to the full re match via
+      the re_match attribute (use to access groups of the match)
+    * Underlay is not managed by arch any more. The tree contains an
+      underlay tarball, and you should untar after you update from main.
+    * "make update-underlay" will untar underlay
+    * "make merge" will star-merge main into your tree
+    * "make test" will now create and run in a fresh testwiki instace
+    * "make clean" options added
+    * _tests module does not have a global request any more. To refer to
+      the current request in a test, use self.request.
+    * _tests.TestConfig class require a request in the constructor.
+    * "python tests/runtests.py test_module" will run only test_module
+    * request.cfg stays between requests (for persistent servers).
+Version 1.3.4 (2005-03-13, Revision moin--main--1.3--patch-666)
+    * Fixed ACL check in LikePages macro that caused links to unreadable 
+      pages to show.
+    * Fixed ACL check in newpage action.
+    * Fixed a security problem when admin policy defined in a custom
+      SecurityPolicy class was ignored.
+    * Fixed ACL check in action=show so that a user who may not read a page
+      also can't find out WHEN the protected page was updated.
+    * Workaround on Windows 95, 98, ME in order to clear the dircache.
+      This fixes some bugs related to an outdated page list and newly created
+      pages that did not appear immediately.
+    * Fixed decoding issues of page names on Windows, finally.
+      http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/MoinMoinBugs/BrokenUmlautsInLinksIn131
+    * Fixed traceback on IIS.
+      http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/MoinMoinBugs/request%2epy_broken_on_IIS
+    * Fixed wikirpc for standalone server.
+    * Other fixes (encoding and str/unicode data type related) to wikirpc
+      server, fixing some non-ascii issues hopefully.
+    * Fixed broken query strings for Standalone installations.
+    * Fixed backlinks - the result did not always show all links, often it 
+      showed too many irrelevant matches (MoinMoinBugs/BacklinksAreBroken).
+    * Fixed the acceptance of the show_hosts setting. Now you should be able
+      to hide any IP or host name from being published by MoinMoin by enabling
+      this option.
+    * Fixed wrong line endings on email messages.
+    * Fixed MoinMoinBugs/StandaloneUnquotesTooMuch.
+    * Fixed crash when trail file is missing.
+    * Fixed a traceback when searching for single ( or ).
+    * Added mig10 script to fix crashes with uncoverted edit-locks and file
+      attachments. Just use it as you did with mig1..mig9 before.
+    * Added mig11 script to add __init__.py files to data/plugin (and below).
+    * added some fixes for the xslt parser (thanks to fanbanlo), it might be
+      still broken, but someone with deeper knowledge about xslt should fix it.
+    * Replaced image link with W3C's "html 4.01 compliance" icon by a simple
+      text link to avoid https: or config trouble.
+    * Catch OverflowError backtrace when illegal date strings (e.g. <1970 or
+      >2038) are fed to moinmoin's time routines. It will just output current
+      date / time in those cases.
+    * UserPreferences now also set a date_fmt preference and Date macro
+      honours it. You may have to reset your UserPreferences value for that.
+    * Fixed free parent and subpage links in interwiki notation.
+      http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/MoinMoinBugs/FreeParentLinksAreBroken
+    * Fixed a traceback for invalid ReST markup.
+    * Fixed UnicodeError in SystemAdmin's Attachment Browser.
+Other Changes:
+    * Optimized the IRC parser.
+    * Support for zipimport of the MoinMoin package. This allows you to use
+      py2exe and similar programs.
+    * Show the editor's name in the mail subject.
+    * Added the pragmas description and keywords. They will add <meta> headers
+      if used.
+    * Added MoinMoin/scripts/xmlrpc-tools/putPageTest.py example script, useful
+      as a starting point for importing data using wiki xmlrpc.
+    * Optimised display on Opera browser.
+New features:
+    * The search modifier "linkto:" was introduced. You can use it to search
+      for links.
+    * The NewPage macro now can take a PageTemplate parameter, see HelpOnMacros.
+    * New config settings (so you don't need to edit wikirpc.py any more):
+      xmlrpc_putpage_enabled = 0 (if 1, enables writing to arbitrary page names)
+      xmlrpc_putpage_trusted_only = 1 (if 0, doesn't require users to be
+       authenticated by http auth - DANGEROUS, DO NOT SET TO 0!!!)
+    * Added support for Digest and NTLM authentication with CGI (e.g. if you
+      use those Apache modules)
+    * The datetime string accepted by Date and DateTime macros was extended to
+      accept a timezone specification, so now +/-HHMM is also valid, e.g.:
+      2005-03-06T15:15:57Z (UTC, same as +0000)
+      2005-03-06T15:15:57+0000 (UTC)
+      2005-03-06T16:15:57+0100 (same time given as local time for time zone
+                                with offset +0100, that is CET, e.g. Germany)
+      2005-03-06T10:15:57-0500 (same time given as local time for time zone
+                                with offset -0500, EST, US Eastern Std. Time)
+      The values given as macro argument will be transformed to UTC internally
+      and then adapted again according to viewing user's UserPreferences, so
+      the user will see the same moment in time but shown in his local time
+      zone's time (at least if he set his UserPreferences correctly and didn't
+      forget changing them twice a year for DST and non-DST).
+    * Readded (now optional) editlink footer to Include macro. Add
+      ',editlink' to call to enable this.
+    * star "smileys" e.g. {*}{*}{*}{o}{o}
+Version 1.3.3 (2005-01-24, Revision moin--main--1.3--patch-595)
+    * fixed ACL security problem in search
+    * fix for IIS with CGI allowing page names that contain chars
+      that are not in the system code page
+    * fixed MoinEditorBackup revisions to start with 1 now
+    * improved page locking ('current' file)
+    * Unittests (normally shown at end of action=test output) are currently
+      disabled for everything except CGI, because they only work reliably with
+      CGI, giving wrong results for other request methods.
+Version 1.3.2 (2005-01-23, Revision moin--main--1.3--patch-587)
+    * ACL bugfix for deleted pages with ACL protection.
+    * ACL bugfix for "Default" acl.
+    * Fixed updating of groups and dicts
+    * Python 2.2.x related fixes (worked on 2.3+)
+      * Fixed traceback in RecentChanges.
+      * Fixed traceback with links browser.
+    * Fixed 0 revision display in 'Show changes'.
+    * Fixed traceback in Antispam which occurred when it could not connect
+      to MoinMaster. Log the errors to stderr or error.log.
+    * Fixed bug in Page init (no date, use rev). Fixes problem with
+      #deprecated PI.
+    * Fixed empty lists in empty search results.
+    * Cosmetic fix for modern theme (when viewed with Internet Explorer).
+    * Fixed migration 9 script, do not drop newline, do not drop error.log, 
+      note about missing error.log.
+    * Fixed repair_language.py script, keep ending newline on revisions.
+    * Show headings and macro content in correct direction when mixing content 
+      in several directions in the same page and using caching.
+    * Fixed bug in standalone re farmconfig.
+    * Fixed DOS condition in antispam code.
+    * Use smaller margin in print mode to get better results with 
+      Mozilla/Firefox.
+    * Fixed some user input escaping issues.
+    * Fixed a problem when one wiki plugin override other wikis plugins in 
+      same farm.
+    * Fixed some broken tests.
+    * Fixed recursive include in pstats.
+    * Fixed bug in standalone - HTTP result code was 200 even when the access
+      was forbidden.
+    * Fixed traceback when trying to login with non-ascii password.
+    * Fixed traceback when xml is not available, reported on Python 2.2.?
+    * Fixed slideshow to show slides in sorted order again.
+    * Fixed serving multiple wikis on same IP/different ports with twisted and
+      farmconfig.
+    * It is possible to run with data_underlay_dir = None for special
+      application, but be aware that the wiki won't be usable unless you have
+      at least some of the system pages from underlay/ available.
+    * Files with Unicode characters in their filename are possible now.
+    * Bugfix for broken [:page#anchor:text] links.
+    * Workaround an instability of the gdchart module leading to
+      stalled servers etc.
+    * Fixed some event-log decoding issues that affect charts rendering.
+Other changes:
+    * Major speed improvement over 1.3.1. Many times faster title search,
+      creating new page, opening page editor and any operation that list pages.
+      See http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/MoinBenchmarks
+    * Improved README.migration.
+    * Cleaner design for login/register interface, login is always the default
+      button when the user click Enter.
+    * If there are problems found in the configuration, log the error
+      and display helpful error messages in the browser.
+    * More forgiving unicode configuration policy, you must use the u'string' 
+      format only for unicode values.
+    * Added profiling to CGI.
+    * The content of farmconfig.py is similar to wikiconfig.py now.
+    * Unexpected errors while loading cache files are logged.
+    * i18n for icon ALT tags.
+    * Include request initialization code in the profile in standalone server.
+    * When creating new theme, style sheets are inherited correctly, no need
+      to override style sheets just to get them working.
+    * Many times faster plugin system. Typical pages are about 35% faster, 
+      pages with many plugins can be many times faster. 
+    * Spiders are allowed to fetch attachments.
+    * Old user files containing password hash encoded in pre 1.3 charset
+      are auto repaired on first login.
+    * data_dir defaults to './data', underlay_data_dir to './underlay' now.
+      It is a good idea to replace those by absolute pathes in wikiconfig.py.
+    * Renamed "Refresh" to "Delete Cache" - it was misused by users. The action 
+      was also moved into the action menu in the modern and rightsidebar themes.
+    * Added a workaround for TableOfContents missing some links by making it
+      uncacheable via a "time" dependency.
+    * Removed interwiki icon and title attribute for wiki:Self:... links.
+    * Unittests (normally shown at end of action=test output) are currently
+      disabled because they worked unreliably, giving wrong results sometimes.
+New features:
+    * Create new pages easily using configurable interface and page templates 
+      with the new NewPage macro.
+    * ReStructuredText (rst) support is built-in now. See HelpOnParsers.
+    * New experimental feature in mointwisted.py - each interface may 
+      specify a port: ''. Without a port, the port option
+      is used.
+API changes:
+    * For a complete list of changes, see MoinMoin:ApiChanges.
+    * wikiutil.importPlugin's first argument is now a wiki config instance 
+      (request.cfg) and there is no path keyword.
+    * Wiki plugins always override MoinMoin plugins. wikiutil.importPlugin
+      implements this override.
+    * util.pysupport.importName does not accept path - you should call 
+      it with correct module name, e.g 'wikiconfig.plugin.parser.wiki' for 
+      wiki plugins, or 'MoinMoin.parser.wiki'. 
+    * wikiutil.extensionPlugin was renamed to wikiPlugins and it gets config 
+      instance instead of path.
+    * New function wikiutil.importWikiPlugin used to import wiki plugins 
+      using a cache in a thread safe way.
+    * New config option config.use_threads is used to activate thread 
+      safe code.
+    * New keyword arguments for getPageList, enable 10X faster operation
+      for common cases by controlling page filtering.
+    * New up to 100X times faster getPageCount
+Version 1.3.1 (2004-12-13, Revision moin--main--1.3--patch-434)
+    * Fixed "Error Cyclic usage" crash when user had Italian (it), Korean
+      (ko), Serbian (sr) or Vietnamese (vi) as user interface language.
+    * Fall back to en (instead of crashing) when user uses a language moin
+      does not support / does not support any more (like pt,sv,fi,sr).
+    * In 1.3.0, people accidentally put iso-8859-1 chars into wiki configs,
+      but those where expected to be pure utf-8 and thus it crashed.
+      Fixed by using unicode strings (varname = u'whatever'), a matching
+      encoding setting (see top of script comment) and, when decoding strings,
+      using decode to ASCII with replace mode (this replaces non-ASCII chars,
+      but at least it won't crash - and you get a warning to better use
+      Unicode strings).
+    * Fixed long time broken table formatting. ||<style="see css spec" a||b||
+      Now even generates valid HTML! The old markup for align, valign, width,
+      bgcolor still works, but synthesizes style attribute data.
+    * SystemAdmin macro shows attachments of ALL pages now.
+    * Users without write acl rights will be able to see attachments again and
+      also have AttachFile action in menu.
+    * Fixed wrong match count in search results, find all matches in page 
+      titles, show all matches in contents in some rare cases.
+    * Run about 200% faster with long running processes (standalone, Twisted), 
+      about 20% faster with cgi, by better internal data handling in wikidicts.
+    * On SF, the dict files use utf-8 encoding now. We included them also in
+      distribution, see contrib/dict/.
+    * Fixed permissions to shared template stuff.
+    * Speeded up search, fixed wrong match counts.
+    * Speeded up internal data handling (wikidicts).
+    * Fixed rare unicode error after deleting a page (reported only on SuSE
+      Linux 9.0 / Python 2.3.0).
+    * Fixed file permissions of files in the data dir.  
+    * Fixed some cosmetic problems in migration scripts and use sys.path.insert
+      to get latest moin code when executing them.
+Other Changes:
+    * Improved docs, system and help pages.
+    * Updated translation files.
+Known Bugs:
+    * Internet Explorer renders our HTML/CSS in a suboptimal way.
+      (MoinMoin:MoinMoinBugs/InternetExplorer)
+      Workaround: use a non-broken browser like FireFox / Mozilla.
+      Fixed in MoinMoin 1.3.2.
+    * Passwords using non-ascii do not work.
+      (MoinMoin:MoinMoinBugs/NonAsciiPasswordsBroken)
+    * The TOC macro is broken partly.
+      (MoinMoinBugs/TableOfContentsBrokenForIncludedPages,
+       MoinMoinBugs/TableOfContentsLacksLinks)
+    * See also: http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/MoinMoinBugs
+Version 1.3.0 (2004-12-06, Revision moin--main--1.3--patch-400)
+    As you see from the length of the 1.3 changes below, 1.3 is a major(!)
+    upgrade. We could have also named it "2.0", but we decided against.
+    So take the time for reading the informations thoroughly and do the
+    migration exactly as we tell you - this is no 5 minutes upgrade!
+    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+    !!! We heavily changed configuration, data encoding, dir layout:    !!!
+    !!!  * the default encoding changed to utf-8.                       !!!
+    !!!  * also, we changed the escaping for special chars to %XX%YY in !!!
+    !!!    URL and (xxyy) in file system.                               !!!
+    !!!  * layout of data dir changed completely                        !!!
+    !!! If you upgrade an existing wiki, you must run the migration     !!!
+    !!! scripts or you will get data corruption or other problems.      !!!
+    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+    Upgrading your wiki - critical information
+      If you are NOT starting from scratch, you MUST convert your existing
+      data - see README.migration for details.
+      If you use ##language: xx comments on your OWN pages, you should also run
+      repair_language script. Not needed for help/system pages as we already
+      have done that for you.
+      MoinMoin uses Unicode internally now (UCS-2 with 16 bits or UCS-4 with
+      32 bits, depending on your Python installation). The encoding used
+      for page files and html output is set by config.charset.
+      Moin 1.3 uses utf-8 encoding only, there is NO SUPPORT for using a
+      charset different from utf-8 with 1.3. If you try, you are on your own.
+    Directory layout
+      Directory layout was heavily changed. Each page now is a directory,
+      containing page revisions, attachments, cache files and edit-log.
+      You can delete a page or move a page from one wiki to another
+      easily. Look at the wiki/data directory to see.
+      Example:
+        old: data/text/FrontPage
+        new: data/pages/FrontPage/revisions/00000042
+             data/pages/FrontPage/current (contains: 00000042)
+        old: data/backup/FrontPage.xxxxxxxx
+        new: data/pages/FrontPage/revisions/00000023
+      For cleaning up cache files, use MoinMoin/scripts/cachecleaner.py 
+      (see comments in script).
+   Python / Libs
+      * For using RSS, you need to have PyXML installed:
+        Python 2.4*   -> PyXML 0.8.4 (cvs version)
+        Python 2.3.x  -> PyXML 0.8.3
+        Python 2.2.2+ -> ???
+        This will also make "Live Bookmarks" of Mozilla Firefox working.
+        New: if you don't have PyXML installed, the RSS icon on RecentChanges
+        will not be displayed any more. Python with no PyXML installed
+        generates invalid RSS XML.
+   Page names handling
+      * Handling of special characters in file names changed from _xx format
+        to (xx...) format.
+      * In URLs, moin now uses %xx%yy quoting, (because this is supported by 
+        browsers), and sub pages use "/" instead of the ugly "_2f".
+      * Underscore character "_" is used now as a space character " " both 
+        in file names and URLs. " " and "_" will be handled equivalent at most
+        places in the future (represented as "_", rendered as " ").
+      * To prevent wiki abuse and user typing errors, page names are normalized 
+        in URLs, query strings, the "go" box and when renaming pages. This 
+        include leading, trailing and multiple slashes and white space. Certain 
+        invisible unicode characters are removed from page names.
+      * Group page names are restricted even more, any non unicode alpha-numeric
+        character is removed. This is done to enable changing acl syntax in 
+        the future. The restriction might be loosen on future versions.
+      * You can edit config.page_invalid_chars_regex to control which characters
+        are allowed in page names (Changing it is not supported).
+      * When you enter page name, it is normalized and you are redirected to
+        the normalized page, or if nothing left (e.g '/////'), to FrontPage.
+      * When renaming a page to a name that can be normalized to an empty string,
+        the new page name will be "EmptyName" and the user will not get an
+        error message.
+   Underlay directory
+     * Pages (especially system and help pages) are now located in an underlay
+       directory (data_underlay_dir). You will see the pages there if they are
+       NOT covered (overlayed) by a page in the normal pages directory
+       (as set using data_dir).
+     * If you edit a page that is shown from underlay directory, it will be
+       copied to the normal page directory on save (copy-on-write).
+     * You can use one copy of the underlay directory shared by many
+       wiki instances. Each wiki will then have only your local, self-made
+       wiki pages in its data directory, and only system and help pages in the
+       single, shared underlay directory - this simplifies upgrades a lot.
+     * It is recommended to keep your underlay system and help pages immutable
+       using acl, so you can upgrade your wiki easily. The default help and
+       system pages already have those ACLs (using MoinPagesEditorGroup).
+     * Do not forget to remove your old help and system pages after migrating
+       your wiki. We don't provide a script for that as that would be
+       dangerous for edited pages. Just use some file manager (e.g. mc) to
+       clean the data/pages/ directory. As soon as you have removed the
+       system pages there, you will see the new pages in the underlay dir.
+       See the EditedSystemPages page for a list of pages that exist in both
+       data and underlay directory (use this page as admin!).
+    Multiple languages
+      * New file name quoting method allow 50% longer page names in languages
+        that use more than one byte per character, like Hebrew, Korean etc.
+      * Configuration file uses 'utf-8' encoding now. Certain values that are
+        marked with [Unicode] can use any character in your language. Examples 
+        are page names in navi_bar, page types regular expressions and site name.
+      * For configuration examples adopted to your language, check ConfigMarket 
+        in the MoinMoin wiki.
+      * The system and help pages that come with moin are now in utf-8.
+      * MissingPage system page localized, should display in your language.
+      * We did many i18n (translation) updates.
+      * CSS file use utf-8 encoding. User css is also expected to be utf-8.
+        This is relevant only if you use non-ASCII values in the CSS file.
+      * config.upperletters and config.lowerletters were removed.
+        We now use a pre-made ucs-2 spanning set and you usually don't have to
+        change it. See MoinMoin/util/chartypes.py if you're interested.
+      * ACL works with any user name or group name in any language, even names 
+        with spaces.
+      * Now you can use any charset in config.charset. Note: only utf-8 is 
+        a supported configuration!
+      * Improved url handling, now creating pages directly from the browser 
+        url box with non-ascii names works in most cases, even when 
+        config.charset is not utf-8.
+      * When using non-utf-8 config.charset, characters in URLs that does
+        fit in the charsets are replaced with "?" (instead of crashing).
+      * All themes and most macros and actions are Right to Left friendly.
+        Full RTL support planned for 1.3 release.
+      * If page language is specified with #language processing instruction
+        the page is displayed in the correct direction. Pages without
+        language are displayed using the wiki default_lang.
+    Multiple configurations
+      * You can run multiple wikis from the same wiki directory or server. 
+        For example, you can run one Twisted server that serve multiple wikis, 
+        instead of running multiple servers. Samples of the new configuration
+        are supplied in wiki/config/*.
+      * You can't just use your old moin_config.py file. It is now called
+        wikiconfig.py and the config variables now have to be in a class
+        "Config" and that class must inherit from
+        MoinMoin.multiconfig.DefaultConfig - see the provided wikiconfig.py
+        sample for details.
+        This is very useful, e.g. you could derive a GermanConfig from
+        DefaultConfig. After that, you can derive configs for wikiA and wikiB
+        from that GermanConfig.
+      * farmconfig.py contains a mapping attribute called "wikis" with pairs of
+        wikiconfig module name and regular expression. The regular expression
+        is matched against the URL of the request and the first matching entry
+        determines the config module to be imported by MoinMoin.
+      * If you use farmconfig.py's "wikis" mapping, then any wiki has a private
+        config module, named after the wiki - e.g. wiki named moinmoin would
+        use moinmoin.py.
+      * If you only have a single wiki, you do not need farmconfig.py. just make 
+        a wikiconfig.py and it will be used no matter what URL is requested. 
+      * There is one common global "config" that holds sitewide settings (like
+        umask or charset) - you do not need to change settings there.
+        This file is located in the MoinMoin code: MoinMoin/config.py.
+    General configuration
+      * SecurityPolicy now uses "write" instead of "edit" (so it is may.write
+        now). This is to get it in sync with ACLs.
+      * SecurityPolicy now automatically can use everything in acl_rights_valid.
+      * There is a new config option "config_check_enabled". It will warn about
+        any unknown variable name (probably typo) to stderr or error.log. 
+        If something doesn't work at all and changing the config does no 
+        difference, switch it on and look at the error message. 
+      * The sample config file comes with config_check_enabled = 1. If you 
+        introduce additional variables yourself, you definitely want to switch 
+        that check off or it will fill your log.
+      * If you define "page_front_page" variable, this name will show in the 
+        navigation bar now, instead of the default "FrontPage".
+    New search engine
+     * Full text and title search do support multiple search terms now - 
+       see HelpOnSearching for details.
+     * Regular expressions are still supported but have to be turned on per
+       search term. Search terms in macros using regular expressions will have
+       to be fixed.
+     * The URL interface of the search engine has also changed. Links that 
+       point directly to search actions may be broken.
+    User names
+      * User names can not use group names, even if ACLs are not enabled.
+        This will prevent error later, if you start to use acl in the future
+        (acl is going to be mandatory in 1.5).
+      * User names are not restricted any more to only CamelCase. 
+      * To prevent imposing as other users, leading, trailing and multiple 
+        whitespace in user names is not allowed. Only Unicode alpha numeric 
+        characters are allowed, with optional one space character between 
+        words.
+      * When a user name with a group name or "bad" name is trying to 
+        access the wiki, he is redirected to the UserPreferences page and 
+        asked to create a new account.
+      * When trying to login or create a new account with a bad name, 
+        correct error message is displayed in all cases.   
+    CGI
+      * You can not use your old moin.cgi file, as we removed cgimain.py 
+        (was deprecated since 1.2). Copy the new file from the server dir.     
+    Moin servers - Twisted and standalone
+      * Configuration self checking on startup. Will raise an error in case
+        of bad configuration or non-accessible directories.
+      * Both use shorter and identical configuration options.
+      * Server scripts contain detailed comments and examples.
+      * Configuration defaults changed to fit most users.
+      * There is memory profiler option for debugging, switched off by default.
+      * If you perform a standard install, server scripts should run out
+        of the box or with minimal change.
+    Twisted server
+      * All code moved into the new server package, the server script
+        contains only configuration options.
+      * Listen to more than one interface with "interfaces" list.
+      * Code updated to new Twisted API.
+      * Use mointwisted script to start and stop the server, using 
+        "mointwisted start" and "mointwisted stop".
+      * The Twisted server runs as daemon by default.
+      * All moin Twisted files are called now mointwisted instead of 
+        moin_twisted.
+      * Fixed getting username from Twisted request (http auth)
+    Standalone server
+      * Configuration moved from moin_config.py to moin.py.
+      * If run as root, you can set both user and group for the server.
+      * Can use logfile instead of logging to stderr.
+      * Fixed missing unquoting of query string (caused problems in rare cases).
+    mod_python server
+     * moin_modpy server files renamed to moinmodpy.
+    Wiki Markup
+     * '''strong''', ''em'' and __underline__ have now paragraph scope. You can
+       set these attributes on words level. For multiple paragraphs, wrap each 
+       with needed markup.
+     * If you leave unclosed ''', '' and __  markup, its is closed when the 
+       paragraph ends.
+    User interface
+     * Due to many changes in CSS files, the wiki may look "broken" until
+       your reload once or twice, or empty your browser cache.
+     * The "Send mail notification" checkbox is replaced by "Trivial change"
+       checkbox. The default behavior did not change - regular edit is not
+       a trivial change, and mail will be sent to subscribes. If you check
+       trivial change, mail will be sent only to users who selected to 
+       get trivial changes in their user preferences.
+     * New theme "modern" has been added, and used as default theme. 
+     * classic and rightsidebar improved.
+     * viewonly theme removed, as any theme can be use now as viewonly
+       by using #acl All:read in the wikiconfig.
+     * All themes use new navibar, displaying both wiki links, user links
+       and the current page.
+     * navibar and pagetrail use now shortened page names, so very long
+       names does not break the interface visually.
+     * All themes have improved search interface at the top of the window.
+     * Only avaiable actions are displayed, so most situations when a user
+       try to do something he can't do are prevented.
+     * When creating a new page, no action is available until the page 
+       is created. You can't attach files to non-existing page any more.
+     * Non registered users get a "login" link. Registered uses get
+       "username" link to their home page, and "user preferences" link.
+     * Messages more clear using bold type, designed by css.
+     * Few useless messages removed (but there are many more)
+     * Default wiki logo uses the wiki name instead of the MoinMoin troll 
+       logo.
+    Other fixes and changes
+     * Most generated html code is valid "html 4 strict". There are still
+       some problems that still have to be fixed, mainly macros, table
+       attributes, and inline markup crossing (<a><b></a></b>).
+     * WantedPages can include and exclude system pages, which makes it 
+       much more useful.
+     * Fixed a bug in TitleIndex where not all system pages are excluded.    
+     * RenamePage action now renames everything, including backups, page
+       history, attachments. It does not change toplevel editlog, though.
+       After you rename a page, you are redirected to the new page.
+     * Syntax colorization supports more languages (Java, C++, Pascal)
+     * Inline: display of attachments was extended. A Parser now knows which
+       extensions it can handle.
+     * TableOfContents and Include macros now cooperate a bit better. There
+       are still problems with multiple Includes of the same page.
+     * Excluded actions at bottom of page are not displayed any more.   
+     * Editor: removed the columns size setting, just using 100% of browser
+       window width (it didn't work because of that anyway). Also removed that
+       "reduce editor size" link at top of editor as you would lose your
+       changes when using it.
+     * Removed the option to choose text smileys instead of images, this made
+       more trouble than it was worth. The text version is still given in ALT
+       attribute.
+     * Moved stuff from contribution/ to MacroMarket page on MoinMoin wiki
+     * Some nasty people try to use a running moin as a proxy (at least they
+       did on moinmaster.wikiwikiweb.de:8000, maybe due to the magic port
+       number). We changed the code to check for that and just return 403
+       in that case. Moin can not be used as a proxy anyway.
+     * moin.cgi?test was removed in favor of a new buildin test
+       action. It works for all deployments, just use ?action=test.
+     * Sending mail does use tls if server supports it.
+    3rd party developer notes
+     * Themes should be now sub class of MoinMoin.theme.ThemeBase. Sub
+       classes will get automatically all new improved user interface
+       elements for free.
+     * Theme authors should update their theme for 1.3. Some keys removed
+       from them dict. See ThemeBase class in MoinMoin/theme/__init__.py. 
+     * Actions writers should call request.setContentLangauge with the 
+       correct language used by the action. This enable themes and other
+       code to use correct direction.
+     * The Formatter interface was changed. Formatters and parsers using 
+       the formatter interface have to be adjusted.
+     * started deprecation of Processors: they are still recognized, but
+       implementors should start to rewrite their Processors as Parsers.
+       A processor with the same name as a parser in a pre #! section is
+       currently preferred. This will change in the next release.
+    Deprecation notes
+     * Processors are deprecated, see section above.
+     * Using the cookie (or the login url with ID) only and not setting (or
+       setting and not remembering) your email/password in UserPreferences
+       is DEPRECATED. Those quite unsecure methods will likely be dropped
+       in next moin version.
+     * Operating with acl_enabled = 0 is also DEPRECATED. Due to some other
+       improvements planned, we will have to operate with ACLs enabled ONLY
+       in a future moin version, so this setting will likely be dropped.
+       So clean up your user accounts (see moin_usercheck.py) and switch ACLs
+       on NOW.
+       There are no drawbacks, so you will like it. Having ACLs enabled
+       doesn't mean you really have to USE them on wiki pages...
+     * allow_extended_names = 0 is deprecated (default was/is 1).
+       Future versions will be able to use extended names (aka free links) in
+       any case and the config setting will be removed.
+     * allow_subpages = 0 is deprecated (default was/is 1).
+       Future versions will be able to use subpages in any case and the config
+       setting will be removed.
+     * attachments = {...} - we would like to remove that setting because of
+       several reasons:
+       * when not being extremely careful, this can easily lead to security
+         problems (like when uploading a .php exploit and then executing it
+         by accessing it directly via web server)
+       * makes code more complicated - code that we want to change completely
+         in next version
+       If you need that feature, speak up now and tell us your reasons WHY you
+       need it.
+Version 1.2.4 (2004-10-23, Revision 1.187)
+This will probably be the last 1.2.x release as we are soon doing release
+candidates for 1.3 release (with big internal changes) and are expecting
+release 1.3 in december 2004.
+    * fixed "None" pagename bug in fullsearch/titlesearch
+    * fixed projection CSS usage
+    * the compiled page is removed when a page is deleted, so no ghost page
+      appears after deletion
+    * fixed AbandonedPages day-break problem
+    * fixed [[GetVal(WikiDict,key)]]
+    * the msg box is now outside content div on PageEditor, too
+    * privacy fix for email notifications: you don't see other email addresses
+      in To: any more. mail_from is now also used for To: header field, but
+      we don't really send email to that address.
+    * privacy fix for /MoinEditorBackup pages that were made on previews of
+      pages that were not saved in the end
+    * fix double content div on PageEditor preview
+Other changes:
+    * workaround for broken Microsoft Internet Explorer, the page editor now
+      stops expanding to the right (e.g. with rightsidebar theme).
+      Nevertheless it is a very good idea to use a non-broken and more secure
+      browser like Mozilla, Firefox or Opera!
+    * from MoinMoin.util.antispam import SecurityPolicy in your
+      moin_config.py will protect your wiki from at least the known spammers.
+      See MoinMoin:AntiSpamGlobalSolution for details.
+    * xmlrpc plugin for usage logging, currently used for antispam accesses
+    * (re-)added configurable meta tags:
+        * html_head_queries = '''<meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">\n'''
+        * html_head_posts   = '''<meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">\n'''
+        * html_head_index   = '''<meta name="robots" content="index,follow">\n'''
+        * html_head_normal  = '''<meta name="robots" content="index,nofollow">\n'''
+    * i18n updates/fixes
+    * New UserPreferences switch:
+      you may subscribe to trivial changes (when you want to be notified about ALL
+      changes to pages, even if the author deselected to send notifications).
+    * New AttachList and AttachInfo macros - thanks to Nigel Metheringham and
+      Jacob Cohen.
+Version 1.2.3 (2004-07-21, Revision 1.186)
+    * fixed NameError "UnpicklingError" in user.py
+    * fixed version number in moin.spec
+    * reverts done by bots or leechers
+      There was a bad, old bug that triggered if you did not use ACLs. In that
+      case, moin used some simple (but wrong and incomplete) function to
+      determine what a user (or bot) may do or may not do. The function is now
+      fixed to allow only read and write to anon users, and only delete and
+      revert to known users additionally - and disallow everything else.
+    * avoid creation of unneccessary pages/* directories
+    * removed double content divs in general info and history info pages
+    * fixed wiki xmlrpc getPageHTML
+    * fixed rightsidebar logout URL, also fixed top banner to link to FrontPage
+    * use config.page_front_page and .page_title_index for robots meta tag
+      (whether it uses index,follow or index,nofollow), not hardcoded english
+      page names
+    * ACL security fix for PageEditor, thanks to Dr. Pleger for reporting
+    * default options for new users are same as for anon users
+Version 1.2.2 (2004-06-06, Revision 1.185)
+    * python related:
+     * own copy of difflib removed
+       Until moin 1.2.1 we had our own copy of python 2.2.3's difflib coming
+       with moin. This was to work around some problems with broken older 2.2
+       python installations. We removed this now because if you have py 2.3,
+       there is even a better difflib coming with python (and that fixes an
+       extremely slow diff calculation happening in some rare cases).
+       So the good news is that when you run python 2.3, you don't need to do
+       anything and it will run great. If you run python 2.2.3, it will mostly
+       work good and you also don't need to do anything. The bad news is that
+       if you run an old and broken 2.2 installation (2.2.1, maybe 2.2.2) you
+       will have to fix it on your own (just copy difflib.py from python 2.2.3
+       over to your python 2.2.x installation).
+       But better upgrade to python 2.3 (for debian woody, there's a backport),
+       as 2.3 generally runs better and faster than 2.2.
+     * scripts changed to use #!/usr/bin/env python (not /usr/bin/python2.2)
+    * user accounts and ACLs:
+     * we now require the user to specify a password for a new account (you
+       were not able to login without a password anyway)
+     * it is not allowed any more to create user accounts with user names
+       matching config.page_group_regex - please check manually that you do
+       not already have such users existing (like a user named "AdminGroup"):
+       cd data/user ; grep name=.*Group *  # there should be no output!
+     * subscription email sending now honours ACLs correctly
+    * markup / rendering / user interface fixes:
+     * fixed merging multiple lines indented by the same amount of blanks
+     * ## comments don't break tables in two parts
+     * added a "remove bookmark" link to RecentChanges
+     * fixed action=titleindex (added \n after each entry)
+    * RSS fixes:
+     * non-ASCII characters should work now
+     * RSS feed (Recentchanges?action=rss_rc) gives UTC timestamps now
+     * removed attribute breaking RSS feed on RecentChanges
+    * better email generation:
+     * if you use python >=2.2.2, we add a Message-ID header to emails
+     * if you use python 2.2.1, there is no email.Header. Instead of crashing
+       (like previous moin 1.2.x releases), we just use the subject "as is" in
+       that case. If it is not ASCII, this is not standards compliant.
+     * If you have >=2.2.2 it will use email.Header to make standards compliant
+       subject lines.
+     * use config.mail_from as sender address when sending "lost my password"
+       emails
+    * file attachments:
+     * fixed for standalone server
+     * attachment URLs (when handled by moin) don't include server name
+     * fixed some wrong &amp;amp; in html src
+    * better themeability:
+     * some entries in dict "d" where only present in header theme calls, some
+       only in footer theme calls. Now almost all is present in both calls.
+     * added some missing "content" divs so sidebar themes look better
+    * fixed some crashes producing backtraces:
+     * no IOError when diffing against deleted page
+     * no backtrace in xml footnote generation
+     * no SystemInfo crash when no editlog exists in new wikis
+     * xmlrpc.getRecentChanges fixed
+    * MoinMoin.util.filesys.rename is now a wrapper around os.rename that
+      fixes os.rename on broken win32 api semantics
+Other Changes:
+    * saving traffic and load by improved robot meta tag generation:
+     * "noindex,nofollow" on queries and POSTs
+     * "index,follow" on FrontPage and TitleIndex (give robots a chance ;))
+     * "index,nofollow" on all other pages (hopefully saving lots of senseless
+       requests for page?action=...) 
+     * removed config.html_head_queries (was used for same stuff)
+    * added russian i18n (utf-8)
+    * misc. other translation updates / fixes
+    * added rightsidebar theme
+    * TitleIndex now folds case, so "APage" and "anotherPage" are both under
+      letter "A".
+    * added macro/PageHits.py - it calculates the hits each page gets since
+      beginning of logging
+    * Full text and title search do now support multiple search terms - 
+      see HelpOnSearching for details
+    * The Formatter interface was changed. Formatter and parser using 
+      the formatter interface have to be adjusted.
+Version 1.2.1 (2004-03-08, Revision 1.184)
+    * minimum requirement to run moin 1.2/1.2.1 is python 2.2.2
+     * not: 2.2(.0), as this does not have True/False
+     * not: 2.2.1, as this does not have email.Header. You maybe can work
+       around that one by:
+      * getting the python 2.2.x (x>=2) /usr/lib/python2.2/email directory
+      * putting it into directory 'x' (whereever you like)
+      * doing a sys.path[0:0] = ['x'] in moin.cgi [or other appropriate place]
+      No guarantee, this is untested.
+    * Twisted: the http headers missed the charset data, fixed
+    * mod_python: fixes for mod_python 2.7
+    * wiki/data/plugin/__init__.py added - fixes not working plugin modules
+    * plugin processors work now, too
+    * fixed displaying non-existent translations of SiteNavigation in footer
+    * fixed zh-tw iso name (wrong zh_tw -> correct zh-tw)
+    * fixed reversed diffs in RecentChanges RSS
+    * fixed "last change" info in footer (wasn't updated)
+    * fixed event.log missing pagename (and other) information
+    * fixed horizontal line thickness >1
+    * fixed setup.py running from CVS workdir
+    * fixed crash when doing action=info on first revision of a page
+    * fixed hostname truncation in footer
+    * minor css fixes
+    * fixed clear msg links (they missed quoting, leading to strange page
+      names when you click on some of them)
+    * fixed python colorizer processor
+    * fixed quoting of stats cache filenames
+    * catched "bad marshal data" error when switching python versions
+Other changes:
+    * updated danish (da) i18n
+    * updated japanese (ja) i18n
+    * added serbian (sr) i18n
+    * added chinese (zh) i18n
+    * added a simple "viewonly" theme based on classic theme - you can use
+      this as default theme, so anonymous users won't get the usual wiki stuff,
+      but a far simpler (and less powerful) user interface.
+      It also displays the navibar at the left side.
+    * added moin.spec for building RPMs
+    * included MoinMoin/i18n/* into distribution archive (nice for translators)
+    * included some stuff under MoinMoin/scripts - xmlrpc-tools and account
+      checking stuff. removed some version control clutter from the dist
+      archive, too.
+    * code colorization was refactored and some new languages (Java, C++,
+      Pascal) where added.
+    * inline: display of attachments was extended. A Parser now knows which
+      extensions it can handle.
+Version 1.2 (2004-02-20, Revision 1.183)
+New features:
+    * MoinMoin now requires Python >=2.2.2.
+      You get even better results with Python2.3 (20-30% more speed,
+      sometimes even much more).
+    * by refactoring request processing, we made it possible to run moin under
+      persistent environments:
+        * twisted-web (http://twistedmatrix.com)
+        * httpdmain.py (use moin.py for starting this mini server)
+        * mod_python
+        * FastCGI
+      Of course, CGI is still possible.
+    * wiki pages will be compiled to bytecode now (by default), so no need for
+      slow parsing/formatting on every view ("WASP", see caching_formats)
+    * when using a persistent environment (like twisted) and WASP, you get up
+      to 20x speed - compared to CGI and moin 1.1
+    * added support for diffs between arbitrary revisions.
+    * removed requirement of the external diff utility
+    * config.auth_http_enabled (defaults to 0) - use this to enable moin
+      getting your authenticated user name from apache (http basic auth,
+      htpasswd) - if you enable this, your basic auth username has to be the
+      same as your wiki username.
+      Should work with CGI, FCGI and maybe even with mod_python.
+      Does not change behaviour of moin under twisted or standalone server.
+    * config.tz_offset = 0.0 sets a default timezone offset (in hours
+      from UTC)
+    * config.cookie_lifetime (int, in hours, default 12) sets the lifetime of
+      the MOIN_ID cookie:
+        == 0  --> cookie will live forever (no matter what user has configured!)
+        > 0   --> cookie will live for n hours (or forever when "remember_me")
+        < 0   --> cookie will live for -n hours (forced, ignore "remember_me"!)
+    * added themeing and some themes (if you improve the existing themes or
+      make nice new ones, please contribute your stuff!). The default theme is
+      set by config.theme_default (and defaults to 'classic').
+    * now supporting plugin directory for parsers, processors, themes, xmlrpc.
+    * action=info now defaults to showing page revision history again
+    * all actions accessing the logfile (as RecentChanges or history) are now
+      much faster
+    * #refresh processing instruction, config.refresh
+        * config.refresh = (minimum_delay, target_allowed)
+            * minimum delay is the minimum waiting time (in seconds) allowed
+            * target_allowed is either 'internal' or 'external', depending on
+              whether you want to allow only internal redirects or also
+              external ones. For internal redirects, just use the Wiki pagename,
+              for external, use http://... url.
+        * #refresh 3                    == refresh this page every 3 seconds
+        * #refresh 5 FrontPage          == internal redirect to FrontPage in 5s
+        * #refresh 5 http://google.com/ == redirect to google in 5s
+      Use very carefully! Allowing a low minimum_delay and putting a #refresh
+      on RecentChanges might slow down your wiki significantly, when some
+      people just let their browser refresh and refresh again. Also, it does
+      cause quite some traffic long-term. So better do not use this without
+      good reason! Default is None (switched off).
+    * hide most UserPreferences options before user has logged in, less
+      confusing for new users
+    * "config.page_dict_regex" defines what pages are dictionary definitions
+      Currently dictionaries are used for UserHomePage/MyDict where you can
+      define key:: value pairs that get processed like @DATE@ expansion when
+      saving a page. The 2 "@" will be added to your keys automatically.
+      Please do not use @xxx@ strings on the right side (value), results may
+      vary if you do.
+      You can also access wiki dictionaries by using the internal macro
+      [[GetVal(page,key)]]" - that will go to page "page" and return the
+      value (right side) corresponding to "key".
+      Implementation note: groups are a subset of the dictionary functionality.
+    * standalone server should work now (see server/moin.py), so you don't
+      need to setup apache or twisted for a local personal wiki, you only need
+      python and moin for that now, no additional stuff any more!
+    * if you run your wiki with charset = "utf-8" (the default is still
+      iso8859-1), you might want to have a look at contributions/utf8-pages/
+      to see if there are already translated system pages for your language.
+    * new importPlugin routine (the old one didn't work correctly)
+    * removed 0xA0 characters breaking utf-8
+    * system page recognition now uses wiki groups (see AllSystemPagesGroup),
+      fixing the long-time broken system page exclusion on TitleIndex.
+    * mostly HTML 4.01 Strict compliant HTML
+    * design is done by CSS now, HTML is semantic markup only 
+    * removed target attribute from links, also [^NewWindow] markup - this
+      is a HTML 3.2 feature and not valid in HTML 4.01
+    * updated TWikiDrawPlugin to 20021003 version, with further modifications
+      including source. It can draw imagemaps now!
+    * fixed email headers and encoding
+    * Changed moin-usercheck to adhere to scripting standards; no
+      proprietary config changes needed any more (added --config);
+      --wikinames is now part of the usage message.
+    * config.umask now defaults to 0770 - if you give world r/w access, ACLs
+      could be rather pointless...
+    * lots of internal code refactoring and optimization
+    * began moving src code documentation to epydoc, see "make epydoc"
+Known problems:
+    * theme support is neither complete (although covering most important
+      stuff) nor perfect - work on that will continue...
+    * we removed some html from system messages (the boxes at top of page you
+      get after some actions), so it currently looks less nice than before.
+    * html is not completely validating and it is not xhtml - this will be
+      fixed as soon as we have the infrastructure for that (other parser, DOM)
+    * problems with rtl (right-to-left) languages, will be fixed in 1.3
+    * if you change moin_config or switch themes, moin will still use already
+      cached page content. For the config this can be fixed by touching
+      MoinMoin/version.py (or simply deleting everything in
+      data/cache/Page.py). If you get more annoyed by this than pleased by
+      caching speedup, you can also switch off caching (see docs on
+      caching_formats).
+Version 1.1 (2003-11-29, Revision 1.178)
+New features:
+  Configuration:
+    * config.default_lang lets you set a default language for users not
+      having specified language in their browser or UserPreferences
+    * "config.page_category_regex" defines what pages are categories
+    * replaced `config.page_template_ending` by a more flexible setting
+      named `config.page_template_regex`
+    * the same with config.page_form_regex
+    * "config.page_group_regex" defines what pages are group definitions
+      Currently groups are used for "user groups" (see ACLs) and "page
+      groups" (see AllSystemPagesGroup).
+    * robot exclusion from all pages except the standard view action,
+      via the config.ua_spiders regex (reduces server load)
+    * "maxdepth" argument for the TableOfContents macro
+    * config.title1, config.title2, config.page_footer1,
+      config.page_footer2 can now be callables and will be called with
+      the "request" object as a single argument (note that you should
+      accept any keyword arguments in order to be compatible to future
+      changes)
+    * "config.html_pagetitle" allows you to set a specific HTML page
+      title (if not set, it defaults to "config.sitename")
+    * navi_bar / quicklinks can now contain free-form links, i.e.
+      entries of the form "[url linktext]" just like in wiki pages
+    * if a quick link starts with '^', it opens in a new window; help
+      now opens in a new window also
+    * `config.smileys` for user-defined smileys
+    * `config.hosts_deny` to forbid access based on IP address
+    * `config.mail_login` can be set to "user pwd", if you need to
+      use SMTP AUTH
+    * `config.edit_locking` can be set to None (old behaviour, no
+      locking), 'warn <timeout mins>' (warn about concurrent edits, but
+      do not enforce anything), or 'lock <timeout mins>' (strict locking)
+    * optionally showing a license text on editor page, use:
+      config.page_license_enabled = 1
+      Optionally use these to customize what is shown there:
+      config.page_license_text = "... your text ..."
+      config.page_license_page = "MyLicensePage"
+      See the default values in MoinMoin/config.py for details and
+      override them in moin_config.py, if needed.
+    * `config.shared_intermap` can be a list of filenames (instead of a
+      single string)
+  Authenticaton / Authorization:
+    * added ACL support, written by Gustavo Niemeyer of Conectiva and
+      Thomas Waldmann. See HelpOnAccessControlLists for more infos.
+      You should use MoinMoin/scripts/moin_usercheck.py before activating
+      ACLs or some users with bad or duplicate accounts might get into
+      trouble.
+    * A user account can be disabled using moin_usercheck.py or
+      UserPreferences page. Disabling, but keeping it is good for edit
+      history.
+    * changed security default: deletion only available to known users
+    * support for Basic authentication (Apache style: AUTH_TYPE="Basic",
+      REMOTE_USER="WikiUserName"). If authentication is there, user
+      will be in ACL class "Trusted".
+    * support for username / password login
+      The username / password login will ONLY work, if you define a
+      password. With an empty password, username / password login is not
+      allowed due to security reasons. Passwords are stored encrypted
+      (format similar to Apache SHA) and can also be entered in the
+      UserPreferences form in this format. When requesting login
+      information by email, the password is also sent in this encrypted
+      format (use copy&paste to fill it in the form).
+      ...?action=userform?uid=<userid> is still possible, so if you have
+      bookmarks, they will still work). The input field for the ID was
+      dropped.
+      NOTE: using the userid for login purposes is DEPRECATED and might
+            be removed for better security soon.
+    * after logging in, you will get a cookie valid until midnight.
+      The next day, the cookie will expire and you will have to login
+      again. If you don't want this, you can check the "remember me
+      forever" option in UserPreferences.
+    * if the page file is read-only, you get a message (i.e. you can now
+      protect pages against changes if you're the wiki admin).
+      Note: you can do that easier using ACLs.
+  Markup / Macros / Actions:
+    * RandomQuote macro (and even parses Wiki markup now)
+    * `[[Navigation]]` macro for slides and subpage navigation
+    * [[ShowSmileys]] displays ALL smileys, including user-defined ones
+    * the Include macro has new parameters (from, to, sort, items) and
+      is able to include more than one page (via a regex pattern)
+    * `MailTo` macro for adding spam-safe email links to a page
+    * if a fancy link starts with '^' (i.e. if it has the form
+      "[^http:... ...]"), it's opened in a new window
+     * because of that, the NewWindow macro was removed from contrib
+    * "#pragma section-numbers 2" only displays section numbers for
+      headings of level 2 and up (similarly for 3 to 6)
+    * ../SubPageOfParent links
+  User interface:
+    * new fancy diffs
+    * Page creation shows LikePages that already exist
+    * editor shows the current size of the page
+    * editor returns to including page when editing an included page
+    * Visual indication we're on the editor page (new CSS style)
+    * selection to add categories to a page in the editor (use preview
+      button to add more than one category)
+    * if user has a homepage, a backup of save/preview text is saved as
+      a subpage UsersHomePage/MoinEditorBackup
+    * added "revert" link to PageInfo view (which makes DeletePage more
+      safe in public wikis, since you can easily revive deleted pages
+      via revert)
+    * Selection for logged in users (i.e. no bots) to extend the listing
+      of recent changes beyond the default limits
+    * Activated display of context for backlinks search
+    * Subscriber list shown on page info
+    * LikePages shows similar pages (using difflib.get_close_matches)
+    * last edit action is stored into "last-edited" file, and
+      displayed in the page footer
+    * reciprocal footnote linking (definition refers back to reference)
+    * "Ex-/Include system pages" link for title index
+      Note: system/help pages algorithm is still mostly broken.
+    * list items set apart by empty lines are now also set apart
+      visually (by adding the CSS class "gap" to <li>)
+    * "save" check for security.Permissions
+    * Added Spanish, Croatian and Danish system texts
+    * Added flag icons for the languages supported in "i18n"
+    * updated help and system pages, more translations, see also
+      AllSystemPagesGroup
+    * there was quite some work done on wiki xmlrpc v1 and v2 - it
+      basically works now.
+  Tools and other changes:
+    * moin-dump: New option "--page"
+    * there are some scripts MoinMoin/scripts/* using wiki xmlrpc for
+      backup and wiki page copying applications
+    * Updated the XSLT parser to work with 4Suite 1.0a1
+    * more infos in cgi tracebacks
+    * UPDATE.html is a HTML version of MoinMaster:HelpOnUpdating
+Unfinished or experimental features:
+    * user defined forms
+    * XML export of all data in the wiki
+    * RST parser (you need to install docutils to use this)
+    * SystemAdmin macro
+Privacy fixes:
+    * do not use / display user's email address in public places
+    * Removed two cross-site scripting vulnerabilities reported by "office"
+    * Bugfix for PageList when no arguments are given
+    * Disallow full-text searches with too short search terms
+    * [ 566094 ] TitleIndex now supports grouping by Hangul Syllables
+     * fix for multibyte first char in TitleIndex
+    * Footnotes were not HTML escaped
+    * Numbered code displays are now in a table so that you can cut the
+      code w/o the numbers
+    * Bugfix for wrong mail notifications
+    * Create unique anchors for repeated titles
+    * [ 522246 ] Transparently recode localized messages
+    * [ 685003 ] Using "preview" button when editing can lose data
+    * use gmtime() for time handling
+    * fixed negative gmtime() arguments
+    * [[Include]] accepts relative page names
+    * fixed ||NotInterWiki:||...||
+Version 1.0 (2002-05-10, Revision 1.159)
+should occur, a maintenance release will fix them.
+New features:
+    * security fix: "allow_xslt" has to be set to 1 in order to enable
+      XSLT processing; note that this defaults to 0 because XSLT is able
+      to insert arbitrary HTML into a wiki
+    * "action=content" for transclusion into static web pages; emits the
+      pure page content, without any <html>, <head>, or <body> tags
+    * "?action=links&mimetype=text/plain" works like MeatBall:LinkDatabase
+    * "Preferred language" and "Quick links" user settings
+    * Added "processor" concept, processors work on the data in "code
+      displays" and are called by a bangpath in the first line of data
+    * Processors: Colorize, CSV (see HelpOnProcessors)
+    * New icons: "{OK}", "(./)", "{X}", "{i}", "{1}", "{2}" and "{}"
+      (see HelpOnSmileys)
+    * FullSearch now displays context information for search hits
+    * DeletePage offers a textentry field for an optional comment
+    * Email notifications are sent in the user's language, if known from
+      the preferences
+    * @PAGE@ is substituted by the name of the current page (useful
+      for template pages)
+Unfinished features:
+    * user defined forms
+    * XML export of all data in the wiki
+    * RST parser (you need to install docutils to use this)
+    * XMLRPC interface
+    * Syntax warning with Python 2.2 fixed
+    * Macro-generated pagelinks are no longer added to the list of links
+    * error codes returned by "diff" are reported
+    * fix for attachments on pages with non-USASCII names
+    * correct handling of spaces in attachment filenames and URLs
+Version 0.11 (2002-03-11, Revision 1.151)
+Most important new features: file attachments, definition list markup
+(glossaries), change notification via email, variable substitution when
+saving pages, edit preview, and improved documentation.
+Note that the RSS features require a recent PyXML (CVS or 0.7) due to
+bugs in the namespace handling of xml.sax.saxutils in earlier versions.
+This is (hopefully) automatically detected on every installation.
+Statistical features are NOT designed to work with Python 1.5.2 and
+require Python 2.0 or higher. Overall, MoinMoin 0.11 is not explicitely
+tested for 1.5.2 compatibility.
+New features:
+    * XML formatting now (most often) produces well-formed, and, depending
+      on proper layout of the wiki page, valid StyleBook XML
+    * Headers are now automatically numbered, unless you set the config
+      item 'show_section_numbers' to 0
+    * "#pragma section-numbers off" (or "0") switches that off explicitely,
+      and "on" or "1" enables numbering 
+    * Added a "contributions" directory for 3rd party extensions
+    * AttachFile action, contributed by Ken Sugino; note that you have
+      to enable this action because of the possibility of DoS attacks
+      (malicious uploads), by adding this to your moin_config:
+            allowed_actions = ['AttachFile']
+    * "attachment:" URL scheme allows access to attachments, to get files
+       from other pages use "attachment:WikiName/filename.ext".
+    * New macros: Date(unixtimestamp) and DateTime(unixtimestamp) to
+      display a timestamp according to system/user settings
+    * Variable substitution when a page is saved, note that saving
+      template pages does NOT expand variables. Supported are:
+        @DATE@      Current date in the system's format
+        @TIME@      Current date and time in the user's format
+        @USERNAME@  Just the user's name (or his domain/IP)
+        @USER@      Signature "-- loginname"
+        @SIG@       Dated Signature "-- loginname date time"
+        @MAILTO@    A fancy mailto: link with the user's data  
+    * Copied some new emoticons from PikiePikie
+        || {{{ :-? }}} || :-? || tongue.gif ||
+        || {{{ :\  }}} || :\  || ohwell.gif ||
+        || {{{ >:> }}} || >:> || devil.gif  ||
+        || {{{ %)  }}} || %)  || eyes.gif   ||
+        || {{{ @)  }}} || @)  || eek.gif    ||
+        || {{{ |)  }}} || |)  || tired.gif  ||
+        || {{{ ;)) }}} || ;)) || lol.gif    ||
+    * AbandonedPages macro
+    * Added definition list markup: {{{<whitespace>term:: definition}}}
+    * Added email notification features contributed by Daniel Saß
+    * SystemInfo: show "Entries in edit log"
+    * Added "RSS" icon to RecentChanges macro and code to generate a
+      RecentChanges RSS channel, see
+          http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?UnifiedRecentChanges
+      for details
+    * Added config.sitename and config.interwikiname parameter
+    * Better WikiFarm support:
+      * <datadir>/plugin/macro and <datadir>/plugin/action can be used
+        to store macros and actions local to a specific wiki instance
+      * config.shared_intermap can contain a pathname to a shared
+        "intermap.txt" file (i.e. one stored outside the datadir)
+    * added `backtick` shortcut for {{{inline literal}}} (has to be
+      enabled by "backtick_meta=1" in the config file); note that ``
+      is then a shorter replacement for '''''' escaping
+    * added inline search fields (at the bottom of each page)
+    * Added preview to the editor, including spell checking
+    * New languages: Chinese (Changzhe Han) and Portuguese (Jorge
+      Godoy), updated French (Lucas Bruand), added Korean (Hye-Shik
+      Chang) and Italian (Lele Gaifax)
+    * New SystemAdmin macro
+    * `[[Anchor(anchorname)]]` macro to insert anchors into a page,
+      and [#anchorname Anchor Links].
+    * User option to open editor view via a double-click
+    * Added commentary field to editor, recent changes and page info
+    * Page trails (user option)
+    * UserPreferences: checkboxes for double-click edit, page trail,
+      fancy links, emoticons, jump to last page visited, and some
+      other yes/no options
+    * "config.nonexist_qm" is now the default for a user setting
+    * `[[GetText(text)]]` macro loads I18N texts (mainly intended
+      for use on Help pages)
+    * table attributes via "||<attrlist> ... ||", more details on
+      http://purl.net/wiki/moin/HelpOnTables
+    * PythonFaq interwiki tag and support for $PAGE placeholder
+    * event logging, as the basis for future statistics
+    * "moin-dump" command line tool to create a static copy of
+      the wiki content
+    * "config.external_diff" allows to set an exact path to the
+      command, or change the name to for example "gdiff" if GNU
+      diff is not a native command in your UNIX flavour
+    * `[[PageSize]]` macro
+    * the interwiki name "Self" now always points to the own wiki
+    * config.title1 and config.title2 are inserted into the output
+      right before and after the system title html code (title1
+      is right after the <body> tag and normally undefined, title2
+      defaults to the "<hr>" above the page contents)
+    * Additional link on diff pages to ignore whitespace changes
+    * Subpages (config.allow_subpages, config.page_icons_up)
+    * super^script^, sub,,script,, and __underline__ markup
+    * `[[FootNote]]` macro
+    * many other new config options, see HelpOnConfiguration for
+      a complete list
+    * [[StatsChart(type)]] shows statistical charts (currently
+      defined types: hitcounts, pagesize, useragents)
+    * 'inline:' scheme works like 'attachment:', but tries to
+      inline the content of the attachment into the page;
+      currently knows about "*.py" sources and colorizes them
+    * support for Java applet "TWikiDrawPlugin" via
+      drawing:<drawingname> URL scheme (you need to activate
+      the AttachFile action if you want drawings)
+    * numeric entities (&#nnnnn;) are now optionally NOT escaped,
+      which allows you to insert more characters into a Latin-1
+      page, especially the Euro symbol
+    * navi_bar is now a list of page names which should be linked
+      on every page
+    * test.cgi is now rolled into moin.cgi, and can be called
+      by adding "?test" to the wiki base URL. Also, as a security
+      feature, the server's environment is only shown for requests
+      local to the web server.
+Unfinished features:
+    * user defined forms
+    * XML export of all data in the wiki
+    * extended the online help ("Help*" pages)
+    * German help pages (thanks to Thomas Waldmann)
+    * #425857: python Parser bug on the second call
+    * #424917: Caching control
+    * #465499: Two HTTPS problems
+    * #491155: FrontPage hardcoded
+    * Handling of inbound UTF-8 encoded URIs (only with Python >= 2.0)
+    * Fix for subtle changes in "re" of Python 2.2
+    * User-provided URLs are now never URL-escaped, which allows appending
+      #anchors and using %20 for spaces in InterWiki links
+Version 0.10 (2001-10-28, Revision 1.134)
+This version is still Python 1.5.2 compatible, but it's not extensively
+tested for that version and some parts of the system might not work
+there, especially seldom used macros and actions. Bug reports welcome!
+New features:
+    * "#deprecated" processing instruction
+    * config entry "SecurityPolicy" to allow for customized permissions
+      (see "security.py" for more)
+    * added distutils support
+    * though not extensively tested, the standalone server now does POST
+      requests, i.e. you can save pages; there are still problems with
+      persistent global variables! It only works for Python >= 2.0.
+    * "bang_meta" config variable and "!NotWikiWord" markup
+    * "url_mappings" config variable to dynamically change URL prefixes
+      (especially useful in intranets, when whole trees of externally
+      hosted documents move around)
+    * setting "mail_smarthost" and "mail_from" activates mailing
+      features (sending login data on the UserPreferences page)
+    * very useful for intranet developer wikis, a means to view pydoc
+      documentation, formatted via a XSLT stylesheet, for details see
+      http://purl.net/wiki/python/TeudViewer?module=MoinMoin.macro.TeudView
+      or MoinMoin/macro/TeudView.py
+    * "LocalSiteMap" action by Steve Howell <showell@zipcon.com>
+    * Added FOLDOC to intermap.txt
+    * Full config defaults, import MoinMoin now works w/o moin_config.py
+    * Better control over permissions with config.umask
+    * Bugfix for a UNIX time billenium bug (affecting RecentChanges
+      sorting and page diffs)
+    * data paths with directory names containing dots caused problems
+Version 0.9 (2001-05-07)
+New features:
+    * XML page input (pages that start with "<?xml") and XSLT formatting
+    * Page caching, for now limited to XSLT processing (where it's
+      absolutely needed); new code & API to add the "RefreshCache" link
+    * Selection of common date/time formats in UserPreferences
+    * New action "titleindex" to support wiki introspection (MetaWiki);
+      see the new links below the index bar in "TitleIndex"
+    * UserPreferences: editable CSS URL for personal styles
+    * PageInfo: the editor's name or IP is shown for each change
+    * WantedPages: a new macro that lists links to non-existent pages
+    * OrphanedPages: a new macro that lists pages no other page links to
+    * Extensions to the FullSearch macro (see HelpOnMacros)
+    * Python syntax highlighting
+    * "DeletePage" action (has to be activated, see MoinMoinFaq)
+    * "Remove trailing whitespace from each line" option in the editor
+    * I18N (currently German and Swedish)
+    * Config option "url_schemas" to extend the supported URL types
+    * Improved tracebacks by using Ka-Ping's "cgitb"
+    * The editor now sends a "no-cache" HTTP header
+    * "PageList" results are now sorted
+    * New config parameter "html_head_queries": send additional header
+      for all pages EXCEPT the "normal" view; main usage is to have
+      only the normal pages indexed by a spider, not the edit, print,
+      etc. views (which cause multiple hits on the same information)
+    * Store the modification time of the page file in the editlog, not
+      the current time when the log entry is created
+Version 0.8 (2001-01-23)
+New features:
+    * Page templates (create a new page using a template page, by Richard)
+    * Pluggable actions (by Richard)
+    * Added "diff since bookmark"
+    * Only "normal" URLs (outside of brackets) are converted to inline images
+    * Show number of backups in SystemInfo macro
+    * Show info on installed extension macros and actions
+    * New macro: [[BR]] for line breaks
+    * New action "LikePages" (again, Richard)
+    * Highlighting of search results, and of bad words when spellchecking
+    * Support for "file:" URLS
+    * "SpellCheck" action (Richard, me, and Christian)
+    * [[Include]] macro (you guessed it, Richard)
+    * Update bookmark with load time, not click time
+    * Changed CSS styles to better suit Netscape's broken handling of CSS
+Version 0.7 (2000-12-06)
+New features:
+    * RecentChanges bookmarking
+    * Non-greedy extended WikiNames
+Version 0.6 (2000-12-04)
+New features:
+    * [[UserPreferences]] macro and associated functions
+    * [[TableOfContents]] macro
+    * Mechanism for external macros (user extensions)
+    * Numbered list types and start offsets
+    * Search dialogs did not work on the FrontPage
+    * Add newline to text if last line has none (better diffs)
+Version 0.5 (2000-11-17)
+New features:
+    * Major refactoring: code is now broken up into modules within the
+      "MoinMoin" package
+    * Diagnosis of installation via a "test.cgi" script
+    * Smileys
+    * "#format" processing instruction
+    * "##comment"
+    * [[RandomPage]] and [[RandomPage(number)]] macro
+    * configurable footer ("page_footer1" and "page_footer2")
+    * "#redirect" processing instruction
+    * Bugfix for broken CGI environment of IIS/4.0
+    * URLs and InterWiki links are now less greedy (punctuation at the end
+      is excluded, and "<" ends them, too)
+Version 0.4 (2000-11-01)
+New features:
+    * Table markup "||a||b||c||"
+    * Headlines "= H1 =", "== H2 ==", and so on up to H5
+    * [[PageCount]] macro
+    * Added [[Icon(image)]] macro and macro arguments
+    * [[PageList(title-regex)]] macro
+    * New help system (set of help pages describing all features)
+    * Create complete URL for "Clear message" link
+    * Inline code spans needed cgi.escape
+    * Better fix for Python 1.6 "re" problems
+    * Fix for uppercase extensions in inline images ("foo.JPG")
+    * Fixed colspan in RecentChanges
+    * HR size is now limited to 8
+    * "}" ends an URL pattern (fixes URLs right at the end of code displays)
+Version 0.3 (2000-10-25)
+New features:
+    * Check for inline images with InterWiki links (Spam:eggs.gif)
+    * New config variable "allow_extended_names", which enables markup for
+      wiki names containing ANY character like this: ["any chars"] 
+    * New config variable "html_head"
+    * New macro [[SystemInfo]]
+    * Added inline code ("{{{" and "}}}" on the same line)
+    * Support for new config variable "max_macro_size"
+    * Don't treat sequences with a double colon (CPP::Namespace) as an
+      InterWiki link
+    * The local part of InterWiki links is now correctly URL-escaped
+    * Quickfix for a bug in 1.6's regular expressions
+    * Fixed "SpamSpamSpam" bug (multiple entries in word list)
+    * Anchor names get quoted in WordIndex and TitleIndex
+    * Filtering of filenames in page_list() corrected
+    * Escape &, <, > when sending the editor
+    * Final(?) fix for japanese wiki names
+Version 0.2 (2000-08-26)
+New features:
+    * When saving, a datestamp saved in the form and that of the file are
+      compared now; so, accidently saving over changes of other people is
+      not possible anymore (saving still needs file locking though, for
+      race conditions)
+    * if the directory "backup" exists in the data dir, pages are saved
+      there before a new version is written to disk
+    * Removed the "Reset" button from EditPage
+    * Added "Reduce editor size" link
+    * Added Latin-1 WikiNames (JürgenHermann ;)
+    * Speeded up RecentChanges by looking up hostnames ONCE while saving
+    * Show at most 14 (distinct) days in RecentChanges
+    * Added icons for common functions, at the top of the page
+    * Added a printing preview (no icons, etc.)
+    * Added bracketed (external) URLs
+    * Added support for quoted URLs ("http://...")
+    * Added styles for :visited links to CSS
+    * Embed image if an URL ends in .gif/.jpg/.png
+    * No markup detection in code sections
+    * Grey background for code sections
+    * Added handling for numbered lists
+    * the edit textarea now grows in width with the browser window
+      (thanks to Sebastian Dauß for that idea)
+    * Added page info (revision history) and viewing of old revisions
+    * Added page diff, and diff links on page info
+    * Added InterWiki support (use "wiki:WikiServer/theirlocalname"; the list
+      of WikiServers is read from "data/intermap.txt")
+    * Added "normal" InterWiki links
+    * Added "action=raw" to send the raw wiki markup as text/plain (e.g. for
+      backup purposes via wget) 
+    * Removed an exception when saving empty pages
+    * Fixed bold nested into emphasis ('''''Bold''' Italic'')
+Version 0.1 (2000-07-29)
+Improvements over PikiPiki 1.62:
+    * Moved configuration to "moin_config.py"
+    * Added "edit_rows" setting
+    * Added navigation bar
+    * Improved HTML formatting
+    * Added timing comment (page created in xx secs)
+    * ISO date and time formats by default
+    * Formatted RecentChanges with HTML tables
+    * Uppercase letters for the index pages
+    * Added PythonPowered logo
+    * Javadoc comments now get formatted properly in {{{ }}} sections
+    * Remove \r from submitted pages (so we get PORTABLE wiki files)
+    * chmod(0666) eases manual changes to the data dir