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+1.2 to 1.3 migration docs
+Migration from 1.2 to 1.3 is done by those basic steps:
+ 1. make a backup
+ 2. install new moin code
+ 3. install new moin.cgi (if you use CGI) or other glue script
+ 4. install new moin static data (css, icons, etc.)
+ 5. convert your 1.2 data_dir using the migration scripts (see below)
+ 6. fix your configuration (begin with new sample config and modify as needed)
+  * especially make sure that data_dir and data_underlay_dir is correct
+1. Making a backup
+Make a backup of your current stuff:
+ * CONFIG: moin_config.py, maybe also some farmconfig if you run a wiki farm
+   Also backup the moin.cgi script (if you use CGI) or other glue script.
+ * CODE: backup your MoinMoin/ directory (see sys.path.append at start of
+   moin.cgi or standard location like /usr/lib/python2.x/site-packages)
+ * DATA: backup your data/ directory (see data_dir in moin_config.py) -
+   this is the most important stuff: your wiki pages, your wiki user accounts
+   etc. - you want to keep this for quite a while even if the migration looks
+   successful.
+2. + 3. + 4. Install new moin code, new moin.cgi script, new moin static data
+See INSTALL.html.
+5. Converting your data/ directory
+Scripts see MoinMoin/scripts/migration/12_to_13_migN.py (in your MoinMoin code
+directory, e.g. /usr[/local]/lib/python2.x/site-packages/MoinMoin).
+Those are some scripts that convert your wiki data to the current MoinMoin
+version. You must use them AFTER stopping your old wiki code and BEFORE
+starting your new wiki code.
+Make sure you have enough free space on your hard disk (every mig script makes
+a new copy, so you need N+1 times the space your data dir needs, if you do not
+remove the pre-migX dirs after running migX script).
+When upgrading, choose your entry point depending on your version:
+ version you use         start with mig script
+ ---------------------------------------------
+ before 1.2              first upgrade to 1.2.4 and test for a while
+ 1.2.x                   mig01 - check from_encoding in script!
+ 1.3 <patch-78           mig02
+ 1.3 <patch-101          mig03
+ 1.3 <patch-196, =beta2  mig04
+ 1.3 <patch-221, =beta3  mig05
+ 1.3 <patch-248          mig06 - check from_encoding in script!
+ 1.3 <patch-275, =beta5  mig07
+ 1.3 <patch-305, =beta6  mig08
+ 1.3 <patch-332, =beta7  mig09
+ 1.3rc1                  -
+ any later               mig10
+ Modifying from_encoding setting in the scripts is necessary if your old moin
+ installation did not use iso-8859-1 encoding (as it was the default in moin
+ 1.2.x and before. If you had changed that, e.g. to utf-8 or other encoding
+ (see moin_config.py, charset = '...'), you need to change it in the mig
+ scripts, too.
+Of course, in the end you must have run ALL mig scripts once, in correct
+order, the table is only to help your memory in case you forgot what you
+have done already.
+To start, copy your data/ directory to the directory where the migration
+scripts are located and then start with the script according to the table
+above and also run ALL scripts with a higher number - one after the other,
+in ascending order.
+After that, you should have a data/ directory suitable for new moin version.
+Maybe some stuff that didn't need conversion is missing, see the comments on
+top of the scripts for details.
+Read the comments in the scripts for details, especially in mig5.
+After conversion, maybe rename your old data/ dir in the original location to
+data.12 (or similar) and copy your new data/ directory from the scripts
+directory to that original location. Check permissions as the conversion
+scripts have changed them (on UNIX: mode, owner, group, fix by chown -R and
+chmod -R).
+Note that the migration scripts only convert your data, they do NOT magically
+convert your plugin scripts to new APIs of moin 1.3. So if your plugins do not
+work any more, look out for updates compatible with 1.3.
+Furthermore, they do not convert macro calls or other wiki markup which broke
+because the parser was changed to conform to the documentation more intensely.
+Especially check the calls to the search macros and look at HelpOnSearching.
+6. Fix your configuration
+1.3 configuration looks similar, but works quite different than 1.2 config.
+1.3 uses a class based configuration, the easiest way to convert is maybe to
+start from a fresh sample config and change it to fit your needs.
+Please be careful about indentation, keep it the same way as in the samples!
+If you add additional config items, indent them by the same amount.
+Especially make sure that:
+ * data_dir is really pointing to your converted data directory
+ * data_underlay_dir is pointing to your underlay directory (just use a copy
+   of the directory underlay/ in the moin distribution)
+ * both directories have appropriate user, group and mode so that moin is
+   able to access them.
+See also HelpOnConfiguration page.
+7. FAQ
+Q: Wiki works, but it looks extremly simply styled. All simple blue text,
+   no icons, all menu items look like simple text aligned to left border...
+A: Access to /wiki is not working.
+   Try accessing http://.../wiki/modern/img/moin-edit.png, that should show a
+   small icon.
+   Check your /wiki alias, web server configuration, file system rights
+   directory where /wiki points to, etc. - see web server log for more info.
+Q: I see a wiki, looks ok, but all pages are empty. I can't even create new
+   pages.
+A: This usually happens with an empty data/ directory and a non-working
+   underlay directory. Check underlay_data_dir config.
+Q: I only see my own pages, but no RecentChanges. I can't create new pages.
+A: This is also a non-working underlay dir, see previous question.
+If your question isn't answered by above FAQ, maybe just re-check following
+ * file system access rights. user, group, mode - can the running web server /
+   moin code access all stuff needed?
+ * is your web server allowed to access the "/wiki" directory with img and css?
+   Some web server default configurations disallow access to most directories
+   and you have to explicitely allow by a <Directory ...> section.
+ * is your web server allowed to read and execute moin.cgi? Can you run another
+   cgi script from same directory? Options +ExecCGI for Apache?
+ * Is your Python at least v2.2.2?
+If you still have problems, it is best to ask on our IRC channel #moin on
+server irc.freenode.net.