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fix minor UI bug: DeletePage/RenamePage was shown active in menu although user missed delete rights. We also stop checking for user.valid as this should be driven by ACLs only. imported from: moin--main--1.5--patch-239
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 MoinMoin Version History
+Version 1.5.0current:
+  Fixes:
+    * Fixed a minor user interface bug: it showed RenamePage and DeletePage
+      actions in the menu if you only had write rights and then complained
+      when you really tried when you had no delete rights additionally.
+    * We don't remove RenamePage and DeletePage from menu any more if user is
+      unknown. This stuff is only driven by ACLs now.
 Version 1.5.0beta4:
     * use <span class="anchor"> instead of <a> for line-xxx anchors, this