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merge moin--main--1.3--patch-928 Patches applied: * arch@arch.thinkmo.de--2003-archives/moin--main--1.3--patch-928 Fix error handling on failure, improved error display * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-28 integrate new cgitb error handling * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-29 huge merge from main, fixing strange conflicts in error.py and request.py * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-30 cgitb refactoring * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-31 fixed cgitb import * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-32 merge from main * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-33 adding MOIN_DEBUG to server scripts * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-34 refacrot cgitb for eaiser customisation, use one view class in error with new simpler design, better error handling in multiconfig. * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-35 merge from main * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-36 Print simple text exception when cgitb fail from any reason * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-37 remove changes not related to error handling * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-38 raise more helpful error when there is no wikis list in farmconfig.py * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-39 refactor getConfig, remove duplicate code, more correct error handling, use either farmconfig or wikiconfig mtime * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-40 more clear error message when data or underlay missing or have wrong privilages * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-41 update cgitb docstring * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-42 make cgitb easiter to customize, simplify error.ErrorView, print cgitb traceback after the original traceback. * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-43 refactoring multiconfig, make return values more clear, improving docstrings * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-44 use only preformatted text in printException * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-45 cgitb: improve code readability * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-46 merge from main * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-47 simplify the simple text traceback output * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-48 moved failure handling to new failure module (save imports for cgi) * nirs@freeshell.org--2005/moin--fix--1.3--patch-49 spelling, docstring cleanup imported from: moin--main--1.5--patch-50
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       that should fix quite some IE bugs and annoyances (on Win32).
       * for enabling IE7, use cfg.hacks = { 'ie7': True }
-  Fixes:
+  Fixes:  
     * Fixed a typo in xslt.py which led to a traceback instead of an
       error message in case of disabled XSLT support.
     * Fixed crash in twisted server if twisted.internet.ssl is not
@@ -198,8 +198,11 @@
       a useless mail with no account data in it. Now the system directly tells
       the user that he entered an unknown email address.
     * Fixed SystemInfo, it now also lists parsers in data/plugin/parser dir.
+    * Fix error handling on failure, improved error display
+Version 1.4:
-Version 1.4:
     We used that version number for an internal and early development version
     for what will be called moin 2.0 at some time in the future.
     There will never be a 1.4.x release.