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Merged my CHANGES file into the main CHANGES file and MoinMoin:WikiSyncronisation.
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 Branch moin-1.6-xapian:
+  /!\ This needs to be merged together with Franz' CHANGES file into the section
+      below.
   New Features:
     * Added Xapian (see http://xapian.org/) based indexed search code.
       Our implementation is still buggy, only use it if you want to help
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     * d['title_link'] is not supported any more. You can easily make that link
       on your own in your theme, see example in MoinMoin/theme/__init__.py,
       function "title".
+    * There is a new Page method called Page.get_raw_body_str that returns
+      the encoded page body. This is useful if you just deal with byte data
+      (e.g. while generating binary diffs).
+    * The TagStore/PickleTagStore system is used to store the syncronisation tags.
+    * XMLRPC functions may return Fault instances from now on
+    * Moin got multicall support, including a module that makes it usable on the
+      client-side without requiring Python 2.4
   New Features:
     * Removed "underscore in URL" == "blank in pagename magic" - it made more
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     * Added support for "304 not modified" response header for AttachFile get
       and rss_rc actions - faster, less traffic, less load.
     * Added support for @SELF to the NewPage macro.
+    * Conflict icon in RecentChanges
+    * New XMLRPC methods (see doc strings for details):
+      * getMoinVersion
+      * system.multicall -- multicall support
+      * Authentication System: getAuthToken/appyAuthToken
+      * getDiff -- method to get binary diffs
+      * mergeDiff -- method to local changes remotely
+      * interwikiName -- method to get the IWID and the interwiki moniker
+      * getAllPagesEx -- method to get the pagelist in a special way (revnos,
+        no system pages etc.)
+    * IWID support - i.e. every wiki instance has a unique ID
+    * The list of InterWiki sites is editable in the wiki (page InterWikiMap),
+      it is getting reloaded every minute
+    * Syncronisation of wikis using the SyncPages action
+    * GetText2 macro that allows to translate messages that contain data
+    * showtags action that lists all tags related to a page
     * on action "info" page, "revert" link will not be displayed for empty page
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       to e.g. stalled servers (thanks to David Linke)
     * Fixed typo in NewPage that lead to a NameError.
     * Fixed standalone server failing to shutdown if interface == "".
+    * Conflict resolution fixes.
+    * Python 2.5 compatibility fixes in the Page caching logic
+    * sre pickle issues in the wikidicts code
+    * cgitb can hide particular names, this avoids information leaks
+      if the user files cannot be parsed for example
+    * Fixed User.__repr__ - it is insane to put the ID in there
+    * Worked around the FastCGI problem on Lighttpd: empty lines in the error
+      log, thanks to Jay Soffian
+    * Fixed the MetaDict code to use locks.
+    * Fixed bug in request.py that avoided showing a traceback if there was a fault
+      after the first headers were sent.
+    * Fixed severe race conditions in the meta dict and the sync tags code.
+    * Mute the tempnam warning in the caching module.
+    * diff3 algorithm extended, a new mode should reduce the conflicts,
+      fixed a bug that silently truncated pages if there was content added
+      on one side at the end
+    * Standalone opens it logfile unbuffered from now on, thanks to
+      Carsten Grohmann
   Other changes:
     * HINT: instead of "from MoinMoin.multiconfig import DefaultConfig" you
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       at FCKeditor development or browser development.
     * Mail notifications contain a link to the diff action so the user
       can see the coloured difference more easily. Thanks to Tobias Polzin.
+    * Refactored conflict resolution and XMLRPC code.
+    * Added a module for binary diffs
 Version 1.5-current:
    * moin.fcg improved - if you use FastCGI, you must use the new file: