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some more code and thinking on matching stemmed words
author Franz Pletz <fpletz AT franz-pletz DOT org>
date Sun, 18 Jun 2006 01:06:50 +0200
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Branch moin/1.6-xapian-fpletz

  Known main issues:
    * _moinSearch matches all characters in words when stemming,
      workaround uses too much CPU
    * Matching of stemmed terms is generally unreliable because the
      matches (and consequently the count) are not obtained by Xapian
      as _moinSearch is called with the Xapian results. Use the Xapian
      matches somehow?
    * Regex searching with Xapian?

    * HACK: MoinMoin.Xapian.Index._get_languages (wait for proper
    * Mockup the new search UI
    * Write/update documentation for all the new search stuff
    * Wikifarms support (multiple indexes)
    * Indexing and searching of Categories (new term prefix)
    * Finish the stemming/matching stuff

  New Features:
    * Faster search thanks to Xapian
    * Searching for languages with new prefix lang/language, i.e. lang:de
      Note: Only available when Xapian is activated
  Bugfixes (only stuff that is buggy in moin/1.6 main branch):
    * ...

  Other Changes:
    * ...
  Developer notes:
    * ...


2006-06-10 Changed xapian_term() functions to return xapian.Query objects
but without touching the prefixes as we don't have a prefixMap yet. Will
implement this in MoinMoin.Xapian.Index. AndExpression needed some more
tweaking to use AND_NOT because Xapian doesn't provide a pure NOT. Should
be no issue with OrExpression as _moinSearch handles this correctly.

    * Now handling prefixes correctly (title -> S, XLINKTO always with ':')

    * Integrated basic stemming, english only for now (see issues).
    * Introduced LanguageSearch (new prefix lang/language)
    * Searching now works with stemmed terms but matching is limited due
      to usage of _moinSearch

    * Indexing & searching now works without a stemmer installed (small

    * Tackled some of the issues with matching stemmed words. Need some
      advice on how to detect and match them reliably using the current