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Python requirements

Please use Python 2.6.x, 2.7.x, 2.5.x (in that order, first most
recommended, last least recommended). See below about Python 2.4.

2.7 is 2nd because it is less long tested than 2.6. If you have 2.7 by default
then just use it, there is usually no need to get 2.6. But if you have 2.6 by
default, just use that, because there is also no need to get 2.7.

2.5 is last because it is OLD and not much tested any more.

2.4 was supported "out of the box" until (and including) moin 1.9.3.
Since 1.9.4 the download release of moin has bundled libraries that need 2.5
at least. Also, no moin developer still tests moin on 2.4.
If you are willing to experiment a bit and use older libraries than the
bundled ones, you might be able to get it working on 2.4 by replacing
MoinMoin/support/werkzeug with werkzeug version 0.7.x and hope the best.
Python requirements might be different for (linux or other) distribution
packages, depending on the werkzeug version they use. Usually you do not have
to care then, because the package maintainer already did it for you.

Python 3.x won't work for MoinMoin for now.

Python build options:
 * zlib support (required)
 * ucs4 (32bit unicode, recommended)
 * ucs2 also works for most users (not recommended)

You can use anything that speaks WSGI to moin:
 * the "standalone" we bundle with moin (recommended for
   desktop wikis, testing, debugging, development, adhoc-wikis)
 * apache with mod_wsgi (recommended for bigger/busier wikis), do not use
   mod_wsgi v2.3 (it has known problems), about any other version is fine.
 * other WSGI-compatible servers
 * cgi, fastcgi, scgi, ajp, ... also work via the "flup" middleware bundled with moin
 * For IIS 6.0 on Windows 2003, you can use a ISAPI-WSGI gateway: v0.4.1 has been used successfully.

Requirements needed for some moin features

RSS feed: python-xml (pyxml) or python >= 2.5.1

GUI editor: python-xml (pyxml) - more precisely, this stuff is needed by the
            html to wiki markup converter invoked when the gui editor posts
            html on save. Status for python 2.5.x unknown.

Docbook formatter: python-xml (pyxml).

docbook parser: 4suite 1.0a4 or 1.0b1

xslt parser: 4suite 1.0a4 or 1.0b1

rst parser: docutils >= 0.3.10

Xapian indexed search: xapian libs + python bindings >= 1.0.6

Indexing filters for xapian search:
 * antiword (for indexing of MS Word documents)
 * xls2csv (for indexing of MS Excel documents, from catdoc package)
 * catppt (for indexing of MS Powerpoint documents, from catdoc package)
 * catdoc (for indexing of RTF documents, from catdoc package)
 * pdftotext (for indexing of PDFs, from xpdf-utils or poppler-utils)

ldap_login auth: python-ldap >=2.0.0pre06

mysql_group auth: MySQLdb python module

openidrp auth: openid python module

stats charts: gdchart python module

jabberbot: pyxmpp SVN revision 665 or release >= 1.0.1

Bundled 3rd party code

Below are some notes about the software we bundle and ship with MoinMoin.
If you are a Linux distributor and you want to rip out this stuff and
replace it with packages, this is for you!

We list the shipped version and also the minimum required version.
The shipped version will work best with moin as usually has some more bug
fixes than the minimum required version.
We do not test with the minimum required version, but we try to keep this
file updated and correct to our best knowledge.

In case you find bugs in this requirements specification, please let us know!

Thanks to all 3rd party software authors!

A) Stuff below MoinMoin/support/:

flup (cgi/fastcgi/scgi/ajp to WSGI adapter)
shipped: 1.0.2+, from repo: hg clone -r 8d52f88effa3
minimum: 1.0.2

pygments (highlighting for all sorts of source code and other text files)
shipped: 1.4
minimum: 1.1.1 will work, maybe even older versions

parsedatetime (parse date/time strings)
shipped: 0.8.7
minimum: 0.8.7(?)

werkzeug (WSGI toolkit)
shipped: 0.8.1
minimum: 0.7.0

Note: >= 0.6.1 will also likely work if the missing "import sys" in is patched.

xappy (High-Level Python library for Xapian)
shipped: 0.5
minimum: 0.5 (safe html rendering)
shipped: copied from TRAC's trac.util.html, revision 3609, merged on 2006-08-20
minimum: same(?)

Replacements for Python stdlib modules
====================================== (fixes broken Python 2.4.3 difflib, see comment in file) ("copied from email.Header because the original is broken") (misc. brokenness up to Python 2.6, see comment in file)

Other stuff
=========== (taken from Amos' XML-RPC HowTo) (to be compatible with older Pythons)

B) MoinMoin/web/static/htdocs/applets/FCKEditor/
shipped: 2.6.6
required: 2.6.x

C) MoinMoin/web/static/htdocs/applets/TWikiDrawPlugin/
shipped: Using a modified TWikiDrawPlugin see README in contrib/TWikiDrawPlugin 
required: see shipped

D) MoinMoin/web/static/htdocs/applets/anywikidraw/
shipped: 0.14
required: 0.14