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Changed tests to use py.test. Also changed the semantics a bit - the test wiki directory is only created freshly if it does not exist.
author Alexander Schremmer <alex AT alexanderweb DOT de>
date Fri, 20 Apr 2007 00:12:50 +0200
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# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
    MoinMoin - MoinMoin.wikidicts tests

    @copyright: 2003-2004 by Juergen Hermann <>
    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.

import unittest
import re

from MoinMoin import wikidicts
from MoinMoin import Page

class TestGroupPage(unittest.TestCase):

    def testCamelCase(self):
        """ wikidicts: initFromText: CamelCase links """
        text = """
 * CamelCase
        self.assertEqual(self.getMembers(text), ['CamelCase'])

    def testExtendedName(self):
        """ wikidicts: initFromText: extended names """
        text = """
 * extended name
        self.assertEqual(self.getMembers(text), ['extended name'])

    def testExtendedLink(self):
        """ wikidicts: initFromText: extended link """
        text = """
 * ["extended link"]
        self.assertEqual(self.getMembers(text), ['extended link'])

    def testIgnoreSecondLevelList(self):
        """ wikidicts: initFromText: ignore non first level items """
        text = """
  * second level
   * third level
    * forth level
     * and then some...
        self.assertEqual(self.getMembers(text), [])

    def testIgnoreOther(self):
        """ wikidicts: initFromText: ignore anything but first level list itmes """
        text = """
= ignore this =
 * take this

Ignore previous line and this text.
        self.assertEqual(self.getMembers(text), ['take this'])

    def testStripWhitespace(self):
        """ wikidicts: initFromText: strip whitespace around items """
        text = """
 *   take this  
        self.assertEqual(self.getMembers(text), ['take this'])

    def getMembers(self, text):
        group = wikidicts.Group(self.request, '')
        return group.members()

class TestDictPage(unittest.TestCase):

    def testGroupMembers(self):
        """ wikidicts: create dict from keys and values in text """
        text = '''
Text ignored
 * list items ignored
  * Second level list ignored
 First:: first item
 text with spaces:: second item

Empty lines ignored, so is this text
Next line has key with empty value
 Empty string:: 
 Last:: last item
        d = wikidicts.Dict(self.request, '')
        self.assertEqual(d['First'], 'first item')
        self.assertEqual(d['text with spaces'], 'second item')
        self.assertEqual(d['Empty string'], '')
        self.assertEqual(d['Last'], 'last item')

class GroupDictTestCase(unittest.TestCase):

    def testSystemPagesGroupInDicts(self):
        """ wikidict: names in SystemPagesGroup should be in request.dicts

        Get a list of all pages, and check that the dicts list all of them.

        Assume that the SystemPagesGroup is in the data or the underlay dir.
        assert Page.Page(self.request, 'SystemPagesGroup').exists(), \
               "SystemPagesGroup is missing, Can't run test"
        systemPages = wikidicts.Group(self.request, 'SystemPagesGroup')
        for member in systemPages.members():
            self.assert_(self.request.dicts.has_member('SystemPagesGroup', member),
                         '%s should be in request.dict' % member)