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# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
    MoinMoin - jabber notification plugin for event system

    This code sends notifications using a separate daemon.

    @copyright: 2007 by Karol Nowak <>
    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.

import xmlrpclib

from MoinMoin import error
from MoinMoin.Page import Page
from MoinMoin.user import User, getUserList
from import set
from MoinMoin.action.AttachFile import getAttachUrl

import as notification
import as ev

def handle(event):
    """An event handler"""

    cfg = event.request.cfg

    # Check for desired event type and if notification bot is configured
    if not cfg.jabber_enabled:

    if isinstance(event, ev.PageChangedEvent):
        return handle_page_changed(event, False)
    elif isinstance(event, ev.TrivialPageChangedEvent):
        return handle_page_changed(event, True)
    elif isinstance(event, ev.JabberIDSetEvent) or isinstance(event, ev.JabberIDUnsetEvent):
        return handle_jid_changed(event)
    elif isinstance(event, ev.FileAttachedEvent):
        return handle_file_attached(event)
    elif isinstance(event, ev.PageDeletedEvent):
        return handle_page_deleted(event)
    elif isinstance(event, ev.PageRenamedEvent):
        return handle_page_renamed(event)
    elif isinstance(event, ev.UserCreatedEvent):
        return handle_user_created(event)

def handle_jid_changed(event):
    """ Handles events sent when user's JID changes """

    request = event.request
    server = request.cfg.notification_server
    _ = request.getText

        if isinstance(event, ev.JabberIDSetEvent):
            server.addJIDToRoster(request.cfg.secret, event.jid)
            server.removeJIDFromRoster(request.cfg.secret, event.jid)

    except xmlrpclib.Error, err:
        ev.logger.error(_("XML RPC error: %s"), str(err))
    except Exception, err:
        ev.logger.error(_("Low-level communication error: $s"), str(err))

def handle_file_attached(event):
    """Handles event sent when a file is attached to a page"""

    names = set()
    request = event.request
    page = Page(request, event.pagename)
    event_name =
    subscribers = page.getSubscribers(request, return_users=1)
    notification.filter_subscriber_list(event, subscribers, True)
    recipients = []

    for lang in subscribers:

    attachlink = request.getBaseURL() + getAttachUrl(event.pagename, event.filename, request)
    pagelink = request.getQualifiedURL(page.url(request, {}, relative=False))

    for lang in subscribers.keys():
        _ = lambda text: request.getText(text, lang=lang)
        data = notification.attachment_added(request, _, event.pagename, event.filename, event.size)
        links = [{'url': attachlink, 'description': _("Attachment link")},
                  {'url': pagelink, 'description': _("Page link")}]

        jids = [usr.jid for usr in subscribers[lang]]
        data['url_list'] = links
        data['action'] = "file_attached"

        if send_notification(request, jids, data):

    return notification.Success(names)

def handle_page_changed(event, trivial):
    """ Handles events related to page changes """
    request = event.request
    page =

    subscribers = page.getSubscribers(request, return_users=1, trivial=trivial)
    notification.filter_subscriber_list(event, subscribers, True)
    return page_change("page_changed", request, page, subscribers, \
                       revisions=page.getRevList(), comment=event.comment)

def handle_page_deleted(event):
    """Handles event sent when a page is deleted"""

    request = event.request
    page =

    subscribers = page.getSubscribers(request, return_users=1)
    notification.filter_subscriber_list(event, subscribers, True)
    return page_change("page_deleted", request, page, subscribers)

def handle_page_renamed(event):
    """Handles event sent when a page is renamed"""

    request = event.request
    page =
    old_name = event.old_page.page_name

    subscribers = page.getSubscribers(request, return_users=1)

    # Change request's page so that we filter subscribers of the OLD page = event.old_page
    notification.filter_subscriber_list(event, subscribers, True) = page
    return page_change("page_renamed", request, page, subscribers, old_name=old_name)

def handle_user_created(event):
    """Handles an event sent when a new user is being created"""

    jids = []
    user_ids = getUserList(event.request)
    event_name =

    email = or u"NOT SET"
    sitename = event.request.cfg.sitename
    username =

    msg = notification.user_created_message(event.request, sitename, username, email)

    for id in user_ids:
        usr = User(event.request, id=id)

        # Currently send this only to super users
        if usr.isSuperUser() and usr.jid and event_name in usr.jabber_subscribed_events:

    data = {'action': "user_created", 'subject': msg['subject'], 'text': msg['body'],
            'url_list': []}

    send_notification(event.request, jids, data)

def page_change(change_type, request, page, subscribers, **kwargs):
    """Sends notification about page being changed in some way"""
    _ = request.getText

    # send notifications to all subscribers
    if subscribers:
        recipients = set()

        for lang in subscribers:
            jids = [u.jid for u in subscribers[lang] if u.jid]
            names = [ for u in subscribers[lang] if u.jid]
            msg = notification.page_change_message(change_type, request, page, lang, **kwargs)
            page_url = request.getQualifiedURL(page.url(request, relative=False))
            url = {'url': page_url, 'description': _("Changed page")}
            data = {'action': change_type, 'subject': _('Page changed'),
                            'url_list': [url], 'text': msg['text'], 'diff': msg.get('diff', ''),
                            'comment': msg.get('comment', ''), 'editor': msg['editor'],
                            'old_name': msg.get('old_name', ''), 'page_name': msg.get('page_name', ''),
                            'revision': msg.get('revision', '')}

            result = send_notification(request, jids, data)

            if result:

        if recipients:
            return notification.Success(recipients)

def send_notification(request, jids, notification):
    """ Send notifications for a single language.

    @param jids: an iterable of Jabber IDs to send the message to
    @param message: message text
    @param subject: subject of the message, makes little sense for chats
    @param url_list: a list of dicts containing URLs and their descriptions
    @type url_list: list

    _ = request.getText
    server = request.cfg.notification_server

    if type(notification) != dict:
        raise ValueError("notification must be of type dict!")

    if type(notification['url_list']) != list:
        raise ValueError("url_list must be of type list!")

        server.send_notification(request.cfg.secret, jids, notification)
        return True
    except xmlrpclib.Error, err:
        ev.logger.error(_("XML RPC error: %s"), str(err))
    except Exception, err:
        ev.logger.error(_("Low-level communication error: %s"), str(err), )