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SubProcess: reimplement exec_cmd subclassing Popen and overriding some methods isn't pretty. the code we have was written for py 2.4 or so and the py 2.7 Popen looked quite different. this way with the timer should be less problematic.
author Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>
date Tue, 06 Sep 2016 04:39:28 +0200
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# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
    MoinMoin - "text/xml" Formatter

    @copyright: 2000-2002 Juergen Hermann <>
    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.

from xml.sax import saxutils
from MoinMoin.formatter import FormatterBase
from MoinMoin import config
from MoinMoin.Page import Page

class Formatter(FormatterBase):
        Send XML data.

    hardspace = '&nbsp;'

    def __init__(self, request, **kw):
        FormatterBase.__init__(self, request, **kw)
        self._current_depth = 1
        self._base_depth = 0
        self.in_pre = 0

    def _escape(self, text, extra_mapping={"'": "&apos;", '"': "&quot;"}):
        return saxutils.escape(text, extra_mapping)

    def startDocument(self, pagename):
        encoding = config.charset
        return '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="%s"?>\n<s1 title="%s">' % (
            encoding, self._escape(pagename))

    def endDocument(self):
        result = ""
        while self._current_depth > 1:
            result += "</s%d>" % self._current_depth
            self._current_depth -= 1
        return result + '</s1>'

    def lang(self, on, lang_name):
        return ('<div lang="">' % lang_name, '</div>')[not on]

    def sysmsg(self, on, **kw):
        return ('<sysmsg>', '</sysmsg>')[not on]

    def rawHTML(self, markup):
        return '<![CDATA[' + markup.replace(']]>', ']]>]]&gt;<![CDATA[') + ']]>'

    def pagelink(self, on, pagename='', page=None, **kw):
        FormatterBase.pagelink(self, on, pagename, page, **kw)
        if page is None:
            page = Page(self.request, pagename, formatter=self)
        return page.link_to(self.request, on=on, **kw)

    def interwikilink(self, on, interwiki='', pagename='', **kw):
        if on:
            return '<interwiki wiki="%s" pagename="%s">' % (interwiki, pagename)
            return '</interwiki>'

    def url(self, on, url='', css=None, **kw):
        if css:
            str = ' class="%s"' % css
            str = ''
        return ('<jump href="%s"%s>' % (self._escape(url), str), '</jump>') [not on]

    def attachment_link(self, on, url=None, **kw):
        if on:
            return '<attachment href="%s">' % (url, )
            return '</attachment>'

    def attachment_image(self, url, **kw):
        return '<attachmentimage href="%s"></attachmentimage>' % (url, )

    def attachment_drawing(self, url, text, **kw):
        return '<attachmentdrawing href="%s">%s</attachmentdrawing>' % (url, text)

    def text(self, text, **kw):
        if self.in_pre:
            return text.replace(']]>', ']]>]]&gt;<![CDATA[')
        return self._escape(text)

    def rule(self, size=0, **kw):
        return "\n<br/>%s<br/>\n" % ("-" * 78, ) # <hr/> not supported in stylebook
#        if size:
#            return '<hr size="%d"/>\n' % (size, )
#        else:
#            return '<hr/>\n'

    def icon(self, type):
        return '<icon type="%s" />' % type

    def strong(self, on, **kw):
        return ['<strong>', '</strong>'][not on]

    def emphasis(self, on, **kw):
        return ['<em>', '</em>'][not on]

    def highlight(self, on, **kw):
        return ['<strong>', '</strong>'][not on]

    def number_list(self, on, type=None, start=None, **kw):
        result = ''
        if self.in_p:
            result = self.paragraph(0)
        return result + ['<ol>', '</ol>\n'][not on]

    def bullet_list(self, on, **kw):
        result = ''
        if self.in_p:
            result = self.paragraph(0)
        return result + ['<ul>', '</ul>\n'][not on]

    def listitem(self, on, **kw):
        return ['<li>', '</li>\n'][not on]

    def code(self, on, **kw):
        return ['<code>', '</code>'][not on]

    def small(self, on, **kw):
        return ['<small>', '</small>'][not on]

    def big(self, on, **kw):
        return ['<big>', '</big>'][not on]

    def sup(self, on, **kw):
        return ['<sup>', '</sup>'][not on]

    def sub(self, on, **kw):
        return ['<sub>', '</sub>'][not on]

    def strike(self, on, **kw):
        return ['<strike>', '</strike>'][not on]

    def preformatted(self, on, **kw):
        FormatterBase.preformatted(self, on)
        result = ''
        if self.in_p:
            result = self.paragraph(0)
        return result + ['<source><![CDATA[', ']]></source>'][not on]

    def paragraph(self, on, **kw):
        FormatterBase.paragraph(self, on)
        return ['<p>', '</p>\n'][not on]

    def linebreak(self, preformatted=1):
        return ['\n', '<br/>\n'][not preformatted]

    def heading(self, on, depth, id=None, **kw):
        if not on:
            return '">\n'
        # remember depth of first heading, and adapt current depth accordingly
        if not self._base_depth:
            self._base_depth = depth
        depth = max(depth + (2 - self._base_depth), 2)

        # close open sections
        result = ""
        while self._current_depth >= depth:
            result = result + "</s%d>\n" % self._current_depth
            self._current_depth -= 1
        self._current_depth = depth

        id_text = ''
        if id:
            id_text = ' id="%s"' % id

        return result + '<s%d%s title="' % (depth, id_text)

    def table(self, on, attrs={}, **kw):
        return ['<table>', '</table>'][not on]

    def table_row(self, on, attrs={}, **kw):
        return ['<tr>', '</tr>'][not on]

    def table_cell(self, on, attrs={}, **kw):
        return ['<td>', '</td>'][not on]

    def anchordef(self, id):
        return '<anchor id="%s"/>' % id

    def anchorlink(self, on, name='', **kw):
        id = kw.get('id', None)
        extra = ''
        if id:
            extra = ' id="%s"' % id
        return ('<link anchor="%s"%s>' % (name, extra), '</link>') [not on]

    def underline(self, on, **kw):
        return self.strong(on) # no underline in StyleBook

    def definition_list(self, on, **kw):
        result = ''
        if self.in_p:
            result = self.paragraph(0)
        return result + ['<gloss>', '</gloss>'][not on]

    def definition_term(self, on, compact=0, **kw):
        return ['<label>', '</label>'][not on]

    def definition_desc(self, on, **kw):
        return ['<item>', '</item>'][not on]

    def image(self, src=None, **kw):
        valid_attrs = ['src', 'width', 'height', 'alt', 'title']
        attrs = {'src': src}
        for key, value in kw.items():
            if key in valid_attrs:
                attrs[key] = value
        return FormatterBase.image(self, **attrs) + '</img>'

    def transclusion(self, on, **kw):
        # TODO, see text_html formatter
        return ''

    def transclusion_param(self, **kw):
        # TODO, see text_html formatter
        return ''

    def code_area(self, on, code_id, code_type='code', show=0, start=-1, step=-1, msg=None):
        return ('<codearea id="%s">' % code_id, '</codearea')[not on]

    def code_line(self, on):
        return ('<codeline>', '</codeline')[not on]

    def code_token(self, on, tok_type):
        return ('<codetoken type="%s">' % tok_type, '</codetoken')[not on]