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SubProcess: reimplement exec_cmd subclassing Popen and overriding some methods isn't pretty. the code we have was written for py 2.4 or so and the py 2.7 Popen looked quite different. this way with the timer should be less problematic.
author Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>
date Tue, 06 Sep 2016 04:39:28 +0200
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# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
    MoinMoin - Notification preferences

    @copyright: 2001-2004 Juergen Hermann <>,
                2003-2007 MoinMoin:ThomasWaldmann
                2007      MoinMoin:JohannesBerg
    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.

from MoinMoin import events, wikiutil
from MoinMoin.widget import html
from MoinMoin.userprefs import UserPrefBase

class Settings(UserPrefBase):
    def __init__(self, request):
        """ Initialize user settings form. """
        UserPrefBase.__init__(self, request)
        self.request = request
        self._ = request.getText
        self.cfg = request.cfg
        self.title = self._("Notification") = 'notification'

    def _decode_pagelist(self, key):
        """ Decode list of pages from form input

        Each line is a page name, empty lines ignored.

        @param key: the form key to get
        @rtype: list of unicode strings
        @return: list of normalized names
        text = self.request.form.get(key, '')
        text = text.replace('\r', '')
        items = []
        for item in text.split('\n'):
            item = item.strip()
            if not item:
        return items

    def _save_notification_settings(self):
        _ = self._
        form = self.request.form

        theuser = self.request.user
        if not theuser:

        # subscription for page change notification
        theuser.subscribed_pages = self._decode_pagelist('subscribed_pages')

        # subscription to various events
        available = events.get_subscribable_events()
        theuser.email_subscribed_events = []
        theuser.jabber_subscribed_events = []
        types = {
            'email': theuser.email_subscribed_events,
            'jabber': theuser.jabber_subscribed_events
        for tp in types:
            for evt in available:
                fieldname = 'subscribe:%s:%s' % (tp, evt)
                if fieldname in form:
        # save data

        return 'info', _("Notification settings saved!")

    def handle_form(self):
        _ = self._
        request = self.request
        form = request.form

        if form.has_key('cancel'):

        if request.method != 'POST':

        if not wikiutil.checkTicket(request, form.get('ticket', '')):

        if form.has_key('save'): # Save user profile
            return self._save_notification_settings()

    # form generation part

    def _event_select(self):
        """ Create event subscription list. """
        _ = self._

        types = []
        if self.cfg.mail_enabled and
            types.append(('email', _("'''Email'''", wiki=True)))
        if self.cfg.jabber_enabled and self.request.user.jid:
            types.append(('jabber', _("'''Jabber'''", wiki=True)))

        table = html.TABLE()
        header = html.TR()
        for name, descr in types:
        header.append(html.TH(align='left').append(html.Raw(_("'''Event type'''", wiki=True))))

        event_list = events.get_subscribable_events()
        super = self.request.user.isSuperUser()

        # Create a list of (value, name) tuples for display as radiobuttons
        # Only include super-user visible events if current user has these rights.
        # It's cosmetic - the check for super-user rights should be performed
        # in event handling code as well!
        allowed = []
        for key in event_list.keys():
            if not event_list[key]['superuser'] or super:
                allowed.append((key, event_list[key]['desc']))

        for evname, evdescr in allowed:
            tr = html.TR()
            for notiftype, notifdescr in types:
                checked = evname in getattr(self.request.user,
                                            '%s_subscribed_events' % notiftype)
                        name='subscribe:%s:%s' % (notiftype, evname))))

        return table

    def create_form(self):
        """ Create the complete HTML form code. """
        _ = self._
        self._form = self.make_form(
            _('Select the events you want to be notified about.'))

        self._form.append(html.INPUT(type="hidden", name="action", value="userprefs"))
        self._form.append(html.INPUT(type="hidden", name="handler", value="prefs"))

        ticket = wikiutil.createTicket(self.request)
        self._form.append(html.INPUT(type="hidden", name="ticket", value="%s" % ticket))

        if (not (self.cfg.mail_enabled and
            and not (self.cfg.jabber_enabled and self.request.user.jid)):
            self.make_row('', [html.Text(
                _("Before you can be notified, you need to provide a way"
                  " to contact you in the general preferences."))])
            self.make_row('', [
                html.INPUT(type="submit", name="cancel", value=_("Cancel"))])
            return unicode(self._form)

        self.make_row(_('Subscribed events'), [self._event_select()])

        # Get list of subscribe pages, DO NOT sort! it should
        # stay in the order the user entered it in his input
        # box.
        notifylist = self.request.user.getSubscriptionList()

            html.Raw(_('Subscribed wiki pages<<BR>>(one regex per line)', wiki=True)),
            [html.TEXTAREA(name="subscribed_pages", rows="6", cols="50").append(
                '\n'.join(notifylist)), ],

        # Add buttons
        self.make_row('', [
            html.INPUT(type="submit", name="save", value=_("Save")),
            ' ',
            html.INPUT(type="submit", name="cancel", value=_("Cancel"))])

        return unicode(self._form)

    def allowed(self):
        return UserPrefBase.allowed(self) and (
            self.cfg.mail_enabled or self.cfg.jabber_enabled)