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event notifications: send notifies in the language of the message recipient (not of the current wiki user)
author Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>
date Fri, 23 May 2008 22:59:30 +0200
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# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
    MoinMoin - email notification plugin from event system

    This code sends email notifications about page changes.
    TODO: refactor it to handle separate events for page changes, creations, etc

    @copyright: 2007 by Karol Nowak <>
    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.

from MoinMoin import user
from MoinMoin.Page import Page
from MoinMoin.mail import sendmail
from import set
from MoinMoin.user import User, getUserList
from MoinMoin.action.AttachFile import getAttachUrl

import as ev
import as notification

def prep_page_changed_mail(request, page, comment, email_lang, revisions, trivial):
    """ Prepare information required for email notification about page change

    @param page: the modified page instance
    @param comment: editor's comment given when saving the page
    @param email_lang: language of email
    @param revisions: revisions of this page (newest first!)
    @param trivial: the change is marked as trivial
    @return: dict with email title and body
    @rtype: dict

    change = notification.page_change_message("page_changed", request, page, email_lang, comment=comment, revisions=revisions)
    _ = lambda text: request.getText(text, lang=email_lang)

    if len(revisions) >= 2:
        querystr = {'action': 'diff',
                    'rev2': str(revisions[0]),
                    'rev1': str(revisions[1])}
        querystr = {}

    pagelink = "%(link)s\n\n" % {'link': notification.page_link(request, page, querystr)}

    subject = _('[%(sitename)s] %(trivial)sUpdate of "%(pagename)s" by %(username)s') % {
            'trivial': (trivial and _("Trivial ")) or "",
            'sitename': page.cfg.sitename or "Wiki",
            'pagename': page.page_name,
            'username': page.uid_override or user.getUserIdentification(request),

    return {'subject': subject, 'text': change['text'] + pagelink + change['diff']}

def send_notification(request, from_address, emails, data):
    """ Send notification email

    @param emails: list of email addresses
    @return: sendmail result
    @rtype int

    return sendmail.sendmail(request, emails, data['subject'], data['text'], mail_from=from_address)

def handle_page_change(event):
    """ Send email to all subscribers of given page.

    @param event: event to notify about
    @rtype: string
    @return: message, indicating success or errors.

    comment = event.comment
    page =
    request = event.request
    trivial = isinstance(event, ev.TrivialPageChangedEvent)
    subscribers = page.getSubscribers(request, return_users=1)
    mail_from = page.cfg.mail_from

    if subscribers:
        recipients = set()

        # get a list of old revisions, and append a diff
        revisions = page.getRevList()

        # send email to all subscribers
        for lang in subscribers:
            users = [u for u in subscribers[lang]
                     if in u.email_subscribed_events]
            emails = [ for u in users]
            names = [ for u in users]
            data = prep_page_changed_mail(request, page, comment, lang, revisions, trivial)

            if send_notification(request, mail_from, emails, data):

        if recipients:
            return notification.Success(recipients)

def handle_user_created(event):
    """Sends an email to super users that have subscribed to this event type"""

    request = event.request
    sitename = request.cfg.sitename
    from_address = request.cfg.mail_from
    event_name =
    email = or u"NOT SET"
    username =

    user_ids = getUserList(request)
    for usr_id in user_ids:
        usr = User(request, id=usr_id)
        # Currently send this only to super users
        if usr.isSuperUser() and event_name in usr.email_subscribed_events:
            _ = lambda text: request.getText(text, lang=usr.language)
            data = notification.user_created_message(request, _, sitename, username, email)
            send_notification(request, from_address, [], data)

def handle_file_attached(event):
    """Sends an email to super users that have subscribed to this event type"""

    names = set()
    from_address = event.request.cfg.mail_from
    request = event.request
    page = Page(request, event.pagename)

    subscribers = page.getSubscribers(request, return_users=1)
    notification.filter_subscriber_list(event, subscribers, False)
    recipients = []

    for lang in subscribers:

    attachlink = request.getBaseURL() + getAttachUrl(event.pagename, event.filename, request)
    pagelink = request.getQualifiedURL(page.url(request, {}))

    for lang in subscribers:
        emails = []
        _ = lambda text: request.getText(text, lang=lang)

        links = _("Attachment link: %(attach)s\n" \
                  "Page link: %(page)s\n") % {'attach': attachlink, 'page': pagelink}

        data = notification.attachment_added(request, _, event.pagename, event.filename, event.size)
        data['text'] = data['text'] + links

        emails = [ for usr in subscribers[lang]]

        if send_notification(request, from_address, emails, data):

    return notification.Success(names)

def handle(event):
    """An event handler"""

    if not event.request.cfg.mail_enabled:

    if isinstance(event, (ev.PageChangedEvent, ev.TrivialPageChangedEvent)):
        return handle_page_change(event)
    elif isinstance(event, ev.UserCreatedEvent):
        return handle_user_created(event)
    elif isinstance(event, ev.FileAttachedEvent):
        return handle_file_attached(event)