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Added config snippets and CHANGES documentation specific to OpenID updates with SREG and Teams extensions.
author Rowan Kerr <>
date Wed, 22 Jul 2009 01:43:59 -0400
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    # This is a sample configuration snippet that shows moin's openid sreg configuration
    # See HelpOnOpenID, HelpOnAuthentication and HelpOnConfiguration for more info.

    from MoinMoin.auth.openidrp import OpenIDAuth
    from MoinMoin.auth.openidrp_ext.openidrp_sreg import *

    auth = [
        # other auth methods can go here

    cookie_lifetime = (1, 12)

    # allow only certain OP's .. with directed identities
    openidrp_allowed_op = []

    openidrp_allow_registration = True
    openidrp_registration_url = '' # url to your provider's registration page

    # configurable SREG request values
    # possible values:
    #     nickname, email, fullname, dob, gender, country, language, timezone
    # match these up with OpenIDRP.auth_attribs
    #     ['name', 'email', 'aliasname', 'language', 'tz_offset']
    openidrp_sreg_required = ['nickname', 'email', 'timezone']
    openidrp_sreg_optional = ['fullname', 'language']
    openidrp_sreg_username_field = 'nickname' #'fullname'

    # don't let users change password or have multiple openid's
    user_form_disable = ['changepass', 'oid']

    # remove some options from the large user preferences form
    user_form_remove = ['css_url', 'quicklinks'] #'password', 'password1', 'password2']