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do not parse single-quoted page names as quoted fixes bugs with ['text_html'] being a link
author Johannes Berg <johannes AT sipsolutions DOT net>
date Thu, 12 Jul 2007 14:40:06 +0200
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# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
    MoinMoin - MoinMoin.wikiutil Tests

    @copyright: 2003-2004 by Juergen Hermann <>
    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.

import py
from MoinMoin import wikiutil

class TestQueryStringSupport:
    tests = [
        ('', {}, {}),
        ('key1=value1', {'key1': 'value1'}, {'key1': u'value1'}),
        ('key1=value1&key2=value2', {'key1': 'value1', 'key2': 'value2'}, {'key1': u'value1', 'key2': u'value2'}),
        ('rc_de=Aktuelle%C3%84nderungen', {'rc_de': 'Aktuelle\xc3\x84nderungen'}, {'rc_de': u'Aktuelle\xc4nderungen'}),
    def testParseQueryString(self):
        for qstr, expected_str, expected_unicode in self.tests:
            assert wikiutil.parseQueryString(qstr, want_unicode=False) == expected_str
            assert wikiutil.parseQueryString(qstr, want_unicode=True) == expected_unicode
            assert wikiutil.parseQueryString(unicode(qstr), want_unicode=False) == expected_str
            assert wikiutil.parseQueryString(unicode(qstr), want_unicode=True) == expected_unicode

    def testMakeQueryString(self):
        for qstr, in_str, in_unicode in self.tests:
            assert wikiutil.parseQueryString(wikiutil.makeQueryString(in_unicode, want_unicode=False), want_unicode=False) == in_str
            assert wikiutil.parseQueryString(wikiutil.makeQueryString(in_str, want_unicode=False), want_unicode=False) == in_str
            assert wikiutil.parseQueryString(wikiutil.makeQueryString(in_unicode, want_unicode=True), want_unicode=True) == in_unicode
            assert wikiutil.parseQueryString(wikiutil.makeQueryString(in_str, want_unicode=True), want_unicode=True) == in_unicode

class TestTickets:
    def testTickets(self):
        from MoinMoin.Page import Page
        # page name with double quotes = Page(self.request, u'bla"bla')
        ticket1 = wikiutil.createTicket(self.request)
        assert wikiutil.checkTicket(self.request, ticket1)
        # page name with non-ASCII chars = Page(self.request, u'\xc4rger')
        ticket2 = wikiutil.createTicket(self.request)
        assert wikiutil.checkTicket(self.request, ticket2)
        # same page with another action = Page(self.request, u'\xc4rger')
        self.request.action = 'another'
        ticket3 = wikiutil.createTicket(self.request)
        assert wikiutil.checkTicket(self.request, ticket3)

        assert ticket1 != ticket2
        assert ticket2 != ticket3

class TestCleanInput:
    def testCleanInput(self):
        tests = [(u"", u""), # empty
                 (u"aaa\r\n\tbbb", u"aaa   bbb"), # ws chars -> blanks
                 (u"aaa\x00\x01bbb", u"aaabbb"), # strip weird chars
                 (u"a"*500, u""), # too long
        for instr, outstr in tests:
            assert wikiutil.clean_input(instr) == outstr

class TestNameQuoting:
    tests = [(u"", u"''"), # empty
             (u"test", u"'test'"), # nothing special
             (u"Sarah O'Connor", u"\"Sarah O'Connor\""), # contains ', quote with "
             (u'Just "something" quoted', u'\'Just "something" quoted\''), # contains ", quote with '
    def testQuoteName(self):
        for name, qname in self.tests:
            assert wikiutil.quoteName(name) == qname

    def testUnquoteName(self):
        for name, qname in self.tests:
            assert wikiutil.unquoteName(qname) == name

class TestInterWiki:
    def testSplitWiki(self):
        tests = [('SomePage', ('Self', 'SomePage', '')),
                 ('OtherWiki:OtherPage', ('OtherWiki', 'OtherPage', '')),
                 ('MoinMoin:"Page with blanks" link title', ("MoinMoin", "Page with blanks", "link title")),
                 ("MoinMoin:'Page with blanks' link title", ("MoinMoin", "Page with blanks", "link title")),
                 ('attachment:"filename with blanks.txt" other title', ("attachment", "filename with blanks.txt", "other title")),
        for markup, (wikiname, pagename, linktext) in tests:
            assert wikiutil.split_wiki(markup) == (wikiname, pagename, linktext)

    def testJoinWiki(self):
        tests = [(('', u'SomePage'), ''),
                 (('$PAGE&action=show', u'SomePage'), ''),
                 (('', u'Aktuelle\xc4nderungen'), ''),
                 (('$PAGE/show', u'Aktuelle\xc4nderungen'), ''),
        for (baseurl, pagename), url in tests:
            assert wikiutil.join_wiki(baseurl, pagename) == url

class TestSystemPagesGroup:
    def testSystemPagesGroupNotEmpty(self):
        assert self.request.dicts.members('SystemPagesGroup')

class TestSystemPage(unittest.TestCase):
    systemPages = (
        # First level, on SystemPagesGroup
        # Second level, on one of the pages above
    notSystemPages = (

    def testSystemPage(self):
        """wikiutil: good system page names accepted, bad rejected"""
        for name in self.systemPages:
            self.assert_(wikiutil.isSystemPage(self.request, name),
                '"%(name)s" is a system page' % locals())
        for name in self.notSystemPages:
            self.failIf(wikiutil.isSystemPage(self.request, name),
                '"%(name)s" is NOT a system page' % locals())

class TestTemplatePage(unittest.TestCase):
    good = (
    bad = (

    # require default page_template_regex config
    def setUp(self):
        self.config = self.TestConfig(defaults=['page_template_regex'])
    def tearDown(self):

    def testTemplatePage(self):
        """wikiutil: good template names accepted, bad rejected"""
        for name in self.good:
            self.assert_(wikiutil.isTemplatePage(self.request, name),
                '"%(name)s" is a valid template name' % locals())
        for name in self.bad:
            self.failIf(wikiutil.isTemplatePage(self.request, name),
                '"%(name)s" is NOT a valid template name' % locals())

class TestParmeterParser(unittest.TestCase):

    def testNoWantedArguments(self):
        args = ''
        argParser = wikiutil.ParameterParser('')
        self.arg_list, self.arg_dict = argParser.parse_parameters(args)
        result = len(self.arg_dict)
        expected = 0
        self.assert_(result == expected,
                     'Expected "%(expected)s" but got "%(result)s"' % locals())

    def testWantedArguments(self):
        test_args = ('',
                     'width=100, height=200', )

        argParser = wikiutil.ParameterParser("%(width)s%(height)s")
        for args in test_args:
            self.arg_list, self.arg_dict = argParser.parse_parameters(args)
            result = len(self.arg_dict)
            expected = 2
            self.assert_(result == expected,
                         'Expected "%(expected)s" but got "%(result)s"' % locals())

    def testTooMuchWantedArguments(self):
        py.test.skip("fails because of unfinished wikiutil.ParameterParser code crashing")
        args = 'width=100, height=200, alt=Example'
        argParser = wikiutil.ParameterParser("%(width)s%(height)s")
        self.arg_list, self.arg_dict = argParser.parse_parameters(args)
        result = len(self.arg_dict)
        expected = 2
        self.assert_(result == expected,
                     'Expected "%(expected)s" but got "%(result)s"' % locals())