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Note: some stuff that needs editing is marked with XXX.

= (XXX give date) YYYY-MM-DD Password Reset =

The wiki administrator has invalidated the passwords for all user accounts on this wiki.

You need to do a password recovery to set a ''new and changed'' password for your account.

== Reason(s) for the password invalidation ==

 * (XXX give reason)
 * (XXX give reason)

== What you need to do ==
=== Read important information ===
Please visit these URLs for more information:
 * ('''generic advice, MUST READ!''')
 * (about the specific incident, if you want more information) (XXX fix url)

=== Enter a new password ===
You should have received an E-Mail (including a link to reset your password). Just read and follow it.

==== Invalid token? ====
The token has a limited lifetime.

If it says "Token is invalid", you just need to get a new password recovery token, see below.

==== You didn't get the E-Mail? ====
If you didn't see that E-Mail yet, please check your spam folder (or other folders where mails from the wiki could be).

If you can't find the E-Mail we sent to you, you can alternatively just use the normal password recovery function of the wiki, see below.

==== Getting a new password recovery token ====
 * go to the login page
 * click the "Forgot your password?" link
 * now:
  * ''either'' enter your wiki username (recommended, if you still remember it or you can find out easily)
  * ''or'' your E-Mail address (same as in your wiki user profile - you might need multiple tries if you are not sure about this)
 * check your E-Mail, you should have one now with a password recovery link
 * click on the link, define a new password

==== Need help? ====
If that didn't work, you will need help by a wiki administrator, please contact:

(XXX give name and E-Mail address of wiki administrator here XXX)

In your E-Mail, please give:
 * the wiki address (URL)
 * your wiki user name
 * the E-Mail address that you used in your wiki userprofile
 * if that E-Mail address is not working any more, please tell so

== Questions? ==
If you have any questions that are not answered by reading this page or the pages linked from here, ask the wiki administrator.

E-Mails asking questions that ''are'' answered on these pages will be ignored.

Instead of answering individually via E-Mail, frequently asked questions might might also get answered on this page or the pages linked from here.