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Eclipse PyDev Check: fixed lots of its errors and warnings
author Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>
date Fri, 23 Feb 2007 02:16:07 +0100
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    RSS Handling

    If you do changes, please check if it still validates after your changes:

    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.
import StringIO, re, time
from MoinMoin import wikixml, config, wikiutil
from MoinMoin.logfile import editlog
from MoinMoin.util import timefuncs
from MoinMoin.Page import Page
from MoinMoin.wikixml.util import RssGenerator

def full_url(request, page, querystr=None, anchor=None):
    return request.getQualifiedURL(page.url(request, relative=False, anchor=anchor, querystr=querystr))

def execute(pagename, request):
    """ Send recent changes as an RSS document
    if not wikixml.ok:
        #XXX send error message

    cfg = request.cfg

    # get params
    items_limit = 100
        max_items = int(request.form['items'][0])
        max_items = min(max_items, items_limit) # not more than `items_limit`
    except (KeyError, ValueError):
        # not more than 15 items in a RSS file by default
        max_items = 15
        unique = int(request.form.get('unique', [0])[0])
    except ValueError:
        unique = 0
        diffs = int(request.form.get('diffs', [0])[0])
    except ValueError:
        diffs = 0
    ## ddiffs inserted by Ralf Zosel <>, 04.12.2003
        ddiffs = int(request.form.get('ddiffs', [0])[0])
    except ValueError:
        ddiffs = 0

    # get data
    log = editlog.EditLog(request)
    logdata = []
    counter = 0
    pages = {}
    lastmod = 0
    for line in log.reverse():
        if not
        if (not line.action.startswith('SAVE') or
            ((line.pagename in pages) and unique)): continue
        #if log.dayChanged() and log.daycount > _MAX_DAYS: break
        line.editor = line.getInterwikiEditorData(request)
        line.time = timefuncs.tmtuple(wikiutil.version2timestamp(line.ed_time_usecs)) # UTC
        pages[line.pagename] = None

        if not lastmod:
            lastmod = wikiutil.version2timestamp(line.ed_time_usecs)

        counter += 1
        if counter >= max_items:
    del log

    timestamp = timefuncs.formathttpdate(lastmod)
    etag = "%d-%d-%d-%d-%d" % (lastmod, max_items, diffs, ddiffs, unique)

    # for 304, we look at if-modified-since and if-none-match headers,
    # one of them must match and the other is either not there or must match.
    if request.if_modified_since == timestamp:
        if request.if_none_match:
            if request.if_none_match == etag:
                request.emit_http_headers(["Status: 304 Not modified"])
            request.emit_http_headers(["Status: 304 Not modified"])
    elif request.if_none_match == etag:
        if request.if_modified_since:
            if request.if_modified_since == timestamp:
                request.emit_http_headers(["Status: 304 Not modified"])
            request.emit_http_headers(["Status: 304 Not modified"])
        # generate an Expires header, using whatever setting the admin
        # defined for suggested cache lifetime of the RecentChanges RSS doc
        expires = timefuncs.formathttpdate(time.time() + cfg.rss_cache)

        httpheaders = ["Content-Type: text/xml; charset=%s" % config.charset,
                       "Expires: %s" % expires,
                       "Last-Modified: %s" % timestamp,
                       "Etag: %s" % etag, ]

        # send the generated XML document

        baseurl = request.getBaseURL()
        if not baseurl.endswith('/'):
            baseurl += '/'

        logo ='src="([^"]*)"', cfg.logo_string)
        if logo:
            logo = request.getQualifiedURL(

        # prepare output
        out = StringIO.StringIO()
        handler = RssGenerator(out)

        # start SAX stream
            '    Add an "items=nnn" URL parameter to get more than the default 15 items.\n'
            '    You cannot get more than %d items though.\n'
            '    \n'
            '    Add "unique=1" to get a list of changes where page names are unique,\n'
            '    i.e. where only the latest change of each page is reflected.\n'
            '    \n'
            '    Add "diffs=1" to add change diffs to the description of each items.\n'
            '    \n'
            '    Add "ddiffs=1" to link directly to the diff (good for FeedReader).\n'
            '    Current settings: items=%i, unique=%i, diffs=%i, ddiffs=%i'
            '-->\n' % (items_limit, max_items, unique, diffs, ddiffs)

        # emit channel description
        handler.startNode('channel', {
            (handler.xmlns['rdf'], 'about'): request.getBaseURL(),
        handler.simpleNode('title', cfg.sitename)
        page = Page(request, pagename)
        handler.simpleNode('link', full_url(request, page))
        handler.simpleNode('description', 'RecentChanges at %s' % cfg.sitename)
        if logo:
            handler.simpleNode('image', None, {
                (handler.xmlns['rdf'], 'resource'): logo,
        if cfg.interwikiname:
            handler.simpleNode(('wiki', 'interwiki'), cfg.interwikiname)

        handler.startNode(('rdf', 'Seq'))
        for item in logdata:
            anchor = "%04d%02d%02d%02d%02d%02d" % item.time[:6]
            page = Page(request, item.pagename)
            link = full_url(request, page, anchor=anchor)
            handler.simpleNode(('rdf', 'li'), None, attr={(handler.xmlns['rdf'], 'resource'): link, })
        handler.endNode(('rdf', 'Seq'))

        # emit logo data
        if logo:
            handler.startNode('image', attr={
                (handler.xmlns['rdf'], 'about'): logo,
            handler.simpleNode('title', cfg.sitename)
            handler.simpleNode('link', baseurl)
            handler.simpleNode('url', logo)

        # emit items
        for item in logdata:
            page = Page(request, item.pagename)
            anchor = "%04d%02d%02d%02d%02d%02d" % item.time[:6]
            rdflink = full_url(request, page, anchor=anchor)
            handler.startNode('item', attr={(handler.xmlns['rdf'], 'about'): rdflink, })

            # general attributes
            handler.simpleNode('title', item.pagename)
            if ddiffs:
                handler.simpleNode('link', full_url(request, page, querystr={'action': 'diff'}))
                handler.simpleNode('link', full_url(request, page))

            handler.simpleNode(('dc', 'date'), timefuncs.W3CDate(item.time))

            # description
            desc_text = item.comment
            if diffs:
                # TODO: rewrite / extend wikiutil.pagediff
                # searching for the matching pages doesn't really belong here
                revisions = page.getRevList()

                rl = len(revisions)
                for idx in range(rl):
                    rev = revisions[idx]
                    if rev <= item.rev:
                        if idx+1 < rl:
                            lines = wikiutil.pagediff(request, item.pagename, revisions[idx+1], item.pagename, 0, ignorews=1)
                            if len(lines) > 20:
                                lines = lines[:20] + ['...\n']
                            lines = '\n'.join(lines)
                            lines = wikiutil.escape(lines)
                            desc_text = '%s\n<pre>\n%s\n</pre>\n' % (desc_text, lines)
            if desc_text:
                handler.simpleNode('description', desc_text)

            # contributor
            edattr = {}
            if cfg.show_hosts:
                edattr[(handler.xmlns['wiki'], 'host')] = item.hostname
            if item.editor[0] == 'interwiki':
                edname = "%s:%s" % item.editor[1]
                ##edattr[(None, 'link')] = baseurl + wikiutil.quoteWikiname(edname)
            else: # 'ip'
                edname = item.editor[1]
                ##edattr[(None, 'link')] = link + "?action=info"

            # this edattr stuff, esp. None as first tuple element breaks things (tracebacks)
            # if you know how to do this right, please send us a patch

            handler.startNode(('dc', 'contributor'))
            handler.startNode(('rdf', 'Description'), attr=edattr)
            handler.simpleNode(('rdf', 'value'), edname)
            handler.endNode(('rdf', 'Description'))
            handler.endNode(('dc', 'contributor'))

            # wiki extensions
            handler.simpleNode(('wiki', 'version'), "%i" % (item.ed_time_usecs))
            handler.simpleNode(('wiki', 'status'), ('deleted', 'updated')[page.exists()])
            handler.simpleNode(('wiki', 'diff'), full_url(request, page, querystr={'action': 'diff'}))
            handler.simpleNode(('wiki', 'history'), full_url(request, page, querystr={'action': 'info'}))
            # handler.simpleNode(('wiki', 'importance'), ) # ( major | minor ) 
            # handler.simpleNode(('wiki', 'version'), ) # ( #PCDATA ) 


        # end SAX stream