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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Text translations for 简体中文 (zh).
# Automatically generated - DO NOT EDIT, edit zh.po instead!
meta = {
  'language': '简体中文',
  'elanguage': 'Simplified Chinese',
  'maintainer': 'Jun Hu <>',
  'encoding': 'utf-8',
  'direction': 'ltr',
  'wikimarkup': True,
text = {
'''The backupped content of this page is deprecated and will not be included in search results!''':
'''建议您不再使用此页的备份内容, 备份将不会出现在搜索结果中!''',
'''Revision %(rev)d as of %(date)s''':
'''Redirected from page "%(page)s"''':
'''从 "%(page)s" 页重定向过来''',
'''This page redirects to page "%(page)s"''':
'''此页重定向到网页 "%(page)s"''',
'''~-If you submit this form, the submitted values will be displayed.
To use this form on other pages, insert a
[[BR]][[BR]]\'\'\'{{{    [[Form("%(pagename)s")]]}}}\'\'\'[[BR]][[BR]]
macro call.-~
要在其它网页使用此表, 请插入一个
[[BR]][[BR]]\'\'\'{{{    [[Form("%(pagename)s")]]}}}\'\'\'[[BR]][[BR]]
'''Create New Page''':
'''You are not allowed to view this page.''':
'''(cached %s)''':
'''You are not allowed to edit this page.''':
'''Page is immutable!''':
'''Cannot edit old revisions!''':
'''The lock you held timed out, be prepared for editing conflicts!''':
'''编辑锁定超时, 多人同时编辑时可能会发生冲突''',
'''Edit "%(pagename)s"''':
'''Preview of "%(pagename)s"''':
'''Your edit lock on %(lock_page)s has expired!''':
'''您对 %(lock_page)s 的编辑锁定已经超时!''',
'''Your edit lock on %(lock_page)s will expire in # minutes.''':
'''您对 %(lock_page)s 的锁定将在#分钟内失效.''',
'''Your edit lock on %(lock_page)s will expire in # seconds.''':
'''您对 %(lock_page)s 的锁定将在#秒内失效.''',
'''Someone else deleted this page while you were editing!''':
'''在您编辑此页时, 别的用户删除了此页!''',
'''Someone else changed this page while you were editing!''':
'''在您编辑此页时, 别的用户修改了此页!''',
'''Someone else saved this page while you were editing!
Please review the page and save then. Do not save this page as it is!
Have a look at the diff of %(difflink)s to see what has been changed.''':
'''在您编辑此页时, 有人修改保存了此页!
请先比较一下(%(difflink)s), 看看哪里被别人修改过了, 再决定是否进一步编辑、保存此页.''',
'''[Content of new page loaded from %s]''':
'''[新页的内容由 %s 载入]''',
'''[Template %s not found]''':
'''[未找到模板 %s]''',
'''[You may not read %s]''':
'''[您不可以阅读 %s]''',
'''Skip to preview''':
'''[current page size \'\'\'%(size)d\'\'\' bytes]''':
'''Describe %s here.''':
'''在这里详述 %s.''',
'''Optional comment about this change''':
'''<No addition>''':
'''Make this page belong to category %(category)s''':
'''Check Spelling''':
'''Save Changes''':
'''By hitting \'\'\'%(save_button_text)s\'\'\' you put your changes under the %(license_link)s.
If you don\'t want that, hit \'\'\'%(cancel_button_text)s\'\'\' to cancel your changes.''':
'''按下 \'\'\'%(save_button_text)s\'\'\' 表示您同意受 %(license_link)s规定之约束.
如果你不同意, 按 \'\'\'%(cancel_button_text)s\'\'\' 取消您的修改.''',
'''Trivial change''':
'''Remove trailing whitespace from each line''':
''' Emphasis:: [[Verbatim(\'\')]]\'\'italics\'\'[[Verbatim(\'\')]]; [[Verbatim(\'\'\')]]\'\'\'bold\'\'\'[[Verbatim(\'\'\')]]; [[Verbatim(\'\'\'\'\')]]\'\'\'\'\'bold italics\'\'\'\'\'[[Verbatim(\'\'\'\'\')]]; [[Verbatim(\'\')]]\'\'mixed \'\'[[Verbatim(\'\'\')]]\'\'\'\'\'bold\'\'\'[[Verbatim(\'\'\')]] and italics\'\'[[Verbatim(\'\')]]; [[Verbatim(----)]] horizontal rule.
 Headings:: [[Verbatim(=)]] Title 1 [[Verbatim(=)]]; [[Verbatim(==)]] Title 2 [[Verbatim(==)]]; [[Verbatim(===)]] Title 3 [[Verbatim(===)]];   [[Verbatim(====)]] Title 4 [[Verbatim(====)]]; [[Verbatim(=====)]] Title 5 [[Verbatim(=====)]].
 Lists:: space and one of: * bullets; 1., a., A., i., I. numbered items; 1.#n start numbering at n; space alone indents.
 Links:: [[Verbatim(JoinCapitalizedWords)]]; [[Verbatim(["brackets and double quotes"])]]; url; [url]; [url label].
 Tables:: || cell text |||| cell text spanning 2 columns ||;    no trailing white space allowed after tables or titles.''':
''' 强调:: [[Verbatim(\'\')]]\'\'斜体\'\'[[Verbatim(\'\')]]; [[Verbatim(\'\'\')]]\'\'\'粗体\'\'\'[[Verbatim(\'\'\')]]; [[Verbatim(\'\'\'\'\')]]\'\'\'\'\'粗斜体 \'\'\'\'\'[[Verbatim(\'\'\'\'\')]]; [[Verbatim(\'\')]]\'\'混合\'\'[[Verbatim(\'\'\')]]\'\'\'\'\'粗\'\'\'[[Verbatim(\'\'\')]]斜体\'\'[[Verbatim(\'\')]]; [[Verbatim(----)]] 横线.
 标题:: [[Verbatim(=)]] 标题 1 [[Verbatim(=)]]; [[Verbatim(==)]] 标题 2 [[Verbatim(==)]]; [[Verbatim(===)]] 标题 3 [[Verbatim(===)]];   [[Verbatim(====)]] 标题 4 [[Verbatim(====)]]; [[Verbatim(=====)]] 标题 5 [[Verbatim(=====)]].
 列表:: 空格加下列符号之一: * 代表圆点; 1., a., A., i., I. 代表编号; 1.#n 从n开始编号; 空格本身代表缩进.
 链接:: [[Verbatim(JoinCapitalizedWords两个以上大写开头字)]]; [[Verbatim(["方括号加双引号"])]]; url; [url]; [url 说明].
 表格:: || 单元格文字 |||| 单元格文字横跨两列 ||;    表格或标题后不可以有空格.''',
'''Edit was cancelled.''':
'''Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "%(sitename)s" for change notification.

The following page has been changed by %(editor)s:




'''The comment on the change is:


'''New page:
'''No differences found!
'''[%(sitename)s] %(trivial)sUpdate of "%(pagename)s" by %(username)s''':
'''Trivial ''':
'''Status of sending notification mails:''':
'''[%(lang)s] %(recipients)s: %(status)s''':
'''[%(lang)s] %(recipients)s: %(status)s''',
'''## backup of page "%(pagename)s" submitted %(date)s''':
'''## 此页"%(pagename)s"已经在%(date)s备份好了''',
'''Page could not get locked. Unexpected error (errno=%d).''':
'''网页未能被锁定. 未知错误(errorno=%d).''',
'''Page could not get locked. Missing \'current\' file?''':
'''网页未能被锁定. 缺少\'当前\'文件?''',
'''You are not allowed to edit this page!''':
'''You cannot save empty pages.''':
'''Sorry, someone else saved the page while you edited it.

Please do the following: Use the back button of your browser, and cut&paste
your changes from there. Then go forward to here, and click EditText again.
Now re-add your changes to the current page contents.

\'\'Do not just replace
the content editbox with your version of the page, because that would
delete the changes of the other person, which is excessively rude!\'\'
'''很抱歉, 在您编辑时别的用户修改保存了此页..

请按如下步骤: 使用您浏览器的回退按钮, 从那里拷贝粘贴
您改动的内容. 然后再前进到这里, 重新点击"编辑正文".

替换为您刚修改过的版本, 因为这样会
删除他人修改的内容, 这样做不好!
'''A backup of your changes is [%(backup_url)s here].''':
'''您的修改有一份备份在[%(backup_url)s 这里].''',
'''You did not change the page content, not saved!''':
'''此页未作改动, 所以没有保存!''',
'''You can\'t change ACLs on this page since you have no admin rights on it!''':
'''您不能修改此页的访问控制表(ACL), 因为您没有管理权限!''',
'''Thank you for your changes. Your attention to detail is appreciated.''':
'''The lock of %(owner)s timed out %(mins_ago)d minute(s) ago, and you were granted the lock for this page.''':
'''Other users will be \'\'blocked\'\' from editing this page until %(bumptime)s.''':
'''在%(bumptime)s之前, 其他用户将\'\'无法\'\'编辑此页.''',
'''Other users will be \'\'warned\'\' until %(bumptime)s that you are editing this page.''':
'''在%(bumptime)s之前, 系统会\'\'提示\'\'其他用户您正在修改此页.''',
'''Use the Preview button to extend the locking period.''':
'''如果要延长锁定期间, 请按编辑框下面的"预览"按钮.''',
'''This page is currently \'\'locked\'\' for editing by %(owner)s until %(timestamp)s, i.e. for %(mins_valid)d minute(s).''':
'''此页目前被%(owner)s\'\'锁定\'\'编辑, 直到%(timestamp)s, 也就是%(mins_valid)d分钟后.''',
'''This page was opened for editing or last previewed at %(timestamp)s by %(owner)s.[[BR]]
\'\'\'You should \'\'refrain from editing\'\' this page for at least another %(mins_valid)d minute(s),
to avoid editing conflicts.\'\'\'[[BR]]
To leave the editor, press the Cancel button.''':
'''%(owner)s从%(timestamp)s 开始编辑或预览此页.[[BR]]
\'\'\'为了避免编辑冲突, \'\'请尽量不要\'\'在%(mins_valid)d分钟内编辑此页\'\'\'.[[BR]]
'''Invalid user name {{{\'%s\'}}}.
Name may contain any Unicode alpha numeric character, with optional one
space between words. Group page name is not allowed.''':
用户名可以包含Unicode编码内的任何字母和数字, 并允许词与词之间有一个空格.
组页(Group page)名不能用作用户名.''',
'''You are not allowed to do %s on this page.''':
''' %s and try again.''':
'''Can\'t work out query''':
'''%(hits)d results out of %(pages)d pages.''':
'''%.2f seconds''':
'''Open editor on double click''':
'''Remember last page visited''':
'''Show fancy links''':
'''Show question mark for non-existing pagelinks''':
'''Show page trail''':
'''Show icon toolbar''':
'''Show top/bottom links in headings''':
'''Show fancy diffs''':
'''Add spaces to displayed wiki names''':
'''Remember login information''':
'''Subscribe to trivial changes''':
'''Disable this account forever''':
'''Cookie deleted. You are now logged out.''':
'''Cookie已经删除. 您已登出.''',
'''This wiki is not enabled for mail processing.
Contact the owner of the wiki, who can enable email.''':
'''本维基不支持邮件处理, 请联系管理员, 他可以决定是否要启动邮寄功能.''',
'''Please provide a valid email address!''':
'''Found no account matching the given email address \'%(email)s\'!''':
'''Unknown user name: {{{"%s"}}}. Please enter user name and password.''':
'''无效用户名: {{{"%s"}}}. 请输入用户名和密码.''',
'''Missing password. Please enter user name and password.''':
'''需要密码, 请输入用户名和密码.''',
'''Sorry, wrong password.''':
'''对不起, 无效密码.''',
'''Bad relogin URL.''':
'''Unknown user.''':
'''Empty user name. Please enter a user name.''':
'''This user name already belongs to somebody else.''':
'''Passwords don\'t match!''':
'''Please specify a password!''':
'''Please provide your email address. If you loose your login information, you can get it by email.''':
'''请输入电子邮件地址. 否则您忘记名称或密码的时候, 就无法用电子邮件取回了.''',
'''This email already belongs to somebody else.''':
'''The theme \'%(theme_name)s\' could not be loaded!''':
'''User preferences saved!''':
'''<Browser setting>''':
'''Create Profile''':
'''Mail me my account data''':
'''(Use FirstnameLastname)''':
'''(请用FirstnameLastname, 或者汉语拼音XingMing)''',
'''Password repeat''':
'''(Only when changing passwords)''':
'''Preferred theme''':
'''User CSS URL''':
'''(Leave it empty for disabling user CSS)''':
'''Editor size''':
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'''Your time is''':
'''Server time is''':
'''Date format''':
'''Preferred language''':
'''General options''':
'''Quick links''':
'''This list does not work, unless you have entered a valid email address!''':
'''请输入一个有效的电子邮件地址, 否则本订阅列表不起作用.''',
'''Subscribed wiki pages (one regex per line)''':
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'''Differences between revisions %d and %d''':
'''(spanning %d versions)''':
'''No differences found!''':
'''The page was saved %(count)d times, though!''':
'''(ignoring whitespace)''':
'''Ignore changes in the amount of whitespace''':
'''General Information''':
'''Page size: %d''':
'''网页大小: %d''',
'''SHA digest of this page\'s content is:''':
'''The following users subscribed to this page:''':
'''This page links to the following pages:''':
'''Revert to revision %(rev)d.''':
'''Revision History''':
'''No log entries found.''':
'''Info for "%s"''':
'''Show "%(title)s"''':
'''General Page Infos''':
'''Show chart "%(title)s"''':
'''Page hits and edits''':
'''You are not allowed to revert this page!''':
'''You are not allowed to subscribe to a page you can\'t read.''':
'''This wiki is not enabled for mail processing. Contact the owner of the wiki, who can either enable email, or remove the "Subscribe" icon.''':
'''本维基不支持邮件处理, 请联系管理员, 以便他决定是否要启动邮寄功能,或是干脆去掉「订阅」图示.''',
'''You didn\'t create a user profile yet. Select UserPreferences in the upper right corner to create a profile.''':
'''您还没注册. 请点右上角的"用户设置"并注册.''',
'''You didn\'t enter an email address in your profile. Select your name (UserPreferences) in the upper right corner and enter a valid email address.''':
'''您注册的时候没有提供电子邮件地址.请在右上角点一下你的名字(或是"用户设置", UserPreferences) 并提供合法的电子邮件地址.''',
'''Your subscribtion to this page has been removed.''':
'''Can\'t remove regular expression subscription!''':
'''To unsubscribe, go to your profile and delete this page from the subscription list.''':
'''如果要取消订阅, 请修改您的用户设置, 并从订阅清单中删除此页.''',
'''You have been subscribed to this page.''':
'''Required attribute "%(attrname)s" missing''':
'''Submitted form data:''':
'''Search Titles''':
'''Display context of search results''':
'''Case-sensitive searching''':
'''Search Text''':
'''Go To Page''':
'''Include system pages''':
'''Exclude system pages''':
'''Plain title index''':
'''XML title index''':
'''Python Version''':
'''MoinMoin Version''':
'''Release %s [Revision %s]''':
'''版本%s [修订版本 %s]''',
'''4Suite Version''':
'''Number of pages''':
'''Number of system pages''':
'''Accumulated page sizes''':
'''Entries in edit log''':
'''%(logcount)s (%(logsize)s bytes)''':
'''%(logcount)s次 (%(logsize)s字节)''',
'''Global extension macros''':
'''Local extension macros''':
'''Global extension actions''':
'''Local extension actions''':
'''Installed parsers''':
'''Installed processors (DEPRECATED -- use Parsers instead)''':
'''已安装的处理插件(processors, 不再支持,请使用分析插件)''',
'''Please use a more selective search term instead of {{{"%s"}}}''':
'''ERROR in regex \'%s\'''':
'''Bad timestamp \'%s\'''':
'''错误的时间标记 \'%s\'''',
'''Expected "=" to follow "%(token)s"''':
'''"%(token)s"后面应该有个 "="''',
'''Expected a value for key "%(token)s"''':
'''Wiki Markup''':
'''Print View''':
'''[%d attachments]''':
'''There are <a href="%(link)s">%(count)s attachment(s)</a> stored for this page.''':
'''此页包含 <a href="%(link)s">%(count)s 个附件</a>.''',
'''Filename of attachment not specified!''':
'''Attachment \'%(filename)s\' does not exist!''':
'''To refer to attachments on a page, use \'\'\'{{{attachment:filename}}}\'\'\', 
as shown below in the list of files. 
Do \'\'\'NOT\'\'\' use the URL of the {{{[get]}}} link, 
since this is subject to change and can break easily.''':
'''如果要在正文中引用附件, 请参考下表, 使用\'\'\'{{{attachment:filename}}}\'\'\', 
请\'\'\'不要\'\'\'用{{{[下载]}}}指向的 URL, 
因为那个位置可能会变, 很可能就不能用了.''',
'''No attachments stored for %(pagename)s''':
'''Edit drawing''':
'''Attached Files''':
'''You are not allowed to attach a file to this page.''':
'''New Attachment''':
'''An upload will never overwrite an existing file. If there is a name
conflict, you have to rename the file that you want to upload.
Otherwise, if "Rename to" is left blank, the original filename will be used.''':
'''上载绝对不会覆盖现有附件, 如果要上载的附件档名和现有的一样的话,
就一定要在"另存为"填上新的文件名. 如果档名不一样, "另存为"可以不填,
'''File to upload''':
'''File attachments are not allowed in this wiki!''':
'''You are not allowed to save a drawing on this page.''':
'''No file content. Delete non ASCII characters from the file name and try again.''':
'''无文件内容. 从文件名中删除非ASCII字符后再试.''',
'''You are not allowed to delete attachments on this page.''':
'''You are not allowed to get attachments from this page.''':
'''You are not allowed to view attachments of this page.''':
'''Unsupported upload action: %s''':
'''不支持的上载功能: %s''',
'''Attachments for "%(pagename)s"''':
'''Attachment \'%(target)s\' (remote name \'%(filename)s\') already exists.''':
'''附件\'%(target)s\'已经存在(远端名称 \'%(filename)s\').''',
'''Attachment \'%(target)s\' (remote name \'%(filename)s\') with %(bytes)d bytes saved.''':
'''附件\'%(target)s\'(远端名称\'%(filename)s\')已上载, 共计%(bytes)d字节.''',
'''Attachment \'%(filename)s\' deleted.''':
'''Attachment \'%(filename)s\'''':
'''Unknown file type, cannot display this attachment inline.''':
'''不明文件类型, 不能内嵌在正文中.''',
'''attachment:%(filename)s of %(pagename)s''':
'''You are not allowed to delete this page.''':
'''This page is already deleted or was never created!''':
'''Please use the interactive user interface to delete pages!''':
'''Page "%s" was successfully deleted!''':
'''Really delete this page?''':
'''Optional reason for the deletion''':
'''No pages like "%s"!''':
'''Exactly one page like "%s" found, redirecting to page.''':
'''Pages like "%s"''':
'''%(matchcount)d %(matches)s for "%(title)s"''':
'''Local Site Map for "%s"''':
'''You are not allowed to rename pages in this wiki!''':
'''Please use the interactive user interface to rename pages!''':
'''Could not rename page because of file system error: %s.''':
'''网页改名失败, 文件系统异常: %s.''',
'''Rename Page''':
'''New name''':
'''Optional reason for the renaming''':
'''\'\'\'A page with the name {{{\'%s\'}}} already exists.\'\'\'

Try a different name.''':
'''\'\'\'已经有一页叫做{{{\'%s\'}}} 了.\'\'\'

'''(including %(localwords)d %(pagelink)s)''':
'''The following %(badwords)d words could not be found in the dictionary of %(totalwords)d words%(localwords)s and are highlighted below:''':
'''下列%(badwords)d个词, 没有收录在词典中(总词数%(totalwords)d词, %(localwords)s).这些词在正文中特别标出:''',
'''Add checked words to dictionary''':
'''No spelling errors found!''':
'''You can\'t check spelling on a page you can\'t read.''':
'''Title Search: "%s"''':
'''Full Text Search: "%s"''':
'''全文检索: "%s"''',
'''Full Link List for "%s"''':
'''Cannot create a new page without a page name.  Please specify a page name.''':
'''没有网页名就无法创建新网页. 请指定一个网页名.''',
'''Invalid include arguments "%s"!''':
'''Nothing found for "%s"!''':
'''Unsupported navigation scheme \'%(scheme)s\'!''':
'''No parent page found!''':
'''Slide %(pos)d of %(size)d''':
'''No orphaned pages in this wiki.''':
'''No quotes on %(pagename)s.''':
'''Upload of attachment \'%(filename)s\'.''':
'''Drawing \'%(filename)s\' saved.''':
'''%(hours)dh %(mins)dm ago''':
'''(no bookmark set)''':
'''(currently set to %s)''':
'''Delete Bookmark''':
'''Set bookmark''':
'''set bookmark''':
'''[Bookmark reached]''':
'''You need to provide a chart type!''':
'''Bad chart type "%s"!''':
'''Download XML export of this wiki''':
'''No wanted pages in this wiki.''':
'''**Maximum number of allowed includes exceeded**''':
'''**Could not find the referenced page: %s**''':
'''**未能找到引用的网页: %s**''',
'''Create new drawing "%(filename)s"''':
'''Upload new attachment "%(filename)s"''':
'''Edit drawing %(filename)s''':
'''Expected "%(wanted)s" after "%(key)s", got "%(token)s"''':
'''"%(key)s"后面应该接"%(wanted)s", 但却接着"%(token)s"''',
'''Expected an integer "%(key)s" before "%(token)s"''':
'''Expected an integer "%(arg)s" after "%(key)s"''':
'''Expected a color value "%(arg)s" after "%(key)s"''':
'''%(errortype)s processing error''':
'''%(chart_title)s for %(filterpage)s''':
'''# of hits''':
'''Charts are not available!''':
'''Page Size Distribution''':
'''page size upper bound [bytes]''':
'''# of pages of this size''':
'''Distribution of User-Agent Types''':
'''Click to do a full-text search for this title''':
'''Clear message''':
'''last edited %(time)s by %(editor)s''':
'''last modified %(time)s''':
'''最后修改时间: %(time)s''',
'''More Actions:''':
'''Show Raw Text''':
'''Show Print View''':
'''Delete Cache''':
'''Attach File''':
'''Delete Page''':
'''Show Like Pages''':
'''Show Local Site Map''':
'''Show Parent''':
'''Immutable Page''':
'''Show Changes''':
'''Get Info''':
'''Show %s days.''':
'''Immutable page''':
'''Or try one of these actions:''':
'''或下列操作: ''',
'''Sorry, can not save page because "%(content)s" is not allowed in this wiki.''':
'''抱歉, 由于"%(content)s"在本维基被禁止, 网页不能存储.''',
'''Deletions are marked like this.''':
'''Additions are marked like this.''':
'''Connection to mailserver \'%(server)s\' failed: %(reason)s''':
'''无发连接到邮件服务器\'%(server)s\': %(reason)s''',
'''Mail sent OK''':