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0.2.0 Release notes

This release brings major reorganization of the code, grouping classes
into larger modules instead of the original Java style, as well as
rewriting several of the classes to be more Pythonic, removing
extraneous data structures and so forth; overall, the code has been
reduced by 20%. The public interface,, has not changed;
other classes have not been changed significantly, other than being
moved to new modules.

Also, this release changes the interface for analyzers: they are now
iterable objects that take one argument, the string to be tokenized,
and produce tokens, rather than the analysis classes ported from
Lucene. This improves performance while simplifying the code. If an
analyzer is not specified, lupy.index.documentwriter.standardTokenizer
is used. The regex used by that generator is re.compile("\\w+", re.U),
and the tokens are downcased before being stored.

Along with this improvement in tokenization comes better Unicode
support; all text is now handled as Unicode strings.  There is a
simple test for the indexing and retrieval of documents containing
non-ASCII data.