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small fixes to i18n maintainer mailings script and text (ported from 1.6 and updated for 1.7)
author Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>
date Fri, 22 Feb 2008 22:46:10 +0100
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Dear MoinMoin i18n maintainer / translator,

You get this mail because one of the MoinMoin wiki engine's i18n files
lists you as maintainer of it.

By maintaining "%(lang)s", you do great work and all MoinMoin users say
"Thank you" for that (or at least think it ;)!

We are planning to do a new major release soon, with quite some attractive
new features and lots of cleanup.

What we need

We need your help again for updating the following (high priority and
most important stuff is on top of the list):

[X] Check po file, system and help pages for errors due to conversion
    to 1.6 markup:
    * Links have new syntax, see MoinMaster:HelpOnLinking
    * Macros have new syntax, see MoinMaster:HelpOnMacros
    * Check these and other help pages (the converter did most of the
      work, but it could not auto-convert the content of PRE sections,
      thus they need manual fixing).
    * You can check what the converter has done, see action=info.

[X] MoinMaster:MoinI18n/%(lang)s page (source for the .po file)

[X] "%(lang)s" system pages on the MoinMaster wiki

[X] "%(lang)s" help pages on the MoinMaster wiki (optional - would be
    nice, if you had the time)

We need that until 2008-XX-XX - because MoinMoin 1.7 RC1 will be released
then (followed by a release later in december), so we can include that stuff
into the distribution archive to make people speaking your language happy. ;)

Please, after translating the current stuff, keep an eye on MoinMaster
wiki - we are still in the beta phase of 1.7 development and thus, some
strings in the PO file may still change or get added/deleted.

See for our planned release schedule.

Please reply immediately

You can use the form below.

Or even better: directly edit the wiki page listed under Ressources.

[ ] Great! I have some time, can do it now and finish in time.

[ ] I would like to, but have no time these days. Maintenance should
    be better done by anyone else volunteering, but you can keep me
    on the list for next time.

[ ] Sorry, but can't do that any more. Remove me as i18n maintainer.

Please, even if you can't help us this time, a fast response will help
us finding another volunteer.


If you want to do it (or update status page), please read on here:

You will find all you need there. If you have questions, also put them
there (in English, please) - you can also contact us on IRC channel
#moin on server


The MoinMoin development team