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security: fix remote code execution vulnerability in twikidraw/anywikidraw actions We have wikiutil.taintfilename() to make user supplied filenames safe, so that they can't contain any "special" characters like path separators, etc. It is used at many places in moin, but wasn't used here. :|
author Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>
date Sat, 29 Dec 2012 15:05:29 +0100
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# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
    MoinMoin - PHP session cookie authentication

    Currently supported systems:

        * eGroupware 1.2 ("egw")
         * You need to configure eGroupware in the "header setup" to use
           "php sessions plus restore"

    @copyright: 2005 MoinMoin:AlexanderSchremmer (Thanks to Spreadshirt)
    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.

import urllib
from MoinMoin import user
from MoinMoin.auth import _PHPsessionParser, BaseAuth

class PHPSessionAuth(BaseAuth):
    """ PHP session cookie authentication """

    name = 'php_session'

    def __init__(self, apps=['egw'], s_path="/tmp", s_prefix="sess_", autocreate=False):
        """ @param apps: A list of the enabled applications. See above for
            possible keys.
            @param s_path: The path where the PHP sessions are stored.
            @param s_prefix: The prefix of the session files.
        self.s_path = s_path
        self.s_prefix = s_prefix
        self.apps = apps
        self.autocreate = autocreate

    def request(self, request, user_obj, **kw):
        def handle_egroupware(session):
            """ Extracts name, fullname and email from the session. """
            username = session['egw_session']['session_lid'].split("@", 1)[0]
            known_accounts = session['egw_info_cache']['accounts']['cache']['account_data']

            # if the next line breaks, then the cache was not filled with the current
            # user information
            user_info = [value for key, value in known_accounts.items()
                         if value['account_lid'] == username][0]
            name = user_info.get('fullname', '')
            email = user_info.get('email', '')

            dec = lambda x: x and x.decode("iso-8859-1")

            return dec(username), dec(email), dec(name)

        cookie = kw.get('cookie')
        if not cookie is None:
            for cookiename in cookie:
                cookievalue = urllib.unquote(cookie[cookiename].value).decode('iso-8859-1')
                session = _PHPsessionParser.loadSession(cookievalue, path=self.s_path, prefix=self.s_prefix)
                if session:
                    if "egw" in self.apps and session.get('egw_session', None):
                        username, email, name = handle_egroupware(session)
                return user_obj, True

            u = user.User(request, name=username, auth_username=username,

            changed = False
            if name != u.aliasname:
                u.aliasname = name
                changed = True
            if email !=
       = email
                changed = True

            if u and self.autocreate:
            if u and u.valid:
                return u, True # True to get other methods called, too
        return user_obj, True # continue with next method in auth list