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security: fix remote code execution vulnerability in twikidraw/anywikidraw actions We have wikiutil.taintfilename() to make user supplied filenames safe, so that they can't contain any "special" characters like path separators, etc. It is used at many places in moin, but wasn't used here. :|
author Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>
date Sat, 29 Dec 2012 15:05:29 +0100
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    MoinMoin - E-Mail Import into wiki

    Just call this script with the URL of the wiki as a single argument
    and feed the mail into stdin.

    @copyright: 2006 MoinMoin:AlexanderSchremmer,
                2006 MoinMoin:ThomasWaldmann
    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.

import sys, re, time
import email
from email.Utils import getaddresses, parsedate_tz, mktime_tz

from MoinMoin import wikiutil, user
from MoinMoin.action.AttachFile import add_attachment, AttachmentAlreadyExists
from MoinMoin.Page import Page
from MoinMoin.PageEditor import PageEditor
# python, at least up to 2.4, ships a broken parser for headers
from import decode_header

infile = sys.stdin

debug = False

re_sigstrip = re.compile("\r?\n-- \r?\n.*$", re.S)

class attachment(object):
    """ Represents an attachment of a mail. """
    def __init__(self, filename, mimetype, data):
        self.filename = filename
        self.mimetype = mimetype = data

    def __repr__(self):
        return "<attachment filename=%r mimetype=%r size=%i bytes>" % (
            self.filename, self.mimetype, len(

class ProcessingError(Exception):

def log(text):
    if debug:
        print >> sys.stderr, text

def decode_2044(header):
    """ Decodes header field. See RFC 2044. """
    chunks = decode_header(header)
    chunks_decoded = []
    for i in chunks:
        chunks_decoded.append(i[0].decode(i[1] or 'ascii'))
    return u''.join(chunks_decoded).strip()

def email_to_markup(request, email):
    """ transform the (realname, mailaddr) tuple we get in email argument to
        some string usable as wiki markup, that represents that person (either
        HomePage link for a wiki user, or just the realname of the person). """
    realname, mailaddr = email
    u = user.get_by_email_address(request, mailaddr)
    if u:
        markup = u.wikiHomeLink()
        markup = realname or mailaddr
    return markup

def get_addrs(message, header):
    """ get a list of tuples (realname, mailaddr) from the specified header """
    dec_hdr = [decode_2044(hdr) for hdr in message.get_all(header, [])]
    return getaddresses(dec_hdr)

def process_message(message):
    """ Processes the read message and decodes attachments. """
    attachments = []
    html_data = []
    text_data = []

    from_addr = get_addrs(message, 'From')[0]
    to_addrs = get_addrs(message, 'To')
    cc_addrs = get_addrs(message, 'Cc')
    bcc_addrs = get_addrs(message, 'Bcc') # depending on sending MTA, this can be present or not
    envelope_to_addrs = get_addrs(message, 'X-Original-To') + get_addrs(message, 'X-Envelope-To') # Postfix / Sendmail does this
    target_addrs = to_addrs + cc_addrs + bcc_addrs + envelope_to_addrs

    subject = decode_2044(message['Subject'])
    date = time.strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S", time.gmtime(mktime_tz(parsedate_tz(message['Date']))))

    log("Processing mail:\n To: %r\n From: %r\n Subject: %r" % (to_addrs[0], from_addr, subject))

    for part in message.walk():
        log(" Part " + repr((part.get_charsets(), part.get_content_charset(), part.get_content_type(), part.is_multipart(), )))
        ct = part.get_content_type()
        cs = part.get_content_charset() or "latin1"
        payload = part.get_payload(None, True)

        fn = part.get_filename()
        if fn is not None and fn.startswith("=?"): # heuristics ...
            fn = decode_2044(fn)

        if fn is None and part["Content-Disposition"] is not None and "attachment" in part["Content-Disposition"]:
            # this doesn't catch the case where there is no content-disposition but there is a file to offer to the user
            # i hope that this can be only found in mails that are older than 10 years,
            # so I won't care about it here
            fn = part["Content-Description"] or "NoName"
        if fn:
            a = attachment(fn, ct, payload)
            if ct == 'text/plain':
            elif ct == 'text/html':
            elif not part.is_multipart():
                log("Unknown mail part " + repr((part.get_charsets(), part.get_content_charset(), part.get_content_type(), part.is_multipart(), )))

    return {'text': u"".join(text_data), 'html': u"".join(html_data),
            'attachments': attachments,
            'target_addrs': target_addrs,
            'to_addrs': to_addrs, 'cc_addrs': cc_addrs, 'bcc_addrs': bcc_addrs, 'envelope_to_addrs': envelope_to_addrs,
            'from_addr': from_addr,
            'subject': subject, 'date': date}

def get_pagename_content(request, msg):
    """ Generates pagename and content according to the specification
        that can be found on MoinMoin:FeatureRequests/WikiEmailintegration """
    generate_summary = False
    choose_html = True

    cfg = request.cfg
    email_subpage_template = cfg.mail_import_subpage_template
    email_pagename_envelope = cfg.mail_import_pagename_envelope
    wiki_addrs = cfg.mail_import_wiki_addrs
    search_list = cfg.mail_import_pagename_search
    re_subject = re.compile(cfg.mail_import_pagename_regex)

    subj = msg['subject'].strip()
    pagename_tpl = ""
    for method in search_list:
        if method == 'to':
            for addr in msg['target_addrs']:
                if addr[1].strip().lower() in wiki_addrs:
                    pagename_tpl = addr[0]
                    # special fix for outlook users :-)
                    if pagename_tpl and pagename_tpl[-1] == pagename_tpl[0] == "'":
                        pagename_tpl = pagename_tpl[1:-1]
                    if pagename_tpl:
        elif method == 'subject':
            m =
            if m:
                pagename_tpl =
                # remove the pagename template from the subject:
                subj = re_subject.sub('', subj, 1).strip()
        if pagename_tpl:

    pagename_tpl = pagename_tpl.strip()
    # last resort
    if not pagename_tpl:
        pagename_tpl = email_subpage_template

    if not subj:
        subj = '(...)' # we need non-empty subject
    msg['subject'] = subj

    # for normal use, email_pagename_envelope is just u"%s" - so nothing changes.
    # for special use, you can use u"+ %s/" - so you don't need to enter "+"
    # and "/" in every email, but you get the result as if you did.
    pagename_tpl = email_pagename_envelope % pagename_tpl

    if pagename_tpl.endswith("/"):
        pagename_tpl += email_subpage_template

    subject = msg['subject'].replace('/', '\\') # we can't use / in pagenames

    # rewrite using string.formatter when python 2.4 is mandatory
    pagename = (pagename_tpl.replace("$from", msg['from_addr'][0]).
                replace("$date", msg['date']).
                replace("$subject", subject))

    if pagename.startswith("+ ") and "/" in pagename:
        generate_summary = True
        pagename = pagename[1:].lstrip()

    pagename = wikiutil.normalize_pagename(pagename, request.cfg)

    if choose_html and msg['html']:
        content = "{{{#!html\n%s\n}}}" % msg['html'].replace("}}}", "} } }")
        # strip signatures ...
        content = re_sigstrip.sub("", msg['text'])

    return {'pagename': pagename, 'content': content, 'generate_summary': generate_summary}

def import_mail_from_string(request, string):
    """ Reads an RFC 822 compliant message from a string and imports it
        to the wiki. """
    return import_mail_from_message(request, email.message_from_string(string))

def import_mail_from_file(request, infile):
    """ Reads an RFC 822 compliant message from the file `infile` and imports it to
        the wiki. """
    return import_mail_from_message(request, email.message_from_file(infile))

def import_mail_from_message(request, message):
    """ Reads a message generated by the email package and imports it
        to the wiki. """
    _ = request.getText
    msg = process_message(message)

    wiki_addrs = request.cfg.mail_import_wiki_addrs

    request.user = user.get_by_email_address(request, msg['from_addr'][1])

    if not request.user:
        raise ProcessingError("No suitable user found for mail address %r" % (msg['from_addr'][1], ))

    d = get_pagename_content(request, msg)
    pagename = d['pagename']
    generate_summary = d['generate_summary']

    comment = u"Mail: '%s'" % (msg['subject'], )

    page = PageEditor(request, pagename, do_editor_backup=0)

    if not, "", 0):
        raise ProcessingError("Access denied for page %r" % pagename)

    attachments = []

    for att in msg['attachments']:
        i = 0
        while i < 1000: # do not create a gazillion attachments if something
                        # strange happens, give up after 1000.
            if i == 0:
                fname = att.filename
                components = att.filename.split(".")
                new_suffix = "-" + str(i)
                # add the counter before the file extension
                if len(components) > 1:
                    fname = u"%s%s.%s" % (u".".join(components[:-1]), new_suffix, components[-1])
                    fname = att.filename + new_suffix
                # can be None for forwarded message content - we can
                # just ignore it, the forwarded message's text will be present
                # nevertheless
                if is not None:
                    # get the fname again, it might have changed
                    fname, fsize = add_attachment(request, pagename, fname,
            except AttachmentAlreadyExists:
                i += 1

    # build an attachment link table for the page with the e-mail
    attachment_links = [""] + [u'''[[attachment:%s|%s]]''' % ("%s/%s" % (pagename, att), att) for att in attachments]

    # assemble old page content and new mail body together
    old_content = Page(request, pagename).get_raw_body()
    if old_content:
        new_content = u"%s\n-----\n" % old_content
        new_content = ''

    #if not (generate_summary and "/" in pagename):
    #generate header in any case:
    new_content += u"'''Mail: %s (%s, <<DateTime(%s)>>)'''\n\n" % (msg['subject'], email_to_markup(request, msg['from_addr']), msg['date'])

    new_content += d['content']
    new_content += "\n" + u"\n * ".join(attachment_links)

        page.saveText(new_content, 0, comment=comment)
    except page.AccessDenied:
        raise ProcessingError("Access denied for page %r" % pagename)

    if generate_summary and "/" in pagename:
        parent_page = u"/".join(pagename.split("/")[:-1])
        old_content = Page(request, parent_page).get_raw_body().splitlines()

        found_table = None
        table_ends = None
        for lineno, line in enumerate(old_content):
            if line.startswith("## mail_overview") and old_content[lineno+1].startswith("||"):
                found_table = lineno
            elif found_table is not None and line.startswith("||"):
                table_ends = lineno + 1
            elif table_ends is not None and not line.startswith("||"):

        # in order to let the gettext system recognise the <<GetText>> calls used below,
        # we must repeat them here:
        [_("Date"), _("From"), _("To"), _("Content"), _("Attachments")]

        table_header = (u"\n\n## mail_overview (don't delete this line)\n" +
                        u"|| '''<<GetText(Date)>> ''' || '''<<GetText(From)>> ''' || '''<<GetText(To)>> ''' || '''<<GetText(Content)>> ''' || '''<<GetText(Attachments)>> ''' ||\n"

        from_col = email_to_markup(request, msg['from_addr'])
        to_col = ' '.join([email_to_markup(request, (realname, mailaddr))
                           for realname, mailaddr in msg['target_addrs'] if not mailaddr in wiki_addrs])
        subj_col = '[[%s|%s]]' % (pagename, msg['subject'])
        date_col = msg['date']
        attach_col = " ".join(attachment_links)
        new_line = u'|| <<DateTime(%s)>> || %s || %s || %s || %s ||' % (date_col, from_col, to_col, subj_col, attach_col)
        if found_table is not None:
            content = "\n".join(old_content[:table_ends] + [new_line] + old_content[table_ends:])
            content = "\n".join(old_content) + table_header + new_line

        page = PageEditor(request, parent_page, do_editor_backup=0)
        page.saveText(content, 0, comment=comment)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    if len(sys.argv) > 1:
        request_url = sys.argv[1]
        request_url = None

    from MoinMoin.web.contexts import ScriptContext
    request = ScriptContext(url=request_url)

        import_mail_from_file(request, infile)
    except ProcessingError, e:
        print >> sys.stderr, "An error occurred while processing the message:", e.args