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ImageLink, text_gedit: refactored
author Reimar Bauer <rb.proj AT googlemail DOT com>
date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 12:56:05 +0200
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# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
    MoinMoin - ImageLink Macro

    This macro is used to make a link that displays an image (can be given
    as either attachment or URL) and links to either an URL or a wiki page.
    Optionally the size of the image can be adjusted.
    If no target is given the link will point to the image itself.
        [[ImageLink(image, [target,] [width=width, [height=height]])]]

        image: image attachment file name or the URL of an image
        target: link target wiki page or URL (optional)

    Keyword Parameters:
        width: rendered image width (optional)
        height: rendered image heigth (optional)
        alt: text for img tag "alt" attribute

        [[ImageLink(,München Marienplatz)]]

        Jeff Kunce: 
            wrote the first published version of this macro in 2001.
        Reimar Bauer:
            2004 intitial new version for MoinMoin 1.2
        Marcin Zalewski:   
            Implemented wikiutil.link_tag and macro.formatter.pagelink.
            Added title attribute to the created link. One could generalize that to
            add arbitrary attributes.

            One could also add class attributes to <a> and/or <img> elements.
            I do not see the need for such modifications. If however this is
            to be done in the future one would need to add 'html_class' key to the kw dictionary
            with a corresponding value to add class to <img> element. To add class to <a> element
            one needs to add 'css_class' key with a corresponding value to the dictionary passed to
            pagelink call.
       Reimar Bauer:    
            2004-12-23 Adapted to MoinMoin Version 1.3.1-1
            2004-12-23 Syntax change Version 1.3.1-2
                   width and height and probably other keywords must be given as keywords (e.g. height=20)
            2004-12-31 Version 1.3.1-3 code clean up
            2005-01-16 Bug fixed in the errorhandler - found and patched by Malte Helmert
            2005-03-05 Version 1.3.3-5 Bug fixed found by cypress ("If I put [[ImageLink(moinmoin.png)]] it bombs")
            2005-03-28 Version 1.3.3-6 feature request added by CDPark:
                       "Can we use an external image? And an external target?"
            2005-04-16 Version 1.3.3-7 no default alt tag definition as requested by CDPark and AlexanderSchremmer
       Chong-Dae Park:
            2005-04-17 Version 1.3.3-8 code refactored
                       IMG with no alt tag is not recommended in the HTML standard.
                       It keeps a user specified alt tag. If there is none, it tries to make on using the WikiName
                       or image name instead.
       Reimar Bauer:
            2005-04-21 Version 1.3.3-9 bug fixed
                       When the image does not exist yet, it gives you a "Upload Image" link, this link does not
                       work. I suspect that this only is a problem on sub-pages, caused by incorrect escaping of
                        "/". -- CraigJohnson
            2005-12-19 Versiom 1.5.0-10 feature added to link to images on different wiki pages
            2006-02-14 Version 1.5.2-11 bug fixed for filename of attached image is Chinese (encode added)
            2006-02-22 Version 1.5.2-12 code refactored

      Thomas Waldmann
            2006-03-10 code refactored
      Reimar Bauer
             2006-09-22 bug fix of image linked to attachment and inline
             2006-10-08 patch of DavidLinke added and keys now only lowercase used
             2006-12-16 interwikilink for pages added

    @copyright: 2001 by Jeff Kunce,
                2004 by Marcin Zalewski,
                2006 by MoinMoin:ThomasWaldmann,
                2004-2007 by MoinMoin:ReimarBauer
    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.

from MoinMoin import wikiutil
from MoinMoin.action import AttachFile

def _is_URL(text):
    """ Answer true if text is an URL.
        The method used here is pretty dumb. Improvements are welcome.
    return '://' in text

def explore_args(args, kwAllowed):
    explore args for positional and keyword parameters
    if args:
        args = args.split(',')
        args = [arg.strip() for arg in args]
        args = []

    kw_count = 0
    kw = {} # create a dictionary for the formatter.image call
    pp = [] # positional parameter

    if not kwAllowed:
        return pp, 0, kw, 0

    for arg in args:
        if '=' in arg:
            key, value = arg.split('=', 1)
            # avoid that urls with "=" are interpreted as keyword
            if key.lower() not in kwAllowed:
                if not kw_count and _is_URL(arg):
                    # assuming that this is the image
                    pp.append(wikiutil.escape(arg, quote=1))
            kw_count += 1
            kw[str(key.lower())] = wikiutil.escape(value, quote=1)
            pp.append(wikiutil.escape(arg, quote=1))

    return pp, len(pp), kw, len(kw)

def execute(macro, args):
    request = macro.request
    _ = request.getText
    formatter = macro.formatter

    kwAllowed = ['width', 'height', 'alt']
    pp, pp_count, kw, kw_count = explore_args(args, kwAllowed)

    if not pp_count or pp_count and not pp[0]:
        msg = 'Not enough arguments to ImageLink macro! e.g. [[ImageLink(example.png, WikiName, width=200)]].'
        return "%s%s%s" % (formatter.sysmsg(1), formatter.text(msg), formatter.sysmsg(0))

    image = pp[0]
    if pp_count >= 2 and pp[1]:
        target = pp[1]
        if target.startswith('attachment:') or target.startswith('inline:'):
            if target.startswith('attachment:'):
                target = (target.split('attachment:'))[1]
                pagename, attname = AttachFile.absoluteName(target,
                target = AttachFile.getAttachUrl(pagename, target, request)
            elif target.startswith('inline:'):
                target = (target.split('inline:'))[1]
                pagename, attname = AttachFile.absoluteName(target,
                target = AttachFile.getAttachUrl(pagename, target, request, do='view')

            if not AttachFile.exists(request, pagename, attname):
                linktext = _('Upload new attachment "%(filename)s"')
                return wikiutil.link_tag(request,
                                         ('%s?action=AttachFile&rename=%s' % (
                                         linktext % {'filename': attname})

            kw['src'] = AttachFile.getAttachUrl(pagename, image, request)

    elif pp_count == 1:
        pagename, attname = AttachFile.absoluteName(image,
        target = AttachFile.getAttachUrl(pagename, image, request)
        target = None

    if _is_URL(image):
        kw['src'] = image
        pagename, attname = AttachFile.absoluteName(image,
        kw['src'] = AttachFile.getAttachUrl(pagename, attname, request)
        if not AttachFile.exists(request, pagename, attname):
            linktext = _('Upload new attachment "%(filename)s"')
            return wikiutil.link_tag(request,
                                     ('%s?action=AttachFile&rename=%s' % (
                                         linktext % {'filename': attname})

    if 'alt' not in kw:
        if target is None or _is_URL(target):
            if _is_URL(image):
                # Get image name -> image.png
                kw['alt'] = wikiutil.taintfilename(formatter.text(image.split('/')[-1]))
                kw['alt'] = attname
            kw['alt'] = target

    if target is None:
        target = kw['src']

    if pp_count == 1:
        return "%s%s%s" % (formatter.url(1, kw['src']),

    if _is_URL(target) or 'action=AttachFile&do=get&target=' in target or 'action=AttachFile&do=view&target=' in target:
        return "%s%s%s" % (formatter.url(1, target),
        if ":" in target:
            if target.startswith('wiki:'):
                target = target[5:]
            wikitag, wikiurl, wikitail, error = wikiutil.resolve_wiki(request, target)
            url = wikiurl + wikiutil.quoteWikinameURL(wikitail)
            return "%s%s%s" % (formatter.url(1, url),
            return "%s%s%s" % (formatter.pagelink(1, target),