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Finished first version of the mergeChanges method.
author Alexander Schremmer <alex AT alexanderweb DOT de>
date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 00:59:02 +0200
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Branch moin/1.6-sync-aschremmer

  Known main issues:
    * How will we store tags?
    * How to handle renames/deletes?

    * Implement actual syncronisation.
    * Implement a cross-site authentication system, i.e. mainly an
      identity storage.
    * Clean up trailing whitespace.
    * Add page locking.
    * How about using unique IDs that just derive from the interwikiname?

  New Features:
    * XMLRPC method to return the Moin version
    * XMLRPC multicall support
    * Conflict icon in RecentChanges
    * XMLRPC Authentication System
    * Binary Diffing
    * XMLRPC method to get binary diffs
    * XMLRPC method to merge remote changes locally
    * XMLRPC method to get the interwiki name
    * TagStore class

  Bugfixes (only stuff that is buggy in moin/1.6 main branch):
    * Conflict resolution fixes.

  Other Changes:
    * Refactored conflict resolution and XMLRPC code.
    * Enhanced API at some points.

  Developer notes:
    * ...

Do not forget to check the related wiki page:


Week 21: Basic Infrastructur setup (repos),
         initial talks to the mentor, started writing the design document,
         helped other students to get started
Week 22: Tax forms, Fulfilled transcription request,
         written conflict icon support, refactored conflict handling,
         changed conflict icon,
         Added xmlrpc multicall support into the server and
         backported the client code from python 2.4
Week 23: Debian-Sprint in Extremadura, Spain. Initial thoughts about Mercurial as
         a base for syncronisation. (See wiki)
Week 24: Evaluation of OpenID as a base for authentication, written local testing scripts
Week 25: Conference in Chile (FET 2006).
Week 26: Implementation of the XMLRPC authentication system, added binary
         diffing (mainly taken from Mercurial, but had to merge 5 changesets,
         remove some mercurial dependencies and document it. Currently, Mercurial
         uses a module written in C to solve the problem, so the Python code
         was not cared for anymore.)
Week 27: Europython, Geneva.
Week 28: Debian-Edu Developer Camp. Implemented getDiff XMLRPC method, added preliminary SyncPages action,
         added interwikiName XMLRPC method, added mergeChanges XMLRPC method. Started analysis of the moinupdate
         script written by Stefan Merten.
Week 29: Finished first version of the mergeChanges method. Added preliminary
         Tag and TagStore classes.

Time plan
In July and August, most parts of the implementation will be finished
from 07-10 to 07-14 and from 08-03 to 08-19. Between those time spans, there
are exams.