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MoinMoin Version History - Jabber Functionality

Please completely read CHANGES text until you reach the version you were
using until now. Otherwise you might miss some important upgrading and
configuration hints.

   MoinMoin 1.7 includes a brand new notification system based on
   a separate process running a Jabber/XMPP notification bot. See and for more information
   on this protocol.

   The bot can be used to send notifications about various events
   occuring in your Wiki, or to work with the Wiki interactively.

   As it's a separate process, it doesn't block waiting for all
   notifications to be sent, to this solution should be suitable for
   large sites that have many users subscribed to particular changes.

  * Notification sent when pages are changed in various ways (content
    change, page rename, deletion, page copy), users being created
    (visible to super user only!), attachments being added and users
    subscribing to pages...

  * Users can choose which events they're interested in being notified
    about. This applied both to (old) email and jabber notifications.

  * Interactive Jabber bot allows to perform various simple operations
    on a Wiki from within your IM client (possibly in response to
    received notification). This includes getting raw and html-formatted
    page contents, querying detailed page information (last author, 
    revision, date of the last change...), getting a list of pages,
    performing searches and reverts.

    The bot uses Data Forms (XEP-004) and Out of Band Data (XEP-066)
    extensions if they're supported by the client to further extend
    available communication options
Getting help:
  There's a sample wikiconfig in MOINDIR/wiki/config/more_examples

  You can read more about the notification bot on following pages:

Known main issues with jabber bot:
  * You need a development version of pyxmpp, 1.0 won't work. You can
    get it directly from svn repository with:

    svn checkout pyxmpp

    Add the resulting `pyxmpp` directory to your PYTHONPATH or perform
    a "full installation" as described on

    To build the package just invoke:
    python build

    To install it:
    python install

    If you had some older version of PyXMPP it is better to uninstall it 
    (delete pyxmpp subdirectory os your site-packages directory) before 
    installing this one or things may not work correctly.

    You may also try:

    make install


  * Jabber servers usually have rather tight data rate limits, so if
    your site generates a lot of traffic, the notification bot may become
    unstable and/or unusable. If such condition occurs, you should
    consider running your own Jabber/XMPP server with relaxed limits.

  Version 1.7.current:
    The first version that supports jabber notifications.