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Cleaned my CHANGES file.
author Alexander Schremmer <alex AT alexanderweb DOT de>
date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 19:35:27 +0200
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Branch moin/1.6-sync-aschremmer

  Known main issues:
    * Do I need to tag delete operations?
    * How to handle renames?
    * How should we store tags? (Metadata support would be handy)
      (currently done in Pickle files)

  Longterm ToDo:
    * Maybe refactor YYY into MoinLocalWiki
    * Add page locking, i.e. use the one in the new storage layer (see XXX).
    * Do older tags of one wiki site have to be stored as well? Why don't we
      keep just one tag?
    * Put author names into the comment field
    * Transmit mimetypes (see XXX). Needs new storage system.
    * Implement renamed pages.
    * Cache the result of remote.get_pages locally to reduce the load.

  New Features:
    * Conflict icon in RecentChanges
    * New XMLRPC methods (see doc strings for details):
      * getMoinVersion
      * system.multicall -- multicall support
      * Authentication System: getAuthToken/appyAuthToken
      * getDiff -- method to get binary diffs
      * mergeDiff -- method to local changes remotely
      * interwikiName -- method to get the IWID and the interwiki moniker
      * getAllPagesEx -- method to get the pagelist in a special way (revnos,
        no system pages etc.)
    * IWID support - i.e. every wiki instance has a unique ID
    * The list of InterWiki sites is editable in the wiki (page InterWikiMap),
      it is getting reloaded every minute
    * Syncronisation of wikis using the SyncPages action
    * GetText2 macro that allows to translate messages that contain data
    * showtags action that lists all tags related to a page

    * Conflict resolution fixes.
    * Python 2.5 compatibility fixes in the Page caching logic
    * sre pickle issues in the wikidicts code
    * cgitb can hide particular names, this avoids information leaks
      if the user files cannot be parsed for example
    * Fixed User.__repr__ - it is insane to put the ID in there
    * Worked around the FastCGI problem on Lighttpd: empty lines in the error
      log, thanks to Jay Soffian
    * Fixed the MetaDict code to use locks.
    * Fixed bug in that avoided showing a traceback if there was a fault
      after the first headers were sent.
    * Fixed severe race conditions in the meta dict and the sync tags code.
    * Mute the tempnam warning in the caching module.
    * diff3 algorithm extended, a new mode should reduce the conflicts,
      fixed a bug that silently truncated pages if there was content added
      on one side at the end
    * Standalone opens it logfile unbuffered from now on, thanks to
      Carsten Grohmann

  Other Changes:
    * Refactored conflict resolution and XMLRPC code.
    * Added a module for binary diffs

  Developer notes:
    * There is a new Page method called Page.get_raw_body_str that returns
      the encoded page body. This is useful if you just deal with byte data
      (e.g. while generating binary diffs).
    * The TagStore/PickleTagStore system is used to store the syncronisation tags.
    * XMLRPC functions may return Fault instances from now on
    * Moin got multicall support, including a module that makes it usable on the
      client-side without requiring Python 2.4

Do not forget to check the related wiki page:


Week 21: Basic infrastructure setup (repos),
         initial talks to the mentor, started writing the design document,
         helped other students to get started
Week 22: Tax forms, fulfilled transcription request,
         written conflict icon support, refactored conflict handling,
         changed conflict icon, added xmlrpc multicall support into the server
         and backported the client code from Python 2.4
Week 23: Debian-Sprint in Extremadura, Spain. Initial thoughts about Mercurial as
         a base for syncronisation. (See wiki)
Week 24: Evaluation of OpenID as a base for authentication, written local testing scripts
Week 25: Conference in Chile (FET 2006).
Week 26: Implementation of the XMLRPC authentication system, added binary
         diffing (mainly taken from Mercurial, but had to merge 5 changesets,
         remove some mercurial dependencies and document it. Currently, Mercurial
         uses a module written in C to solve the problem, so the Python code
         was not cared for anymore.)
Week 27: Europython, Geneva.
Week 28: Debian-Edu Developer Camp. Implemented getDiff XMLRPC method, added preliminary SyncPages action,
         added interwikiName XMLRPC method, added mergeChanges XMLRPC method. Started analysis of the moinupdate
         script written by Stefan Merten.
Week 29: Finished first version of the mergeChanges method. Added Tag and TagStore classes which are currently
         using pickle-based storage. Added getAllPagesEx XMLRPC method.
Week 30: Implemented IWID support, added function to generate random strings. Added support
         for editing the InterWikiMap in the wiki. Added locking to the PickleTagStore and
         the MetaDict classes. Added handling of various options and detection of anonymous
         wikis to the SyncPages action.
Week 31: Load the IWID and the meta dict lazily. Reworked RemotePage/SyncPage,
         fixed option handling again, refined semantics of options, introduced
         direction option, replaced "localMatch"/"remoteMatch" by "pageMatch".
         Store mtime for InterWiki list updates and detect changes based on it.
         Added support for localPrefix and remotePrefix.
Week 32: Continued work on the merge logic, finished prefix handling. Added local conflict
         detection in SyncPages. Added logging support to SyncPages. Refactored conflict flag
         detection from the edit action into the PageEditor class. Enhanced XMLRPC server in Moin to allow
         XMLRPC functions to return Fault instances. Introduced a new diff3 mode that should reduce the
         conflicts. Fixed hard to track down bugs in SyncPages. Store full IWIDs and match by
         either of both components when searching for tags. Ignore underlay pages. Filter the remote page list by
         the prefix and the pageList on the remote side. Finished the direction==DOWN mode.
Week 33: Started designing the solutions for the other sync cases. Store and transmit the
         normalised name. Implemented preliminary mime type support, only transmission of the mime type
         and the new storage API is missing. Changed getDiff interface. Detect renamed pages (and inform
         the user about the missing support for them).
         Added infrastructure support for detecting deleted pages.
         Reworked i18n and logging support. Added GetText2 macro. Getting syncing of pages
         working that are just available on one side. Working synchronisation of deleted pages.
         Implemented rollback in case of remote problems and exception logging.
         Documented this system on MoinMaster. Added authentication support.

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