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macro.FootNote: bug fix for MoinMoinBugs/FootNoteNumbering (ported from 1.6)
author Reimar Bauer <rb.proj AT googlemail DOT com>
date Thu, 21 Feb 2008 19:41:15 +0100
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# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
    MoinMoin - MoinMoin.macro ImageLink tested

    @copyright: 2007 MoinMoin:ReimarBauer

    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.
import os
from MoinMoin import macro, wikiutil
from MoinMoin.action.AttachFile import add_attachment
from MoinMoin.logfile import eventlog
from MoinMoin.Page import Page
from MoinMoin.PageEditor import PageEditor
from MoinMoin.parser.text_moin_wiki import Parser

class TestImageLink:
    """ImageLink: testing ImageLink macro """

    def setup_class(self):
        self.pagename = u'AutoCreatedMoinMoinTemporaryTestPageForImageLink' = PageEditor(self.request, self.pagename)
        self.shouldDeleteTestPage = False

    def teardown_class(self):
        if self.shouldDeleteTestPage:
            import shutil
            page = PageEditor(self.request, self.pagename)
            fpath = page.getPagePath(use_underlay=0, check_create=0)
            shutil.rmtree(fpath, True)

            fpath = self.request.rootpage.getPagePath('event-log', isfile=1)
            if os.path.exists(fpath):

    def _make_macro(self):
        """Test helper"""
        from MoinMoin.parser.text import Parser
        from MoinMoin.formatter.text_html import Formatter
        p = Parser("##\n", self.request)
        p.formatter = Formatter(self.request) =
        self.request.formatter = p.formatter
        p.form = self.request.form
        m = macro.Macro(p)
        return m

    def _test_macro(self, name, args):
        m = self._make_macro()
        return m.execute(name, args)

    def _createTestPage(self, body):
        """ Create temporary page """
        assert body is not None
        self.request.reset(), 0)

    def testImageLinkNoArg(self):
        """ macro ImageLink test: 'no args for ImageLink (ImageLink is executed on FrontPage) """
        #self._createTestPage('This is an example to test a macro')
        result = self._test_macro('ImageLink', '')
        expected = '<div class="message">%s</div>' % wikiutil.escape(
                'Not enough arguments to ImageLink macro! e.g. <<ImageLink(example.png, WikiName, width=200)>>.')
        assert result == expected

    def testImageLinkTwoParamsNoKeyword(self):
        """ macro ImageLink test: <<ImageLink(, FrontPage)>> """
        self.shouldDeleteTestPage = False

        result = self._test_macro('ImageLink', ', FrontPage')
        expected = '<a href="./FrontPage"><img alt="FrontPage" src="" title="FrontPage" /></a>'
        assert result == expected

    def testImageLinkTwoParamsOneKeyword(self):
        """ macro ImageLink test: <<ImageLink(, alt=The old dude, FrontPage)>>
        order of keywords to parameter list is independent
        self.shouldDeleteTestPage = False

        result = self._test_macro('ImageLink', ', alt=The old dude, FrontPage')
        expected = '<a href="./FrontPage"><img alt="The old dude" src="" title="The old dude" /></a>'
        assert result == expected

    def testImageLinkToImage(self):
        """ macro ImageLink test: <<ImageLink(, alt=The old dude, width=200)>>
            has to link to the image
        self.shouldDeleteTestPage = False

        result = self._test_macro('ImageLink', ', alt=The old dude, width=200')
        expected = '<a href=""><img alt="The old dude" src="" title="The old dude" width="200" /></a>'
        assert result == expected

    def testImageLinktoAttachment(self):
        """ macro ImageLink test: <<ImageLink(moindude.png, attachment:moindude.png, width=200)>>
            has to link to the attachment:moindude.png
        self.shouldDeleteTestPage = True
        # If we do test for real content we have to upload a real image here
        add_attachment(self.request, self.pagename, 'moindude.png', "Test content", True)

        result = self._test_macro('ImageLink', 'moindude.png, attachment:moindude.png, width=200')
        expected = '<a href="./AutoCreatedMoinMoinTemporaryTestPageForImageLink?action=AttachFile&amp;do=get&amp;target=moindude.png"><img alt="./AutoCreatedMoinMoinTemporaryTestPageForImageLink?action=AttachFile&amp;do=get&amp;target=moindude.png" src="./AutoCreatedMoinMoinTemporaryTestPageForImageLink?action=AttachFile&amp;do=get&amp;target=moindude.png" title="./AutoCreatedMoinMoinTemporaryTestPageForImageLink?action=AttachFile&amp;do=get&amp;target=moindude.png" width="200" /></a>'

        assert result == expected

coverage_modules = ['MoinMoin.macro.ImageLink']