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update text for mailing language maintainers, add todo to the code (ported from 1.6)
author Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>
date Fri, 22 Feb 2008 22:38:35 +0100
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Dear MoinMoin i18n maintainer / translator,

You get this mail because one of the MoinMoin wiki engine's i18n files
lists you as maintainer of it.

By maintaining "%(lang)s", you do great work and all MoinMoin users say
"Thank you" for that (or at least think it ;)!

What we need

We need your help again for updating the following (high priority and
most important stuff is on top of the list):

[X] MoinMaster:MoinI18n/%(lang)s page (source for the .po file)

[X] "%(lang)s" system pages on the MoinMaster wiki

[X] "%(lang)s" help pages on the MoinMaster wiki (optional - would be
    nice, if you had the time)

We need that until 2007-12-01 - because MoinMoin 1.6 RC1 will be released
then (followed by a release later in december), so we can include that stuff
into the distribution archive to make people speaking your language happy. ;)

Please, after translating the current stuff, keep an eye on MoinMaster
wiki - we are still in the beta phase of 1.6 development and thus, some
strings in the PO file may still change or get added/deleted.

See for our
planned release schedule.

Please reply immediately

You can use the form below.

Or even better: directly edit the wiki page listed under Ressources.

[ ] Great! I have some time, can do it now and finish in time.

[ ] I would like to, but have no time these days. Maintenance should
    be better done by anyone else volunteering, but you can keep me
    on the list for next time.

[ ] Sorry, but can't do that any more. Remove me as i18n maintainer.

Please, even if you can't help us this time, a fast response will help
us finding another volunteer.


If you want to do it (or update status page), please read on here:

You will find all you need there. If you have questions, also put them
there (in English, please) - you can also contact us on IRC channel
#moin on server


The MoinMoin development team