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Formatting fixes according to PEP 8.
author Karol 'grzywacz' Nowak <>
date Sun, 03 Jun 2007 16:36:04 +0200
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# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
    MoinMoin - email notification plugin from event system

    This code sends email notifications about page changes.
    TODO: refactor it to handle separate events for page changes, creations, etc

    @copyright: 2007 by Karol Nowak <>
    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.

from MoinMoin import user
from MoinMoin.Page import Page
from MoinMoin.mail import sendmail
from import *
from import page_changed_notification

def sendNotification(request, page, comment, emails, email_lang, revisions, trivial):
    """ Send notification email for a single language.

    @param comment: editor's comment given when saving the page
    @param emails: list of email addresses
    @param email_lang: language of email
    @param revisions: revisions of this page (newest first!)
    @param trivial: the change is marked as trivial
    @rtype: int
    @return: sendmail result
    _ = request.getText
    mailBody = page_changed_notification(request, page, comment, email_lang, revisions, trivial)

    return sendmail.sendmail(request, emails,
        _('[%(sitename)s] %(trivial)sUpdate of "%(pagename)s" by %(username)s', formatted=False) % {
            'trivial': (trivial and _("Trivial ", formatted=False)) or "",
            'sitename': page.cfg.sitename or "Wiki",
            'pagename': page.page_name,
            'username': page.uid_override or user.getUserIdentification(request),
        mailBody, mail_from=page.cfg.mail_from)

def notifySubscribers(request, page, comment, trivial):
    """ Send email to all subscribers of given page.

    @param comment: editor's comment given when saving the page
    @param trivial: editor's suggestion that the change is trivial (Subscribers may ignore this)
    @rtype: string
    @return: message, indicating success or errors.
    _ = request.getText
    subscribers = page.getSubscribers(request, return_users=1, trivial=trivial)
    if subscribers:
        # get a list of old revisions, and append a diff
        revisions = page.getRevList()

        # send email to all subscribers
        results = [_('Status of sending notification mails:')]
        for lang in subscribers:
            emails = [ for u in subscribers[lang]]
            names = [ for u in subscribers[lang]]
            mailok, status = sendNotification(request, page, comment, emails, lang, revisions, trivial)
            recipients = ", ".join(names)
            results.append(_('[%(lang)s] %(recipients)s: %(status)s') % {
                'lang': lang, 'recipients': recipients, 'status': status})

        # Return mail sent results. Ignore trivial - we don't have
        # to lie. If mail was sent, just tell about it.
        return '<p>\n%s\n</p> ' % '<br>'.join(results)

    # No mail sent, no message.
    return ''

def handle(event):
    if not isinstance(event, PageChangedEvent):

    if not event.request.cfg.mail_enabled:
    return notifySubscribers(event.request,, event.comment, event.trivial)