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replace by, replace contact Juergen Hermann by Thomas Waldmann, cleanup wikiconfig (ported from 1.6)
author Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>
date Mon, 25 Feb 2008 23:53:55 +0100
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@echo off
rem ToDo:
rem Fix for 1.6
rem Translate to English
rem, welches die configvariablen abfragt und in sich selbst speichert, browserstartoption
rem bugs fixen (siehe lokales wiki)
rem HowToBuild aktualisieren

set version=Release 1.6.0dev-1
set buildfile=moin-desktop-1.6.0dev-1

rem MoinMoin Quelle
set build=moin--main--1.6
rem set build=z:\root\moin--main--1.3

set sevenzippath=C:\Programme\7-Zip\7z

echo Building DesktopEdition %version% ...

if exist %build% (
	if exist moin-desktop (
		del /Q /F /S moin-desktop >NUL 2>NUL
		rmdir /S /Q moin-desktop
	echo Creating page packages ...
	cd %build%
	make pagepacks
	cd ..
	echo Creating base system ...
	md moin-desktop
	xcopy /E /I /Q "%build%\MoinMoin" "moin-desktop\MoinMoin"
	xcopy /E /I /Q "%build%\wiki" "moin-desktop\wiki"
	xcopy /E /I /Q /Y "_underlay\*" "moin-desktop\wiki\underlay\pages\"
	md moin-desktop\docs
	sed -n "/MoinMoin Version History/,/default options for new users are same/p" <"%build%\docs\CHANGES">"moin-desktop\docs\CHANGES"
	xcopy /I /Q "%build%\docs\licenses\COPYING" "moin-desktop\docs"
	xcopy /I /Q "%build%\README" "moin-desktop\docs\"
	copy _resources\ moin-desktop\	>NUL
	copy _resources\ moin-desktop\	>NUL
	copy "_resources\MoinMoin DesktopEdition.url" moin-desktop\	>NUL
	del /Q /F /S moin-desktop\.cvsignore>NUL
	del /Q /F /S moin-desktop\CVS>NUL
	del /Q /F moin-desktop\MoinMoin\i18n\*.po>NUL
	del moin-desktop\wiki\underlay\pages\SystemPagesSetup\attachments\ >NUL
	del moin-desktop\MoinMoin\>NUL
	del moin-desktop\wiki\data\edit-log>NUL
	del moin-desktop\wiki\README.underlay>NUL
	del moin-desktop\wiki\underlay.tar.bz2>NUL
	del moin-desktop\wiki\htdocs\index.html>NUL
	del moin-desktop\wiki\htdocs\applets\index.html>NUL
	rd /Q /S moin-desktop\wiki\config\>NUL
	rd /Q /S moin-desktop\wiki\server\>NUL
	rd /Q /S moin-desktop\wiki\htdocs\applets\FCKeditor\_samples>NUL 2>NUL
	rd /Q /S moin-desktop\wiki\htdocs\applets\FCKeditor\_testcases>NUL 2>NUL
	del moin-desktop\wiki\htdocs\applets\FCKeditor\_documentation.html>NUL
	del moin-desktop\wiki\htdocs\applets\FCKeditor\_whatsnew.html>NUL
	del moin-desktop\wiki\htdocs\applets\FCKeditor\license.txt>NUL
	echo MoinMoin DesktopEdition - packaged by AlexanderSchremmer> moin-desktop\readme_desktop.txt
	echo licensed under GNU GPL, see COPYING>> moin-desktop\readme_desktop.txt
	echo %version%, see the page SystemInfo for exact revision>> moin-desktop\readme_desktop.txt
	echo.>> moin-desktop\readme_desktop.txt
	echo See for current information.>> moin-desktop\readme_desktop.txt
	echo.>> moin-desktop\readme_desktop.txt
	echo MoinMoin needs Python in order to run. You can download it here:>> moin-desktop\readme_desktop.txt
	echo Python 2.4.3 is recommended, Python 2.3 is required. Nothing else is needed.>> moin-desktop\readme_desktop.txt
	echo.>> moin-desktop\readme_desktop.txt
	echo In order to start MoinMoin DesktopEdition, just run>> moin-desktop\readme_desktop.txt
	echo and point your web browser to http://localhost:8080/>> moin-desktop\readme_desktop.txt

	echo.>> moin-desktop\readme_desktop.txt

	del /Q /F /S moin-desktop\*.pyc>NUL 2>NUL

if exist %buildfile%.tbz del %buildfile%.tbz 
if exist del
if exist %buildfile%.exe del %buildfile%.exe
echo Finished base build.
echo Press CTRL+C if you do not want to have any archives.
echo Otherwise:

echo Creating archives ...

echo ZIP
%sevenzippath% a -r -tzip -mx=9 moin-desktop\*

echo TBZ
tar cjf %buildfile%.tbz moin-desktop

echo Py2EXE
	cd moin-desktop
	if not exist ..\ echo ERROR! not found!
	if exist build\NUL del /Q /F /S build
	if exist dist\NUL del /Q /F /S dist
	python ..\ py2exe -x -a
	del dist\w9xpopen.exe
	rem C:\UTIL\#archiv\upx\upx --best --force dist\_socket.pyd dist\moin.exe
	dir dist

move dist MMDE
move MMDE
move docs MMDE\docs
move "MoinMoin DesktopEdition.url" MMDE
move readme_desktop.txt MMDE
move wiki MMDE\wiki

echo 7z,EXE
%sevenzippath% a -r -t7z -sfx7z.sfx -mx=7 ..\%buildfile%.exe MMDE\*
cd ..

echo Created archives.

) ELSE (
	echo %build% was not found!