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Translators and Developers,

Translators need to deal with the *.po files ONLY - they should do this on<language-code>, please do not
send po updates via email, the stuff from the moinmaster wiki gets processed

The i18n system uses wiki markup in the msgid/msgstr strings, see also the
the header of your *.po file (and see see de.po for a sample).

Encoding is utf-8 ONLY for the po file (the wiki page automatically uses

Please search your translation for fuzzy and untranslated strings. If you
have reviewed the fuzzy stuff, remove the "fuzzy" marker. If you do that
online on the moinmaster wiki, here are some tips:

 * If you look at MoinMaster:MoinI18n/cc (where cc is your language code),
   you will see some statistics at the top, you should try to have no untrans-
   lated strings and also no fuzzy strings.
 * On normal page view of that page, untranslated stuff is marked with !!!
   (3 exclamation marks, just use firefox Ctrl-f to find them). Just remember
   the untranslated phrase (or at least some  non-common words in it).
 * Now edit the page and use Ctrl-f again. Enter the words you remembered.
   Then use the highlight function right of the search box to make those words
   highlighted in yellow color and scroll through the text in the edit box to
   find the yellow stuff (the search function without highlight won't help you).
 * For finding fuzzy stuff, just use the same method with "fuzzy".

For using the i18n build system, one needs to have "gettext" installed.

In the source code, there is original english text marked with
_("english string") - xgettext can extract these strings automatically from
the files listed in

As not all strings appear in the source code, there is an additional
file i18n/ that contains strings that need to be translated, but
do not appear in src otherwise or are not found by gettext or need to be
organized somehow.


Makefile: a GNU-Makefile a list of files with translatable strings (automatically created
             by "make POTFILES"). POTFILES is about the same thing, just in a
             format suitable for inclusion into the Makefile.

MoinMoin.pot: Master translation file.

*.po: Translations (utf-8 encoding)

New Translation (no .po file exists yet)
- copy MoinMoin.pot to <langcode>.po
- edit the header of <langcode>.po (this is the first entry in the file, it
  starts with Project-Id-Version)
  - Project-Id-Version: MoinMoin 1.6
  - Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
  - Language-Team: LANGUAGE mailinglist
    LANGUAGE should be your language in english, in long form - e.g.:
    German, French, ...
  - X-Language: LANGUAGE
    LANGUAGE should be your language expressed in your language, e.g.:
    Deutsch, Francais (with c-cedille), ...

Update Translation
- run "make <langcode>.po"
- change the translation
- update the PO-Revision-Date and Last-Translator entries

Change of translatable strings
If you change any translatable string, please call "make update-po" before

Regenerating all
- run "make" to re-generate everything needed.

Non-utf-8 editing

If you don't like to use a utf-8 capable editor, you could process the po like

Recode the po file to your preferred encoding (e.g. iso-8859-1). Be very sure
that this is possible or you will get errors:

> ./ utf-8 iso-8859-1 <de.po >de.po-iso1

Edit that file and do your work:

> $EDITOR de.po-iso1

Recode your work back to utf-8 for submission. This should generally work if
you specify the "from" encoding (here: iso-8859-1) correctly:

> ./ iso-8859-1 utf-8 <de.po-iso1 >de.po-utf8

Now maybe use this to make sure nothing weird happened:

> diff de.po de.po-utf8

Finally, if everything looked OK:

> mv de.po-utf8 de.po

Also make sure that the Content-Type header in the po file tells charset=utf-8.