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# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
    MoinMoin - Low-level interface code between the wiki and the web

    This package contains everything related to interfacing the wiki with
    the actual request from the web. It replaces the former packages
    `MoinMoin.request` and `MoinMoin.server`. There is code for convenient
    access to the supplied request parameters (using the werkzeug library),
    wrappers (called contexts) that try to capture the use of the former
    Request-objects in MoinMoin, session handling and interfaces to
    common webserver deployment methods.

    @copyright: 2008-2008 MoinMoin:FlorianKrupicka
    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.

def _fixup_deps():
    Alter the system path to import some 3rd party dependencies from
    inside the package. This is meant for deps
    used inside this package, which are mainly werkzeug and flup.
    import sys, os
    from MoinMoin import support
    dirname = os.path.dirname(support.__file__)
    dirname = os.path.abspath(dirname)
    found = False
    for path in sys.path:
        if os.path.abspath(path) == dirname:
            found = True
    if not found:
        sys.path.insert(0, dirname)

    del _fixup_deps