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mailimport: fix endless looping while trying to import a forwarded mail This is just a fix to solve the endless looping / crash. It needs further improvement, currently the From/To/... header data of the forwarded mail is not processed at all and thus not visible later in the wiki. The body of it is visible, though, but just appears appended to the main mail body.
author Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>
date Sun, 06 Sep 2009 22:35:50 +0200
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# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
    MoinMoin - inter-thread communication commands

    This file defines command objects used by notification
    bot's threads to communicate among each other.

    @copyright: 2007 by Karol Nowak <>
    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.

from pyxmpp.jid import JID

# First, XML RPC -> XMPP commands
class NotificationCommand:
    """Class representing a notification request"""
    def __init__(self, jids, notification, msg_type=u"normal", async=True):
        """A constructor

        @param jids: a list of jids to sent this message to
        @param notification: dictionary with notification data
        @param async: async notifications get queued if contact is DnD
        @type jids: list

        if type(jids) != list:
            raise Exception("jids argument must be a list!")

        self.notification = notification
        self.jids = jids
        self.async = async
        self.msg_type = msg_type

class NotificationCommandI18n(NotificationCommand):
    """Notification request that should be translated by the XMPP bot"""
    def __init__(self, jids, notification, msg_type="normal", async=True):
        """A constructor

        Params as in NotificationCommand.

        NotificationCommand.__init__(self, jids, notification, msg_type, async)

    def translate(self, gettext_func):
        """Translate the message using a provided gettext function

        @param gettext_func: a unary gettext function
        @return: translated message and subject
        @rtype: tuple
        if self.notification.has_key('data'):
            msg =  gettext_func(self.notification['text']) % self.notification['data']
            msg = gettext_func(self.notification['text'])

        return (msg, gettext_func(self.notification.get('subject', '')))

class AddJIDToRosterCommand:
    """Class representing a request to add a new jid to roster"""
    def __init__(self, jid):
        self.jid = jid

class RemoveJIDFromRosterCommand:
    """Class representing a request to remove a jid from roster"""
    def __init__(self, jid):
        self.jid = jid

# XMPP <-> XML RPC commands
# These commands are passed in both directions, with added data
# payload when they return to the XMPP code. Naming convention
# follows method names defined by the Wiki RPC Interface v2.

class BaseDataCommand(object):
    """Base class for all commands used by the XMPP component.

    It has to support an optional data payload and store JID the
    request has come from and provide a help string for its parameters.

    # Description of what the command does
    description = u""

    # Parameter list in a human-readable format
    parameter_list = u""

    def __init__(self, jid, presentation=u"text"):
        """A constructor

        @param jid: Jabber ID to send the reply to
        @param presentation: how to display results; "text" or "dataforms"
        @type jid: unicode
        @type presentation: unicode

        self.jid = jid = None
        self.presentation = presentation

class GetPage(BaseDataCommand):

    description = u"retrieve raw content of a named page"
    parameter_list = u"pagename"

    def __init__(self, jid, pagename):
        BaseDataCommand.__init__(self, jid)
        self.pagename = pagename

class GetPageHTML(BaseDataCommand):

    description = u"retrieve HTML-formatted content of a named page"
    parameter_list = u"pagename"

    def __init__(self, jid, pagename):
        BaseDataCommand.__init__(self, jid)
        self.pagename = pagename

class GetPageList(BaseDataCommand):

    description = u"get a list of accesible pages"
    parameter_list = u""

    def __init__(self, jid):
        BaseDataCommand.__init__(self, jid)

class GetPageInfo(BaseDataCommand):

    description = u"show detailed information about a page"
    parameter_list = u"pagename"

    def __init__(self, jid, pagename, presentation=u"text"):
        BaseDataCommand.__init__(self, jid, presentation)
        self.pagename = pagename

class Search(BaseDataCommand):

    description = u"perform a wiki search"
    parameter_list = u"{title|text} term"

    def __init__(self, jid, search_type, *args, **kwargs):
        BaseDataCommand.__init__(self, jid)

        if not JID(jid).resource:
            raise ValueError("The jid argument must be a full jabber id!")

        self.term = ' '.join(args)
        self.search_type = search_type
        self.presentation = kwargs.get('presentation', 'text') # "text" or "dataforms" = kwargs.get('case', False)
        self.mtime = None
        self.regexp = kwargs.get('regexp', False)

class RevertPage(BaseDataCommand):

    description = u"revert a page to previous revision"
    parameter_list = u"page_name revision"

    def __init__(self, jid, pagename, revision):
        BaseDataCommand.__init__(self, jid)
        self.pagename = pagename
        self.revision = revision

class GetUserLanguage:
    """Request user's language information from wiki"""

    def __init__(self, jid):
        @param jid: user's (bare) Jabber ID
        self.jid = jid
        self.language = None