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mailimport: fix endless looping while trying to import a forwarded mail This is just a fix to solve the endless looping / crash. It needs further improvement, currently the From/To/... header data of the forwarded mail is not processed at all and thus not visible later in the wiki. The body of it is visible, though, but just appears appended to the main mail body.
author Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>
date Sun, 06 Sep 2009 22:35:50 +0200
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# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
    MoinMoin - a xmlrpc server and client for the notification bot

    @copyright: 2007 by Karol Nowak <>
    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.

import logging, xmlrpclib, Queue
from SimpleXMLRPCServer import SimpleXMLRPCServer
from threading import Thread

import jabberbot.commands as cmd
from jabberbot.multicall import MultiCall

class ConfigurationError(Exception):

    def __init__(self, message):
        self.message = message

def _xmlrpc_decorator(function):
    """A decorator function, which adds some maintenance code

    This function takes care of preparing a MultiCall object and
    an authentication token, and deleting them at the end.

    def wrapped_func(self, command):
        # Dummy function, so that the string appears in a .po file
        _ = lambda x: x

        self.token = None
        self.multicall = MultiCall(self.connection)
        jid = command.jid
        if type(jid) is not list:
            jid = [jid]

                if self.token:

                function(self, command)

            except xmlrpclib.Fault, fault:
                msg = _("Your request has failed. The reason is:\n%(error)s")
                self.report_error(jid, msg, {'error': fault.faultString})
            except xmlrpclib.Error, err:
                msg = _("A serious error occured while processing your request:\n%(error)s")
                self.report_error(jid, msg, {'error': str(err)})
            except Exception, exc:
                msg = _("An internal error has occured, please contact the administrator.")
                self.report_error(jid, msg)

            del self.token
            del self.multicall

    return wrapped_func

class XMLRPCClient(Thread):
    """XMLRPC Client

    It's responsible for performing XMLRPC operations on
    a wiki, as inctructed by command objects received from
    the XMPP component"""

    def __init__(self, config, commands_in, commands_out):
        """A constructor

        @param commands_out: an output command queue (to xmpp)
        @param commands_in: an input command queue (from xmpp)

        self.log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

        if not config.secret:
            error = "You must set a (long) secret string!"
            raise ConfigurationError(error)

        self.commands_in = commands_in
        self.commands_out = commands_out
        self.config = config
        self.url = config.wiki_url + "?action=xmlrpc2"
        self.connection = self.create_connection()
        self.token = None
        self.multicall = None
        self.stopping = False

        self._cmd_handlers = {cmd.GetPage: self.get_page,
                              cmd.GetPageHTML: self.get_page_html,
                              cmd.GetPageList: self.get_page_list,
                              cmd.GetPageInfo: self.get_page_info,
                              cmd.GetUserLanguage: self.get_language_by_jid,
                              cmd.Search: self.do_search,
                              cmd.RevertPage: self.do_revert}

    def run(self):
        """Starts the server / thread"""
        while True:
            if self.stopping:

                command = self.commands_in.get(True, 2)
            except Queue.Empty:

    def stop(self):
        """Stop the thread"""
        self.stopping = True

    def create_connection(self):
        return xmlrpclib.ServerProxy(self.url, allow_none=True, verbose=self.config.verbose)

    def execute_command(self, command):
        """Execute commands coming from the XMPP component"""

        cmd_name = command.__class__

            handler = self._cmd_handlers[cmd_name]
        except KeyError:
            self.log.debug("No such command: " + cmd_name.__name__)


    def report_error(self, jid, text, data={}):
        """Reports an internal error

        @param jid: Jabber ID that should be informed about the error condition
        @param text: description of the error
        @param data: dictionary used to substitute strings in translated message
        @type data: dict

        # Dummy function, so that the string appears in a .po file
        _ = lambda x: x

        cmddata = {'text': text, 'data': data}
        report = cmd.NotificationCommandI18n(jid, cmddata, msg_type=u"chat", async=False)

    def get_auth_token(self, jid):
        """Get an auth token using user's Jabber ID

        @type jid: unicode
        # We have to use a bare JID
        jid = jid.split('/')[0]
        token = self.connection.getJabberAuthToken(jid, self.config.secret)
        if token:
            self.token = token

    def warn_no_credentials(self, jid):
        """Warn a given JID that credentials check failed

        @param jid: full JID to notify about failure
        @type jid: str

        # Dummy function, so that the string appears in a .po file
        _ = lambda x: x

        cmddata = {'text': _("Credentials check failed, you might be unable to see all information.")}
        warning = cmd.NotificationCommandI18n([jid], cmddata, async=False)

    def _get_multicall_result(self, jid):
        """Returns multicall results and issues a warning if there's an auth error

        @param jid: a full JID to use if there's an error
        @type jid: str


        if not self.token:
            result = self.multicall()[0]
            token_result = u"FAILURE"
            token_result, result = self.multicall()

        if token_result != u"SUCCESS":

        return result

    def get_page(self, command):
        """Returns a raw page"""

        self.multicall.getPage(command.pagename) = self._get_multicall_result(command.jid)

    get_page = _xmlrpc_decorator(get_page)

    def get_page_html(self, command):
        """Returns a html-formatted page"""

        self.multicall.getPageHTML(command.pagename) = self._get_multicall_result(command.jid)

    get_page_html = _xmlrpc_decorator(get_page_html)

    def get_page_list(self, command):
        """Returns a list of all accesible pages"""

        # Dummy function, so that the string appears in a .po file
        _ = lambda x: x

        cmd_data = {'text': _("This command may take a while to complete, please be patient...")}
        info = cmd.NotificationCommandI18n([command.jid], cmd_data, async=False, msg_type=u"chat")

        self.multicall.getAllPages() = self._get_multicall_result(command.jid)

    get_page_list = _xmlrpc_decorator(get_page_list)

    def get_page_info(self, command):
        """Returns detailed information about a given page"""

        self.multicall.getPageInfo(command.pagename) = self._get_multicall_result(command.jid)

    get_page_info = _xmlrpc_decorator(get_page_info)

    def do_search(self, command):
        """Performs a search"""

        # Dummy function, so that the string appears in a .po file
        _ = lambda x: x

        cmd_data = {'text': _("This command may take a while to complete, please be patient...")}
        info = cmd.NotificationCommandI18n([command.jid], cmd_data, async=False, msg_type=u"chat")

        c = command
        self.multicall.searchPagesEx(c.term, c.search_type, 30,, c.mtime, c.regexp) = self._get_multicall_result(command.jid)

    do_search = _xmlrpc_decorator(do_search)

    def do_revert(self, command):
        """Performs a page revert"""

        # Dummy function, so that the string appears in a .po file
        _ = lambda x: x

        self.multicall.revertPage(command.pagename, command.revision)
        data = self._get_multicall_result(command.jid)

        if type(data) == bool and data:
            cmd_data = {'text': _("Page has been reverted.")}
        elif isinstance(str, data) or isinstance(unicode, data):
            cmd_data = {'text': _("Revert failed: %(reason)s" % {'reason': data})}
            cmd_data = {'text': _("Revert failed.")}

        info = cmd.NotificationCommandI18n([command.jid], cmd_data, async=False, msg_type=u"chat")

    do_revert = _xmlrpc_decorator(do_revert)

    def get_language_by_jid(self, command):
        """Returns language of the a user identified by the given JID"""

        server = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy(self.config.wiki_url + "?action=xmlrpc2")
        language = "en"

            language = server.getUserLanguageByJID(command.jid)
        except xmlrpclib.Fault, fault:
        except xmlrpclib.Error, err:
        except Exception, exc:

        command.language = language

class XMLRPCServer(Thread):
    """XMLRPC Server

    It waits for notifications requests coming from wiki,
    creates command objects and puts them on a queue for
    later processing by the XMPP component

    @param commands: an input command queue

    def __init__(self, config, commands):
        self.commands = commands
        self.verbose = config.verbose
        self.log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
        self.config = config

        if config.secret:
            self.secret = config.secret
            error = "You must set a (long) secret string"
            raise ConfigurationError(error)

        self.server = None

    def run(self):
        """Starts the server / thread"""

        self.server = SimpleXMLRPCServer((self.config.xmlrpc_host, self.config.xmlrpc_port))

        # Register methods having an "export" attribute as XML RPC functions and
        # decorate them with a check for a shared (wiki-bot) secret.
        items = self.__class__.__dict__.items()
        methods = [(name, func) for (name, func) in items if callable(func)
                   and "export" in func.__dict__]

        for name, func in methods:
            self.server.register_function(self.secret_check(func), name)


    def secret_check(self, function):
        """Adds a check for a secret to a given function

        Using this one does not have to worry about checking for the secret
        in every XML RPC function.
        def protected_func(secret, *args):
            if secret != self.secret:
                raise xmlrpclib.Fault(1, "You are not allowed to use this bot!")
                return function(self, *args)

        return protected_func

    def send_notification(self, jids, notification):
        """Instructs the XMPP component to send a notification

        The notification dict has following entries:
        'text' - notification text (REQUIRED)
        'subject' - notification subject
        'url_list' - a list of dicts describing attached URLs

        @param jids: a list of JIDs to send a message to (bare JIDs)
        @type jids: a list of str or unicode
        @param notification: dictionary with notification data
        @type notification: dict

        command = cmd.NotificationCommand(jids, notification, async=True)
        return True
    send_notification.export = True

    def addJIDToRoster(self, jid):
        """Instructs the XMPP component to add a new JID to its roster

        @param jid: a jid to add, this must be a bare jid
        @type jid: str or unicode,

        command = cmd.AddJIDToRosterCommand(jid)
        return True
    addJIDToRoster.export = True

    def removeJIDFromRoster(self, jid):
        """Instructs the XMPP component to remove a JID from its roster

        @param jid: a jid to remove, this must be a bare jid
        @type jid: str or unicode

        command = cmd.RemoveJIDFromRosterCommand(jid)
        return True
    removeJIDFromRoster.export = True