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MoinMoin Version History - Jabber Functionality

Please completely read CHANGES text until you reach the version you were
using until now. Otherwise you might miss some important upgrading and
configuration hints.

Known main issues:

  * You need a development version of pyxmpp, 1.0 won't work. You can
    get it directly from svn repository with:

    svn checkout pyxmpp

    Add the resulting `pyxmpp` directory to your PYTHONPATH or perform
    a "full installation" as described on

    To build the package just invoke:
    python build

    To install it:
    python install

    If you had some older version of PyXMPP it is better to uninstall it 
    (delete pyxmpp subdirectory os your site-packages directory) before 
    installing this one or things may not work correctly.

    You may also try:

    make install


Version 1.7.current:
    The first version that supports jabber notifications.