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Added several checks for availablity/features of flup
author Florian Krupicka <>
date Sun, 10 Aug 2008 18:52:18 +0200
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# -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
    MoinMoin - Flup based WSGI adapters

    @copyright: 2008 MoinMoin:FlorianKrupicka
    @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.
    import flup.server.fcgi
    have_flup = True
        import flup.server.fcgi_single
        have_singlepatch = True
    except ImportError:
        have_singlepatch = False
except ImportError:
    have_flup = False

from MoinMoin.web.frontend import ServerFrontEnd, FrontEnd, FrontEndNotAvailable

from MoinMoin import log
logging = log.getLogger(__name__)

if have_flup:
    class FlupFrontEnd(ServerFrontEnd):
        def add_options(self):
            super(FlupFrontEnd, self).add_options()
            parser = self.parser
            parser.add_option("--min-spare", dest="min_spare", type="int", metavar='MIN',
                              help=("Minimum spare threads/processes (when "
                                    "using threaded or forking servers)."))
            parser.add_option("--max-spare", dest="max_spare", type="int", metavar='MAX',
                              help=("Maximum spare threads/processes (when "
                                    "using threaded or forking servers)."))
            parser.add_option("--max-childs", dest="max_childs", type="int", metavar='CHILDS',
                              help=("Hard upper limit on threads/processes "
                                    "(when using threaded or forking servers)."))
            parser.add_option("-t", "--type", dest="server_type", metavar='TYPE',
                              help=("Type of server to use, e.g. single/threaded"
                                    "/forking. Defaults to 'single' when not "
                                    "bound to a socket and to 'threaded' when it is"))

        def run_server(self, application, options):
            server_type = options.server_type

            if not server_type:
                if 'single' in self.server_types:
                    server_type = (options.port and 'threaded') or 'single'
                    server_type = 'threaded'

            if server_type not in self.server_types:
                raise TypeError("Unknown server type '%s'" % options.server_type)

            multi = server_type in ('threaded', 'forking')

            mod = self.server_types[server_type]
            mod = __import__(mod, fromlist=['WSGIServer'])
            WSGIServer = mod.WSGIServer

            kwargs = {}

            if options.port:
                kwargs['bindAddress'] = (options.interface, options.port)
            elif options.interface.startswith('/') or \
                kwargs['bindAddress'] = options.interface

            if options.min_spare and multi:
                kwargs['minSpare'] = options.min_spare
            if options.max_spare and multi:
                kwargs['maxSpare'] = options.max_spare
            if options.max_childs and multi:
                if server_type == 'threaded':
                    kwargs['maxThreads'] = options.max_childs
                    kwargs['maxChildren'] = options.max_childs

            return WSGIServer(application, **kwargs).run()

    class CGIFrontEnd(FlupFrontEnd):
        server_types = {'threaded': 'flup.server.fcgi',
                        'forking': 'flup.server.fcgi_fork'}
        if have_singlepatch:
            server_types['single'] = 'flup.server.fcgi_single'

    class SCGIFrontEnd(FlupFrontEnd):
        server_types = {'threaded': 'flup.server.scgi',
                        'forking': 'flup.server.scgi_fork'}

    class AJPFrontEnd(FlupFrontEnd):
        server_types = {'threaded': 'flup.server.ajp',
                        'forking': 'flup.server.ajp_fork'}
    class CGIFrontEnd(FrontEnd):
        """ Simple WSGI CGI Adapter for fallback if flup is not installed. """
        def __init__(self):
            logging.warning("No flup-package installed, only basic CGI "
                            "support is available.")
            super(CGIFrontEnd, self).__init__()

        def run_server(self, application, options):
            from MoinMoin.web._fallback_cgi import WSGIServer
            return WSGIServer(application).run()

    _ERROR = """
The flup package is not installed on your system. To make use of FCGI,
SCGI or AJP adapters, you have to install it first. The MoinMoin source
distribution provides a flup package in the contrib/flup-server
directory. It is also patched to support non-threaded & non-forking
behaviour. See contrib/flup-server/NOTES.moin for more information.
    def SCGIFrontEnd():
        raise FrontEndNotAvailable(_ERROR)
    def AJPFrontEnd():
        raise FrontEndNotAvailable(_ERROR)