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 using until now. Otherwise you might miss some important upgrading and
 configuration hints.
-Known main issues:
+   MoinMoin 1.7 includes a brand new notification system based on
+   a separate process running a Jabber/XMPP notification bot. See
+ and for more information
+   on this protocol.
+   The bot can be used to send notifications about various events
+   occuring in your Wiki, or to work with the Wiki interactively.
+   As it's a separate process, it doesn't block waiting for all
+   notifications to be sent, to this solution should be suitable for
+   large sites that have many users subscribed to particular changes.
+  * Notification sent when pages are changed in various ways (content
+    change, page rename, deletion, page copy), users being created
+    (visible to super user only!), attachments being added and users
+    subscribing to pages...
+  * Users can choose which events they're interested in being notified
+    about. This applied both to (old) email and jabber notifications.
+  * Interactive Jabber bot allows to perform various simple operations
+    on a Wiki from within your IM client (possibly in response to
+    received notification). This includes getting raw and html-formatted
+    page contents, querying detailed page information (last author, 
+    revision, date of the last change...), getting a list of pages,
+    performing searches and reverts.
+    The bot uses Data Forms (XEP-004) and Out of Band Data (XEP-066)
+    extensions if they're supported by the client to further extend
+    available communication options
+Getting help:
+  There's a sample wikiconfig in MOINDIR/wiki/config/more_examples
+  You can read more about the notification bot on following pages:
+    *
+    *
+Known main issues with jabber bot:
   * You need a development version of pyxmpp, 1.0 won't work. You can
     get it directly from svn repository with:
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-Version 1.7.current:
+  * Jabber servers usually have rather tight data rate limits, so if
+    your site generates a lot of traffic, the notification bot may become
+    unstable and/or unusable. If such condition occurs, you should
+    consider running your own Jabber/XMPP server with relaxed limits.
+  Version 1.7.current:
     The first version that supports jabber notifications.