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-We like to thank especially these people, groups and companies for their
-valuable ideas and contributions:
-    Ward Cunningham <> for inventing WikiWiki in the first place.
-    Martin Pool <> for providing the base of what now is
-    MoinMoin, see also docs/licenses/pikipiki.txt.
-    Marko Schulz <> for providing input on the first
-    versions of MoinMoin as it evolved.
-    Tom Holroyd <> provided the set of emoticons that come
-    with the standard distribution, and came up with the idea to add that
-    feature.
-    Richard Jones <> who provided so much code
-    in so little time that I could not keep up with him. He works on company
-    time, though (unless I'm mistaken). Also found the nasty security hole
-    in release 0.6.
-    Christian Bird <> provided some nice ideas and some
-    code.
+We have to thank a lots of people for their valuable ideas, time and
+contributions - please see the MoinMoinAcknowledgements page there:
-    Peter Thoeny and all other people involved in creating TWikiDrawPlugin;
-    for copyright information see docs/licenses/twikidraw.txt; for more
-    information and a download link to get the source refer to
-    Thomas Waldmann for the major effort of translating all the help and
-    system pages to German, and increasing volumes of code.
-    Bernhard Rosenkraenzer and Andrew Bennetts for password login patches.
-    Florian Festi, Bastian Blank, Oliver Graf and Nir Soffer for many code
-    contributions.
-    Alexander Schremmer for much testing work, code contributions and
-    finally fixing the win32 stuff.
-    Arcelor S.A. for sponsoring MoinMoin v1.5 GPL development.
-    All language maintainers for translating MoinMoin to many languages and
-    keeping those translations up-to-date.
-    And all the people we forgot or that are mentioned in the code.
+Martin Pool <> provided the base of what now is MoinMoin,
+see also docs/licenses/pikipiki.txt.
+Peter Thoeny and all other people involved in creating it provided
+TWikiDrawPlugin (see docs/licenses/twikidraw.txt). For more information
+and a download link to get the source refer to:
 The slides in wiki\data\text\WikiSchulung* were written at WEB.DE AG and
 licensed to MoinMoin users under the terms of "IFL-Text v1.0".