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-NOTES for bundled flup:
-This directory contains the flup WSGI adapter package. 
+3rd party python code requirements
-The shipped version is available via mercurial checkout:
+This file has some notes about the software we bundle and ship with MoinMoin
+in the MoinMoin/support/ directory. If you are a Linux distributor and you
+want to rip out this stuff and replace it with packages, this is for you!
+We list the shipped version and also the minimum required version.
+The shipped version will work best with moin as usually has some more bug
+fixes than the minimum required version.
+We do not test with the minimum required version, but we try to keep this
+file updated and correct to our best knowledge.
-hg clone -r 3b07cc2b0c76
-# this is flup 1.0.2+, minimum requirement for moin is 1.0.2.
+In case you find bugs in this requirements specification, please let us know!
+Thanks to all 3rd party software authors!
-Thanks to Allan Saddi <> for writing flup and to
-the unnamed contributor <> for the single-thread patch.
+flup (cgi/fastcgi/scgi/ajp to WSGI adapter)
+shipped: 1.0.2+, from repo: hg clone -r 3b07cc2b0c76
+minimum: 1.0.2
+pygments (highlighting for all sorts of source code and other text files)
+shipped: 1.1.1
+minimum: 1.1.1(?)
+parsedatetime (parse date/time strings)
+shipped: 0.8.7
+minimum: 0.8.7(?)
+werkzeug (WSGI toolkit)
+shipped: 0.5.1
+minimum: 0.5.1(?)
+xappy (High-Level Python library for Xapian)
+shipped: 0.5
+minimum: 0.5
+ (safe html rendering)
+shipped: copied from TRAC's trac.util.html, revision 3609, merged on 2006-08-20
+minimum: same(?)
+Replacements for Python stdlib modules
+====================================== (fixes broken Python 2.4.3 difflib, see comment in file) ("copied from email.Header because the original is broken") (misc. brokenness up to Python 2.6, see comment in file)
+Other stuff
+=========== (taken from Amos' XML-RPC HowTo) (to be compatible with older Pythons)