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enhance make.py, pass options to pytest, improve docs
author RogerHaase <haaserd@gmail.com>
date Tue, 06 Jan 2015 10:37:23 -0700
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--- a/make.py	Mon Jan 05 10:00:20 2015 -0700
+++ b/make.py	Tue Jan 06 10:37:23 2015 -0700
@@ -96,11 +96,11 @@
 restore *       create wiki and restore wiki/backup.moin *option, specify file
 import <dir>    import a moin 1.9 wiki/data instance from <dir>
-run             run built-in wiki server
+run *           run built-in wiki server *options (--port 8081)
 backup *        roll 3 prior backups and create new backup *option, specify file
 css             run Stylus and lessc to update theme CSS files
-tests           run tests, output goes to pytest.txt and pytestpep8.txt
+tests *         run tests, output to pytest.txt *options (-v -k my_test)
 coding-std      correct scripts that taint the repository with trailing spaces..
 api             update moin api docs (files are under hg version control)
 dist            delete wiki data, then create distribution archive in dist/
@@ -394,7 +394,7 @@
     def cmd_tests(self, *args):
         """run tests, output goes to pytest.txt and pytestpep8.txt"""
         print 'Running tests... output written to {0}.'.format(PYTEST)
-        command = '{0}py.test --pep8 > {1} 2>&1'.format(ACTIVATE, PYTEST)
+        command = '{0}py.test --pep8 > {1} {2} 2>&1'.format(ACTIVATE, PYTEST, ' '.join(args))
         result = subprocess.call(command, shell=True)
         print 'Summary message from {0} is shown below. Do "{1} log pytest" to see complete log.'.format(PYTEST, M)