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Fixes #12, better title for the a sub-nav in the local panel
author sharky93 <>
date Thu, 25 Jul 2013 19:20:04 +0530
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line wrap: on
line source
include README.txt LICENSE.txt
include quickinstall quickinstall.bat
include Makefile

recursive-include   MoinMoin/translations *

recursive-include   MoinMoin/static *
recursive-include   MoinMoin/templates *

recursive-include   MoinMoin/apps/admin/templates *
recursive-include   MoinMoin/apps/misc/templates *

recursive-include   MoinMoin/themes/modernized *
recursive-include   MoinMoin/themes/foobar *

global-include */_tests/*

recursive-include docs *
recursive-include contrib *
recursive-include wiki *

global-exclude *.orig
global-exclude *.rej

prune docs/_build
prune env
prune env-pypy
prune env-py26
prune env-py27

prune wiki/data/content
prune wiki/data/userprofiles
prune wiki/data/flask-cache
prune wiki/index