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refactor usage of constants don't import from config module, but from constants.* use uppercase for constant names
author Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de>
date Sun, 10 Feb 2013 22:50:21 +0100
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# Copyright: 2010 MoinMoin:ThomasWaldmann
# Copyright: 2010 MoinMoin:MicheleOrru
# License: GNU GPL v2 (or any later version), see LICENSE.txt for details.

    MoinMoin - MoinMoin.util.interwiki Tests

from __future__ import absolute_import, division

import pytest
import tempfile
import os.path
import shutil

from MoinMoin.util.interwiki import split_interwiki, join_wiki, InterWikiMap, url_for_item, _split_namespace
from MoinMoin._tests import wikiconfig
from MoinMoin.constants.keys import CURRENT
from import before_wiki

from flask import current_app as app

class TestInterWiki(object):
    class Config(wikiconfig.Config):
        interwiki_map = {'Self': 'http://localhost:8080/',
                         'MoinMoin': '',
                         'OtherWiki': '',
                         'OtherWiki:ns1': '',
                         'OtherWiki:ns1:ns2': ''

    def test_url_for_item(self):
        revid = 'cdc431e0fc624d6fb8372152dcb66457'

        tests = [(('SomePage', '', '', CURRENT, 'frontend.show_item', False), '/SomePage'),
                 # Method signature to understand the tuple parameters
                 # (item_name, wiki_name='', namespace='', rev=CURRENT, endpoint='frontend.show_item', _external=False):
                 (('SomePage', '', '', CURRENT, 'frontend.show_item', True), 'http://localhost:8080/SomePage'),
                 (('SomePage', '', '', CURRENT, 'frontend.modify_item', False), '/%2Bmodify/SomePage'),
                 # FIXME if you set interwiki_map = dict(Self='http://localhost:8080', MoinMoin='', ),
                 # the above line make it fails, it returns http://localhost/%2Bmodify/SomePage
                 # (('SomePage', '', '', CURRENT, 'frontend.modify_item', True), 'http://localhost:8080/%2Bmodify/SomePage'),
                 (('SomePage', '', '', revid, 'frontend.show_item', False), '/%2Bshow/%2B{0}/SomePage'.format(revid)),
                 (('SomePage', '', '', revid, 'frontend.show_item_meta', False), '/%2Bmeta/%2B{0}/SomePage'.format(revid)),
                 # Valid namespaces
                 (('SomePage', '', 'ns1', CURRENT, 'frontend.show_item', False), '/:ns1:SomePage'),
                 (('SomePage', '', 'ns1:ns2', CURRENT, 'frontend.show_item', True), 'http://localhost:8080/:ns1:ns2:SomePage'),
                 (('SomePage', '', 'ns1', CURRENT, 'frontend.modify_item', False), '/%2Bmodify/:ns1:SomePage'),
                 (('SomePage', '', 'ns1:ns2', CURRENT, 'frontend.show_item_meta', True), 'http://localhost:8080/%2Bmeta/:ns1:ns2:SomePage'),
                 (('SomePage', '', 'ns1', revid, 'frontend.show_item', False), '/%2Bshow/%2B{0}/:ns1:SomePage'.format(revid)),
                 (('SomePage', '', 'ns1:ns2', revid, 'frontend.show_item_meta', False), '/%2Bmeta/%2B{0}/:ns1:ns2:SomePage'.format(revid)),

                 (('SomePage', 'MoinMoin', 'ns1', CURRENT, 'frontend.show_item', False), ''),
                 (('SomePage', 'MoinMoin', '', CURRENT, 'frontend.show_item', False), ''),
                 # FIXME will exist a map for this case? maybe there should be a placeholder for it.
                 # we need that for wiki farms with common search index and search in non-current revisions.
                 (('SomePage', 'MoinMoin', '', revid, 'frontend.show_item', False), '{0}/SomePage'.format(revid)),
                 (('SomePage', 'non-existent', '', CURRENT, 'frontend.show_item', False), '/non-existent:SomePage'),
                 (('SomePage', 'non-existent', 'ns1', CURRENT, 'frontend.show_item', False), '/non-existent:ns1:SomePage'),

        for (item_name, wiki_name, namespace, rev, endpoint, _external), url in tests:
            assert url_for_item(item_name, wiki_name, namespace, rev, endpoint, _external) == url

    def test__split_namespace(self):
        map = set()
        tests = [('', ('', '')),
                 ('OtherWiki:', ('', 'OtherWiki:')),
                 ('ns1:', ('ns1', '')),
                 ('ns3:foo', ('', 'ns3:foo')),
                 ('ns1:OtherPage', ('ns1', 'OtherPage')),
                 ('ns1:ns2:OtherPage', ('ns1:ns2', 'OtherPage')),
                 ('ns1:ns2:ns1:ns2:OtherPage', ('ns1:ns2', 'ns1:ns2:OtherPage')),
                 ('SomePage', ('', 'SomePage')),
                 ('OtherWiki:ns1:OtherPage', ('', 'OtherWiki:ns1:OtherPage')),
        for markup, (namespace, pagename) in tests:
            assert _split_namespace(map, markup) == (namespace, pagename)
            namespace, pagename = _split_namespace(map, markup)

    def test_split_interwiki(self):
        app.cfg.namespace_mapping = [(u'', 'default_backend'), (u'ns1:', 'default_backend'), (u'ns1:ns2:', 'other_backend')]
        tests = [('', ('Self', '', '')),
                 ('OtherWiki:', ('OtherWiki', '', '')),
                 (':ns1:', ('Self', 'ns1', '')),
                 (':ns3:foo', ('Self', '', ':ns3:foo')),
                 ('SomePage', ('Self', '', 'SomePage')),
                 ('OtherWiki:OtherPage', ('OtherWiki', '', 'OtherPage')),
                 ('NonExistentWiki:OtherPage', ('Self', '', 'NonExistentWiki:OtherPage')),
                 (':ns1:OtherPage', ('Self', 'ns1', 'OtherPage')),
                 (':ns1:ns2:OtherPage', ('Self', 'ns1:ns2', 'OtherPage')),
                 ('ns1:OtherPage', ('Self', 'ns1', 'OtherPage')),
                 ('ns1:ns2:OtherPage', ('Self', 'ns1:ns2', 'OtherPage')),
                 ('OtherWiki:ns1:OtherPage', ('OtherWiki', 'ns1', 'OtherPage')),
                 ('OtherWiki:ns1:ns2:OtherPage', ('OtherWiki', 'ns1:ns2', 'OtherPage')),
                 ('OtherWiki:ns3:ns2:OtherPage/foo', ('OtherWiki', '', 'ns3:ns2:OtherPage/foo')),
        for markup, (wikiname, namespace, pagename) in tests:
            assert split_interwiki(markup) == (wikiname, namespace, pagename)
            wikiname, namespace, pagename = split_interwiki(markup)
            assert isinstance(namespace, unicode)
            assert isinstance(pagename, unicode)
            assert isinstance(wikiname, unicode)

    def testJoinWiki(self):
        tests = [(('', u'SomePage', ''), ''),
                 (('', u'SomePage', ''), 'SomePage'),
                 (('$PAGE&action=show', u'SomePage', ''), ''),
                 (('', u'Aktuelle\xc4nderungen', ''), ''),
                 (('$PAGE/show', u'Aktuelle\xc4nderungen', ''), ''),

                 (('', u'SomePage', u'ns1'), ''),
                 (('$PAGE&action=show&namespace=$NAMESPACE', u'SomePage', u'ns1'), ''),
                 (('', u'Aktuelle\xc4nderungen', u'ns1ççç'), ''),
                 (('$NAMESPACE/$PAGE/show', u'Aktuelle\xc4nderungen', u'nsç1'), ''),
        for (baseurl, pagename, namespace), url in tests:
            assert join_wiki(baseurl, pagename, namespace) == url

class TestInterWikiMapBackend(object):
    tests for interwiki map

    def test_load_file(self):
        Test that InterWikiMap.from_file correctly loads file objects.
        tmpdir = tempfile.mkdtemp()

        # test an invalid file
        with pytest.raises(IOError):
            InterWikiMap.from_file(os.path.join(tmpdir, 'void'))

        # test a consistent valid file
        testfile = os.path.join(tmpdir, 'foo.iwm')
        with open(testfile, 'w') as f:
            f.write('foo bar\n'
                    'baz spam\n'
                    'ham end end # this is really the end.')
        testiwm = InterWikiMap.from_file(testfile)
        assert testiwm.iwmap == dict(foo='bar', baz='spam', ham='end end')

        # test a malformed file
        testfile = os.path.join(tmpdir, 'bar.iwm')
        with open(testfile, 'w') as f:
            f.write('# This is a malformed interwiki file\n'
                    'fails # ever')
        with pytest.raises(ValueError):

        # finally destroy everything

    def test_load_string(self):
        Test that InterWikiMap.from_unicode correctly loads unicode objects.
        # test for void wiki maps
        assert InterWikiMap.from_string(u'').iwmap == dict()
        assert InterWikiMap.from_string(u'#spam\r\n').iwmap == dict()
        # test for comments
        s = ('# foo bar\n'
             '#       space     space\n'
             'foo bar\r\n'
             'ham spam # this is a valid description')
        assert InterWikiMap.from_string(s).iwmap == dict(foo='bar',
        # test for valid strings
        s = ('link1\r\n'
        assert (InterWikiMap.from_string(s).iwmap ==
        # test invalid strings
        with pytest.raises(ValueError):

    def test_real_interwiki_map(self):
        Test a 'real' interwiki file.
        abspath = __file__.rsplit('MoinMoin')[0]
        testfile = os.path.join(abspath, 'contrib', 'interwiki', 'intermap.txt')
        testiwm = InterWikiMap.from_file(testfile)

        assert 'MoinSrc' in testiwm.iwmap
        assert testiwm.iwmap['MoinMaster'] == ''
        assert 'PythonInfo' in testiwm.iwmap
        assert 'this' not in testiwm.iwmap
        assert testiwm.iwmap['MoinCVS'] == ';file='

coverage_modules = ['MoinMoin.util.interwiki']