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email and locale fix in determining subscribers
author Ana Balica <>
date Wed, 28 Aug 2013 00:07:16 +0300
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# Copyright: 2013 MoinMoin:AnaBalica
# License: GNU GPL v2 (or any later version), see LICENSE.txt for details.

    MoinMoin - Subscriptions

import re
from collections import namedtuple
from itertools import chain

from flask import g as flaskg

from whoosh.query import Term, Or

from MoinMoin.constants.keys import (DEFAULT_LOCALE, EMAIL, EMAIL_UNVALIDATED, ITEMID,
                                     LATEST_REVS, LOCALE, NAME, NAMERE, NAMEPREFIX,
from MoinMoin import log
logging = log.getLogger(__name__)

Subscriber = namedtuple('Subscriber', [ITEMID, NAME, EMAIL, LOCALE])

def get_subscribers(item):
    """ Get all users that are subscribed to the item

    :param item: Item object
    :return: a set of Subscriber objects
    meta = item.meta
    namespace = meta[NAMESPACE]
    terms = [Term(SUBSCRIPTION_IDS, "{0}:{1}".format(ITEMID, meta[ITEMID])), ]
    terms.extend(Term(SUBSCRIPTION_IDS, "{0}:{1}:{2}".format(NAME, namespace, name))
                 for name in meta[NAME])
    terms.extend(Term(SUBSCRIPTION_IDS, "{0}:{1}:{2}".format(TAGS, namespace, tag))
                 for tag in meta[TAGS])
    query = Or(terms)
    # TODO: check ACL behaviour - is this avoiding the protection layer?
    with[LATEST_REVS].searcher() as searcher:
        result_iterators = [, limit=None), ]
        subscription_patterns = searcher.lexicon(SUBSCRIPTION_PATTERNS)
        patterns = get_matched_subscription_patterns(item, subscription_patterns)
        result_iterators.extend(searcher.documents(subscription_patterns=pattern) for pattern in patterns)
        subscribers = set()
        for user in chain.from_iterable(result_iterators):
            email = user.get(EMAIL)
            if email:
                locale = user.get(LOCALE, DEFAULT_LOCALE)
                subscribers.add(Subscriber(user[ITEMID], user[NAME][0], email, locale))
    return subscribers

def get_matched_subscription_patterns(item, subscription_patterns):
    """ Get all the subscriptions with patterns that match at least one of item names

    :param item: Item object
    :param subscription_patterns: a list of subscription patterns (the ones that
                                    start with NAMERE or NAMEPREFIX)
    :return: a list of matched subscription patterns
    meta = item.meta
    item_namespace = meta[NAMESPACE]
    matched_subscriptions = []
    for subscription in subscription_patterns:
        keyword, value = subscription.split(":", 1)
        if keyword in (NAMEPREFIX, NAMERE, ):
            namespace, pattern = value.split(":", 1)
            if item_namespace == namespace:
                if keyword == NAMEPREFIX:
                    if any(name.startswith(pattern) for name in meta[NAME]):
                elif keyword == NAMERE:
                        pattern = re.compile(pattern, re.U)
                    except re.error:
                        logging.error("Subscription pattern '{0}' has failed compilation.".format(pattern))
                    if any( for name in meta[NAME]):
    return matched_subscriptions